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Sir Ernest Salter Wills, (3rd) Baronet of Hazelwood         1869-1958
Sir Ernest Salter Wills, (3rd) Baronet of Hazelwood, Bt, JP, CstJ, Jubilee Medal, Coronation Medal, Laird of Meggernie Castle, His Majesty's Lord Lieutenant for the County of Wiltshire, President of The Territorial Army.
Sir Ernest was born 30 November 1869, the son of Sir Edward Payson Wills, 1st Baronet of Hazelwood, KCB, JP, and Mary Ann Pearce, at Westbury on Trym, Gloucester. He married Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton.
As a young man he was one of the last directors of the family tobacco business of W.D. and H. O. Wills, which was founded by his great grandfather, Henry Overton Wills, in 1786. He entered the service of the company in 1892 and became a director in 1895. The board was dissolved and the company lost it's separate identity six years later in 1901 when it joined with other leading British tobacco manufacturers to form the Imperial Tobacco Company to resist the competition of powerful tobacco firms in the United States which were then attempting to capture the British market. Wills joined the board of the Imperial Tobacco Company in 1922 and was a director until he retired in February 1950.
Ernest succeeded to the Baronetcy, passed down from his father, upon the death of his older brother Sir Edward Channing in 1921. He was a Justice of the Peace for Somerset and Wiltshire, and was H. M. Lord Lieutenant for Wiltshire from 1930 to 1942.
A keen sportsman, he retained until the end of his life an active interest in his estates in Berkshire and Scotland which he bought shortly after the 1914-18 War. He had 8,000 acres at Littlecote, and also owned Meggernie Castle, Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland.
He was an expert fisherman and shot, and went north regularly each year to fish for salmon in the river Lyon which runs through the Meggernie Castle estate. In his 87th year he played and landed a 32 pound salmon without the aid of a ghillie.
Sir Ernest Salter Wills
In the 1920s he bred and trained his own racehorses on his Berkshire estate, and while he was living in Wiltshire at Ramsbury Manor, his home for ten years before he moved to Littlecote, he hunted with the Craven and Tedworth hounds.
In his younger days he was a lawn tennis player of tournament class. After WW1, Sir Ernest purchased Le Chateau de L'Oiseau Bleu, at Mentone, where he came to know HIH The Empress Eugenie, whose residence was nearby. He was also a friend and neighbour in Menton of HM King Gustav V of Sweden and frequently beat His Majesty on the tennis court. He continued to play until late into his seventies, but he did not revisit France after 1939.
Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton   1872-1953
  Caroline was born about 1872, the daughter of William Augustus de Winton and Caroline Eliza Fitch, at Westbury on Trym, Gloucester.
  Lady   Maud   Wills   is   thought  to  be  a  direct legitimate
descendant of the Jacobite George Seton, 5th Earl of Winton (c1678-1749), who escaped from the Tower of London and who later died in Rome at the court of the Young Pretender on 19 December 1749.
I have identified the following children.
  Doris Maud de Winton Born 9 Aug 1896   Clevedon, Somerset Married William Alexander White,
Norman Carl Haag
Margaret Joyce de Winton Born 21 Jun 1898   Clevedon, Somerset Married John Trevor Kyffin
Barbara Joan de Winton Born 23 Feb 1902   Clevedon, Somerset Married Thomas Ansell Fairhurst,
Jack Morton
Ernest "Edward" de Winton Born 8 Dec 1903   Clevedon, Somerset Married Sylvia Margaret Ogden,
Juliet Eve Graham-Clark
George Seton Born 18 May 1911   Clevedon, Somerset Married Lilah Mary Hare,
Victoria Katherine Allbut

Birth of Parents
Ernest Salter Wills b: 30 Nov 1869         Westbury on Trym, Gloucester       1870 1Q Clifton 6a 162
son of Edward Payson Wills and Mary Ann Pearce

Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton b: abt 1872            Westbury on Trym, Gloucester       1872 3Q Clifton 6a 157
third daughter of William Augustus de Winton and Caroline Eliza Fitch
6 Jun 1894
Ernest Salter Wills
Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton
Westbury on Trym, Gloucester       1894 2Q Barton Regis 6a 268 6a 162

Doris Maud de Winton Wills b: 9 Aug 1896         Clevedon, Bristol, Somerset       1896 3Q Bedminster 5c 680
daughter of Ernest Salter Wills and Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton
Margaret Joyce de Winton Wills b: 21 Jun 1898  c: 15 Jul 1898   Clevedon, Bristol, Somerset   1898 3Q Bedminster 5c 684
daughter of Ernest Salter Wills and Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton, Frankfort Lodge

  Sir Ernest Salter Wills  
 Sir Ernest Salter Wills Sir Ernest's Rolls-Royce at Meggernie Castle

1901 Census RG13-2355 1 April 1901 Clevedon, Somerset
Ernest Wills
Maud (Wife)
Caroline de Winton (MLaw)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 31
Age 28
Age 4
Age 2
Age 62
Magistrate and Dir of Tobacco Mfg. Westbury on Trym
Westbury on Trym
30 Nov 1869
abt 1872
9 Aug 1896
abt 1898
abt 1838

Barbara Joan de Winton Wills b: 23 Feb 1902  c: 20 Mar 1902   Clevedon, Bristol, Somerset   1902 4Q Long Ashton 5c 541
daughter of Ernest Salter Wills and Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton, Oaklands
Ernest Edward de Winton Wills b: 8 Dec 1903  c: 6 Jan 1904   Clevedon, Bristol, Somerset   1904 1Q Long Ashton 5c 565
son of Ernest Salter Wills and Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton
George Seton Wills b: 18 May 1911                     1911 2Q Hungerford 2c 267
son of Ernest Salter Wills and Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton

Ramsbury Manor
Ramsbury Manor, Wiltshire
Meggernie Castle
Meggernie Castle, Glenlyon, Perthshire
Littlecote, Hungerford, Wiltshire
Take a tour of Littlecote C: 1979
Lady Caroline Fanny Maud Wills
Lady Caroline Fanny Maud Wills, taken at the cricket ground at Littlecote house about 1930.

Lady Caroline Fanny Maud (de Winton) Wills Died 11 Feb 1953, Age 80,  Hungerford, Berkshire
Buried in Froxfield Churchyard, on the Littlecote Estate,
1953 1Q Marlboro' 7c 567

The Times, Saturday, Feb 14, 1953                     DEATHS
  WILLS - , On feb 11, 1953, at Littlecote, Maud, the beloved wife of Sir Ernest S. Wills, Bt. Funeral private. No flowers.
LONDON   12 May 1953                         Probate
WILLS, dame Caroline Fanny Maud, of Littlecote, near Hungerford, Wiltshire (wife of sir Ernest Salter Wills, baronet) died 11 February 1953, Probate London, 12 May, to the said sir Ernest Salter Wills, baronet, Ernest Edward de Winton Wills, retired lieutenant colonel H.M. army, and George Seton Wills, retired Major H.M. army.   Effects £52,233 6s. 5d.
Sir Ernest Salter Wills Died 14 Jan 1958, Age 88,  at his home, Littlecote, near Hungerford, Berkshire
Buried in Froxfield Churchyard, on the Littlecote Estate       1958 1Q Marlboro' 7c 529

The Times, Wednesday, Jan 15, 1958                   DEATHS
  WILLS - On January 14, 1958, peacefully, at Littlecote, Hungerford, Sir Ernest Salter Wills, Bt., of Meggernie Castle, Glenlyon, in his 89th year.   Funeral at Froxfield, at 2 p.m., on Friday, January 17th.   Train leaving Paddington at 12:30 p.m. will be met at Hungerford.
LONDON   29 Jan 1958                         Probate
WILLS, sir Ernest Salter, Baronet of Littlecote, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, and Meggernie Castle, Glenlyon, Perthshire, died 14 January 1958 at Littlecote, Probate London 29 January, to sir Ernest Edward de Winton Wills, baronet, and George Seton Wills, major H.M. army.   Effects £766,556 15s. 7d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Clifford Allison, for the photos and many of the details provided above.