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William Alexander White                     1870-1916     (1st Husband)
William was born about 1870. He became the Vicar of Ramsbury, Wiltshire. He married Doris Maud de Winton Wills.
Doris Maud de Winton Wills              1896-1968
Doris was born on 9 August 1896, the daughter of Sir Ernest Salter Wills and Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton, at Clevedon, Bristol.

I have identified the following children.

        William Michael     Born 19 Sep 1916     Ramsbury, Wiltshire

Doris Maud de Winton Wills
Birth of Parents
William Alexander White b: abt 1870         Exeter, Devonshire         1871 1Q Exeter 5b 106

Doris Maud de Winton Wills b: 9 Aug 1896         Clevedon, Bristol, Somerset       1896 3Q Bedminster 5c 680
daughter of Ernest Salter Wills and Caroline Fanny Maud de Winton
12 Jan 1916
Rev. William Alexander White
Doris Maud de Winton Wills
Hungerford, Wiltshire                                 1916 1Q Hungerford 2c 505
Vicar of Ramsbury, Wiltshire

The Times, Thursday, Jan 13, 1916                 MARRIAGES
  WHITE : WILLS - On the 12th Jan., at the Church of the Holy Cross, Ramsbury, Wilts, by the Right Rev. Bishop Forest Brown, D.D., late Bishop of Bristol, the Right Rev. Bishop Hamilton Baynes, D.D., Rector of the Cathedral Church, Birmingham, and the Rev. Canon Woodward, William Alexander White, Vicar of Ramsbury, to Doris Maud De Winton, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Salter Wills, of Ramsbury Manor.

Ramsbury Church
William Alexander White Died 9 Jul 1916, Age 47,       Burnham, Somerset                   1916 3Q Axbridge 5c 475

The Times, Monday, Jul 10, 1916                         DEATHS
  WHITE - On the 9th July, at a nursing home, Burnham, the Revd. W. A. White, M.A., Vicar of Ramsbury, Wiltshire.   Funeral at Ramsbury on Wednesday, at 2:30.
LONDON   2 Oct 1917                         Probate
WHITE, the reverend William Alexander, of Ramsbury, Wiltshire, clerk, died 9 July 1916, at Burnham, Somersetshire, Administration, London 2 October, to Doris-Maud de Winton White, widow.
  Effects £321 9s. 6d.
William Michael White b: 19 Sep 1916                 Ramsbury, Wiltshire       1916 4Q Hungerford 2c 461
son of William Alexander White and Doris Maud de Winton Wills, Ramsbury Manor
Died Age 76, 1992 Sep Surrey South-West 17 1106

The Times, Thursday, Sep 21, 1916                         BIRTHS
  WHITE - On the 19th Sept., at Ramsbury Manor, Wilts., Doris (née Wills), the wife of the late Rev. W. A. White, of a son.

Norman Carl Haag               1871-1950     (2nd Husband)
Norman was born on 8 December 1871, the youngest son of Carl Johann Haag and Ida Buttner, at Hampstead, Middlesex. He was educated at Blairlodge School, Scotland, and Lausanne University, Paris.
He was employed in the Consulate at Marseilles from 1893 to 1895. He became Vice-Consul at Cherbourg in 1895, and was later transferred to Marseilles in 1899. He was placed in charge of the Vice-Consulate at Toulon as Acting Vice-Consul in 1900. He was Vice-Consul for the Department of Var to reside at Toulon in 1903. He was given a Royal Commission in 1906, and Vice-Consul at Bremerhaven and Geestemunde. He was in the War Office in 1914, and the Consul at Flushing. In 1915 he joined the Admiralty, and became Acting Consul-General at Barcelona until 1916. He was acting Consul at Madrid during 1918-19.
He married the widow Doris Maud de Winton White, nee Wills. He became H. M's Consul-General at Basle, Switzerland from 1920 to 1932 He was given the personal rank of Consul-General in 1929. He retired in 1932.

I have identified the following children.
Norman Carl Haag
Ian Norman Born 24 Jul 1921   Wroughton, Wiltshire  
Ida Maud Priscilla Born 27 Sep 1922   London Married Howard Gourley Allison
Audrey Vera Doris Born 26 Jul 1925   Basle, Switzerland Married Joseph Baxter
Birth of New Husband
Norman Carl Haag b: 8 Dec 1871         Hampstead, Middlesex       1872 1Q Hampstead 1a 635
son of Carl Johann Haag and Ida Buttner
14 Jun 1920
Norman Carl Haag
Doris Maud de Winton White, nee Wills
St. George's, Hanover Square

The Times, Tuesday, June 15, 1920   MARRIAGES

The marriage took place yesterday, at St. George's, Hanover-square, of Mr. Norman C. Haag, of His Majesty's Consular Service, son of the late Mr. Carl Haag, the water-colour painter, and Mrs. Haag, of Hampstead, and Mrs. White, widow of the Rev. William White, of Ramsbury, and eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wills, of Ramsbury Manor, Wilts.
      The bride who was given away by her father, wore a gown of mauve taffeta and a picture hat. She was unattended. Colonel Haag, of the 18th Hussars, was best man, and Bishop Browne, late Bishop of Bristol officiated, assisted by Prebendary F. N. Thicknesse, the rector of St. George's.
A reception was held at Claridges Hotel, and among those who attended were:
      Lady Bellairs, Lady Boynton, Mrs. Wills (the bride's mother), Miss Barbara Wills, Master Michael White (the bride's son), Lady Tennant, Mrs. Harnier, the Rev. T. Basil Woodd, Colonel and Mrs. Prioleau, Captain and Mrs. Ashley, Captain and Mrs. Kaffyn, Mrs. Roger Bellairs, Baroness Hildegarde Hugel, Captain and Mrs. Owen Llewellyn, Captain and Mrs. Grigg, Mrs. Seton de Winton, Mr. George Wills, Miss Douty (cousin of the bride), and Dr. and Mrs. Burnett.
      Later in the evening Mrs. Wills gave a dance at Claridge's for her daughter, Miss Barbara Wills, which was attended by many of the guests who came to the wedding.

 "Penwood" Branksome Park, Bournemouth Doris Haag's Rolls-Royce at Penwood

 Norman's Daimler at Penwood Norman's Daimler at Penwood

The British Consular staff in Basel, Switzerland in about 1921. Norman Carl Haag stands in front on the right with his back to a potted shrub. Doris Maud, nee Wills (his wife) stands towards the left with the white fur collar. The boy with her is William Michael White - son by her first marriage.
Ian Norman Haag b: 24 Jul 1921               Wroughton, Wiltshire       1921 3Q Swindon 5a 19
son of Norman Carl Haag and Doris Maud de Winton White     1979 Mar Poole 23 0959
Ida Maud Priscilla Haag b: 27 Sep 1922               South Kensington, London       1922 4Q Chelsea 1a 520
daughter of Norman Carl Haag and Doris Maud de Winton White, 2 Elystan-mansions, Pelham-crescent, S.W.3
Audrey Vera Doris Haag b: 26 Jul 1925               Basle, Switzerland
r daughter of Norman Carl Haag and Doris Maud de Winton White
Died Age 80, 2005 Nov Ynys Mon 59a 857/1

 Ian Norman Haag as a toddler c.1922 Ian Norman Haag in R.A.F.

Norman Carl Haag Died 8 Dec 1950, Age 79,   Bournemouth       1950 4Q Poole 6a 557

The Times, Monday, Dec 11, 1950                      OBITUARIES
  HAAG - On December 8, 1950 (his 79th birthday) passed peacefully away at his residence, Penwood, Branksome Park, Bournemouth, Norman Carl Haag, H.M. Consul-General (Retired), beloved father of Ian, Priscilla and Audrey. Cremation at Bournemouth North Cemetery, on Wednesday, at 3 p.m. Inquiries and floral tributes to George Scott & Sons, Funeral Directors, 13 and 15 Somerset Road.
WINCHESTER   20 Apr 1951                         Probate
HAAG, Norman Carl, of Penwood, Western-road, Branksome Park, Bournemouth, died 8 December 1950, Administration Winchester 20 April, to Ida Maud Priscilla Haag, spinster, and Ian Norman Haag, of no occupation.   Effects £25,782 2s. 8d.

Doris Maud de Winton (White) Haag Died 29 Sep 1968, Age 72,   Polperro, Cornwall       1968 3Q Liskeard 7a 62

The Times, Tuesday, Oct 1, 1968                         DEATHS
  HAAG - On 29th Sept., 1968, Doris Maud De Winton Haag,at Kitt Hill nursing home, Polperro, Cornwall.   Cremation at Western Mill Crematorium, Plymouth, on Wednesday, 2nd Oct., 3 p.m.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Clifford Allison, for the photos and many of the details provided above.