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Dr. George Nicholas Cheek                 1793-1859
George was bon on 18 November 1793, at St. Lawrence, Worcestershire. He married Catherine Earle in 1815. George was commissioned as an Assistant Surgeon with the Bengal Medical Service on 30 September 1816. He arrived in India 11 August 1817, and was attached to Civil Station Gyah, attached to the medical charge of the Civil Station of Bancoosah.

The history of the Indian Medical Service (IMS) dates back to 1612 when on the formation of the East India Company into a joint stock business, the Company appointed John Woodall as their first Surgeon General. Under him, medical Corps officers (mainly civilians) were recruited more or less on individual contracts. The company expanded activities in various parts of the  country  necessitating the  formation and
  maintenance of regular bodies of troops in India. As a consequence, they commenced employing Military Surgeons from 1745 onwards. It was not until 1764 that these Surgeons were made into regular establishment of the company's armies. Thus the Bengal Medical Service was formed in 1764, the Madras Medical Service in 1767 and the Bombay Medical Service in 1779 for the three Presidency Armies of Bengal, Madras and Bombay respectively. Three medical services were in due course combined into one Indian Medical Services (IMS) in Apr 1886 under a Surgeon General to the Government of India. The designation was later changed into the Director General, Indian Medical Service. In 1913, the appointment was designated as the Director of Medical Services in India.
Catherine Earle                                    1797-1867
I have no information regarding the birth of Catherine.
I have identified the following children.
Alfred Howarth Born 11 Dec 1815   Maidstone, Kent Married Lucy Ann Templer
Harriette Born abt 1817   Bengal, India Married Richard Pryce Harrison
John Mareley Gilbert Born 22 Nov 1818   Meerut, India  
Louisa Martin Born 18 Mar 1822   Bankura, India  
Catherine Eliza Born abt 1823   Bankura, India Lt. Col. Henry Dixon
Mary Born abt 1826     Married Alexander Wood Russell
Emily Anne Burlow Born 10 Dec 1828   India Married Edward Deedes
Edward Thompson Harrison
Jane Elizabeth Born 8 May 1830      
George Nicholas Born 20 Dec 1831   Bankura, India Married Susan Channer
Birth of Parents
George Nicholas Cheek b: 18 Nov 1793         at St. Lawrence, Worcestershire

Catherine Earle No Date        

7 Feb 1815
George Nicholas Cheek
Catherine Earle
Saint Peter The Great Or Subdeanery Of Chichester, Chichester, Sussex

Alfred Howarth Cheek b: 11 Dec 1815  c: 1817             Cawnpore, India
son of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle, Maidstone, Kent
Harriette Cheek b: abt 1817               Bengal, India
daughter of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle
John Mareley Cheek b: 22 Nov 1818  c: 27 Dec 1818       Meerut, India
son of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle
Louisa Martin Cheek b: 18 Mar 1822  c: 21 Nov 1822             Bankura, India
daughter of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle
Catherine Eliza Cheek b: abt 1823               Bankura, India
daughter of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle
Mary Cheek b: abt 1826              
daughter of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle
Emily Anne Burlow Cheek b: 10 Dec 1828  c: 10 May 1829            
daughter of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle
Jane Elizabeth Cheek b: 8 May 1830  c: 5 Dec 1830            
daughter of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle
George Nicholas Cheek b: 20 Dec 1831  c: 1 Jan 1832             Bankura, India
son of George Nicholas Cheek and Catherine Earle

George Nicholas Cheek Died 26 Jun 1859,  at Nilgiri Hills, India

1861 Census RG9-1797 8 April 1861 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Heyersham Bank
Catherine E. Cheek (Widow)
Louisa A. Catherine (Visitor)
June Elizabeth (Dau)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 64
Age 64
Age 30
Landed Property
Landed Property

abt 1797
abt 1797
8 May 1830

Catherine (Earle) Cheek Died 3 Jul 1867, Age 70,       1867 3Q Clifton 6a 39

BRISTOL   18 Jul 1867                         Probate
CHEEK, Catherine, Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Catherine Cheek, late of 8 Princess-buildings, in the Parish of Clifton, in the City of Bristol, Widow, deceased, who died 3 July 1867, at 8 Princess-buildings, aforesaid, were granted at Bristol, to Alfred Howarth Cheke (formerly Cheek) of Sion Spring House, in the parish aforesaid, Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals in Her Majesty's Bengal army, the son, and one of the next of kin of the said deceased, he having been first sworn.   Effects under £450