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David Watson                                         1748-1818
David was born on 3 March 1748, in London. He married Mary Dixon.
  David Watson was a tailor, as was his father, also named David Watson, who had died in 1769, leaving the house and business to his son. Old David Watson had married Lydia Robins in St George Hanover Square, on May 1, 1741. She was the widow of John Robins, of that parish, and before that she had been Lydia Ware. Old David and Lydia had three children - David (who married Mary Watson), Lydia (who married George Vander Neunburg) and Alexander. Old David was from Lincolnshire originally. He had a sister, Hannah, who married John Williams, a London tanner and brother of wealthy cordwainer William Williams.
  In 1778 the Watsons moved to Frith Street, Soho, and from there in 1785 to live with Mary's widowed mother at 33 St Peter's Street, Stamford.
    On April 3, 1789 David Watson bought No. 34 St Peter's Street (next door, Old Joe and John's old house) from the Corporation of Stamford, and rented it out.
  In 1810 the Watsons came into a fortune from the will of William Williams (as the Rev. Joe Dixon and Dr George Dixon did too). The old cordwainer, who died childless and a widower in 1809, had an inordinate amount of money and no one to leave it to. None of his siblings were alive. It was the classic Dickens-type situation. He cast around and his nearest relatives were his late brother John's nephew by marriage, David Watson. The Dixons came into the inheritance by way of association.
  David's will was drawn up on May 27, 1818, and proved in London on Feb. 12, 1818. James, the youngest son, and his wife, moved in to 33 St Peter's Street, with Mary, who lived to be 91.

Mary Dixon                                            1751-1843
  Mary was born about 1751, the daughter of John Dixon and Alice Newcome, at Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  Mary Dixon moved down to London from Stamford, met David Watson, and by him had a child, Lydia Watson, before the marriage at St George Hanover Square on May 16, 1776. The Dixons' family friend Dr Weeden Butler performed the ceremony. After the marriage the Watsons moved back to David's house in Old Round Court, Strand, near where Charing Cross Station is today.
  The illegitimate (but subsequently legitimized) Lydia didn't cause  a  problem  for  anybody  in  the family except Mary's
  cousin Joe Dixon, then working for his father Richard in London. Even (or, perhaps, especially) after he became a priest he never accepted Lydia as his relative. In fact, he would never have anything to do with the Watsons. If he had to refer to David Watson, it would be as "David Wanton". Lists he sometimes made up of David and Mary Watson's children never included Lydia, although he was tempted sometimes.
  Mary drew up her will on 15 January 1841, and it was proved in London on 11 January 1844.

I have identified the following children.
  Lydia Born abt 1775   London Married George Augustus Nash
David Born 19 Feb 1777   London  
William Born abt 1778   London  
John Williams Born 13 Jan 1780   London Married Ann Elizabeth Nash
James Born 26 Jun 1781   London Married Mary Roberts

Birth of Parents
David Watson b: 3 Mar 1748         London
son of David Watson and Lydia Robbins

Mary Dixon b: abt 1751  c: 16 Oct 1751             Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of John Dixon and Alice Newcome

Lydia Watson b: abt 1775               London
daughter of David Watson and Mary Dixon

16 May 1776
David Watson
Mary Dixon
St. George Hanover Square, London

David Watson b: 19 Feb 1777  c: 20 Mar 1777             St Martin's-in-the-Fields, London
son of David Watson and Mary Dixon
William Watson b: abt 1778                                                London
son of David Watson and Mary Dixon
John Williams Watson b: 13 Jan 1780  c: 11 Feb 1780             St Anne, Soho, London
son of David Watson and Mary Dixon
James Watson b: 26 Jun 1781  c: 18 Jul 1781             St Anne, Soho, London
son of David Watson and Mary Dixon

David Watson Died 24 Jan 1818  Stamford, Lincolnshire
Burial 31 Jan 1818, All Saints, Stamford, Lincolnshire

1841 Census HO107-625
7 June 1841 All Saints, Stamford Lincolnshire
Saint Peters Street     Born in this County?    
Mary Watson
Plus 3 Servants
Age 90 Ind. Yes   abt 1751

Mary (Dixon) Watson Died 30 Oct 1843  St. Peter's Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire
Burial 7 Nov 1843, All Saints, Stamford, Lincolnshire

SPECIAL THANKS  to John Stewart, a descendant of Capt. William Dixon, R.A, for the details provided above.