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John Dixon                                               1722-1782
John was born on 12 October 1722, the son of Joseph Dixon and Mary Brookes, at Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  John Dixon was apprenticed to his father as a carpenter in Stamford in 1736 and was awarded his freedom of the borough on Aug. 25, 1748.
  John's marriage settlement included 2 All Saints Place, Stamford, right next to the Church, but he never lived there - just rented it out. He also re-built it (it still stands).
  After the marriage John and Alice moved into 33 St Peter's Street, Stamford, next door to Old Joe Dixon. They rented this house from the owners John Inett (a local apothecary) and Robert Tymperon (a local cabinet maker, and John's partner in a lot of business ventures).
  John worked for his father until 1759 when Old Joe retired and John took over the business. That year he wainscoted St George's Church. He did a lot of small jobs for the town over the years, such as maintenance at Browne's Hospital, as well as his regular carpentry and building business.
  In 1760 he took on John White as an apprentice for 12 pounds, for five years (as opposed to the standard seven).
  By 1762 John Inett owed John 300 pounds which he couldn't pay, so on Oct. 9, 1762, in a legal contract, he gave his half of 33 St Peter's Street to John, in exchange for the normal price of 5 shillings down and a peppercorn to be paid annually at the Feast of St Michael the Archangel. John worked out a deal with Robert Tymperon for the other half. The house came with the adjoining yard (with stable), an adjoining enclosed piece of pasture (148 by 48 feet) with a barn on it. The house itself had two stories, an attic and a cellar, and had a mansard roof. The original house, before John re-built it, was built in 1660. It had two front rooms, a central passage and staircase, and a kitchen in the rear wing. The street front sported two bay windows.
  In 1763 John took on James Gibson for 15 pounds.
  He spent a lot of time in London in the late 1760s. John Salt owned a house in Pimlico, just around the corner from John Dixon's brother Richard. Mary Flowers moved out in 1766 and John Dixon moved in as the new renter. He would keep this house until 1770.

  In 1771, back in Stamford, John took on John Lewin for 15 pounds, and in 1776 John Rose for 27 pounds.
  By then he was back a lot in London, and bought a house from Richard, on Princes Row, just around the corner from his brother. He really bought it for his daughter, Mary, who was about to get married to David Watson.
  On April 4, 1778 the house next door in Stamford, No. 34 St Peter's Street, which was a Corporation house with a life lease to Old Joe, now became John's life lease. This gave them an awfully big house on Peter Hill (as St Peter's Street is known locally).
  In 1780 John wainscoted the Town Hall, and made benches for the court in Stamford. He also built sheep pens for the newly-relocated  sheepmarket,  and  built  Clapton House at
  30 St Paul's Street, for 113 pounds 18 shillings and sixpence. This was one of several houses in Stamford owned by Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, who housed students there. Lord Exeter, who lived three miles away at Burghley House, had people look after these houses, and, being a friend of the Dixons, would always make sure they got to work on them (for example, in 1781 John Dixon was paid 2 pounds 16 shillings for work done on one in St George's Street).
  John was a capital burgess of Stamford when he died in 1782. His will wasn't proved until July 20, 1793, in Stamford.
  Alice's daughter Mary and her husband David Watson came to live with the widowed Alice in 1785, and they all lived there on St Peter's Street until they died.

Alice Newcome                                     1724-1800
Alice was born about 1724, the daughter of Jonathan and Alice Newcome, at Stamford, Lincolnshire.
I have identified the following children.
  Mary Born abt 1751   Stamford, Lincolnshire Married David Watson

Birth of Parents
John Dixon b: 12 Oct 1722  c: 30 Oct 1722             St John's, Stamford, Lincolnshire
son of Joseph Dixon and Mary Brookes

Alice Newcome b: abt 1724  c: 3 Feb 1724       All Saints, Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of Jonathan and Alice Newcome

1 Jan 1751
John Dixon
Alice Newcome
Uffington, near Stamford, Lincolnshire
by license of the Bishop of Lincoln's office

Mary Dixon b: abt 1751  c: 16 Oct 1751             Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of John Dixon and Alice Newcome

John Dixon Died 23 Jul 1782,   Stamford, Lincolnshire
Burial 25 Jul 1782, All Saints, Stamford, Lincolnshire

Alice (Newcome) Dixon Died 29 Aug 1800,  Stamford, Lincolnshire
Burial 1 Sep 1800

SPECIAL THANKS  to John Stewart, a descendant of Capt. William Dixon, R.A, for the details provided above.