The Thompson Family Crest

At some point in the history of our Thompson family, someone decided it was time to have a Family Crest, and provide Signet rings for use by the family heads. The first mention found regarding the family crest, and signet ring is found in the will of Laurel Drummond Douglas Thompson (1882-1968), where she leaves such a ring in her will for presentation to her grandson, David Thompson, son of Phillip and Margaret Thompson.

The family motto, "Dum Spiro Spero", has numerous translations, but essentially means, "While I can breath, I can hope".

The definitive book on family crests, Fairburns, states the following on this Thompson crest:
Thompson of Bishopwearmouth, Durh., London, Suff., and Yorks, an arm in armour embowed quarterly or and az., holding in the gauntlet ppr. a broken lance of the first.
Dum Spiro, Spero.   197.3
Our next encounter with the Signet ring is with the family of Stewart Wyvol Thompson (1882-1966), where an actual jeweler's mold was found, that was used for casting a Thompson Signet Ring. It was broken, but it provided a clear picture of the crest.

With a little digital manipulation of this image, one can actually come up with a fair reproduction of what the signet ring would look like, remembering that it's purpose is to stamp an impression in a wax seal.