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Reginald Edward Traherne Bray       1860-1931
Reginald was born about 1860, the son of George Frederick Campbell Bray and Charlotte Frances Pope, in Ireland. He was a Captain in the Royal Berkshire Regiment when he first married Elizabeth Aubrey Mellish. After her death in the birth of their first child, he married Margaret Ethel Barwick. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Berkshire Regiment.
(1st Wife)
Elizabeth Aubrey Mellish                     1868-1893
Elizabeth was born about 1868, the daughter of William John Mellish and Sophia Stafford Carey, at Orston, Nottinghamshire.
I have identified only one child:
Aubrey Mellish Bray Born 10 Nov 1893   Sunderland KIA Aug 8, 1918

Birth of Parents
Reginald Edward Traherne Bray b: abt 1860         Ireland
son of George Frederick Campbell Bray and Charlotte Frances Pope

Elizabeth Aubrey Mellish b: abt 1868         Orston, Nottinghamshire       (Female) 1868 3Q Bingham 7b 319
daughter of William John Mellish and Sophia Stafford Carey

22 Dec 1891
Reginald Edward Traherne Bray
Elizabeth Aubrey Mellish
Crediton, Devonshire       1891 4Q Crediton 5b 831

The Times, Saturday, Dec 26, 1891               MARRIAGES
  On the 22nd Dec, at the parish church, Crediton, by the Rev. G. H. Wynne, assisted by the Rev. W. F. Pope, and the Rev. Prebendary Smith, Vicar, Reginald Edward Traherne Bray, Captain, Royal Berkshire Regiment, to Elizabeth Aubrey, daughter of the late Rev. W. J. Mellish.

Aubrey Mellish Bray b: 10 Nov 1893               Sunderland, County Durham       1893 4Q Sunderland 10a 623
son of Reginald Edward Traherne Bray and Elizabeth Aubrey Mellish

The Times, Tuesday, Nov 21, 1893                         BIRTHS
  BRAY - , On the 10th Nov., at 6, Azalea-avenue, Sunderland, the wife of Captain Reginald Bray, Royal Berkshire Regiment, of a son (Aubrey Mellish)

Elizabeth Aubrey (Mellish) Bray Died 15 Nov 1893, Age 25       1893 4Q Sunderland 10a 385

The Times, Tuesday, Nov 21, 1893                         DEATHS
  BRAY - , On the 15th Nov., at 6, Azalea-avenue, Sunderland, Elizabeth Aubrey, the wife of Captain Reginald Bray, Royal Berkshire Regiment, and daughter of the late Reverend W. J. Mellish, M.A., Camb.
LONDON   12 Dec 1893                         Probate
BRAY, Elizabeth Aubrey, of 6 Azalea-avenue, Sunderland county Durham (wife of Reginald Edward Traherne Bray) died 15 November 1893, Administration London 12 December, to the said Reginald Edward Traherne Bray, captain in Her Majesty's Royal Berkshire Regiment.   Effects £756 15s. 11d.

Margaret Ethel Barwick                        1873-1950               (2nd Wife)
Margaret was born on 20 June 1873, the daughter of John Storey Barwick and Margaret Short, at Sunderland, County Durham.
I have identified the following children.
Margaret Ethel "Peggy" Born abt 1897   Farnham, Hants Married John Owen McNaught Turnbull
Winifred Marion Pope Born abt 1900   South Africa Married Alistair Balmain MacLeod
John Storey Barwick Born abt 1903      

Birth of New Wife
Margaret Ethel Barwick b: 20 Jun 1873               Bishopwearmouth       1873 3Q Sunderland 10a 672
daughter of John Storey Barwick and Margaret Short

19 Dec 1895
Reginald Edward Traherne Bray
Margaret Ethel Barwick
St. Stephen                 1895 4Q Kensington 1a 239

Margaret Ethel "Peggy" Bray b: abt 1897               Sunderland, County Durham       1897 1Q Farnham 2a 134
daughter of Reginald Edward Traherne Bray and Margaret Ethel Barwick
Winifred Marion Pope Bray b: abt 1900               King William Town, South Africa
daughter of Reginald Edward Traherne Bray and Margaret Ethel Barwick

1901 Census RG13-1957 1 April 1901 Emerton, Wilts
Red House
Charlotte F. Bray (Widow)
Elfrida (Dau) (u)
Margaret E. (DauLaw)(M)
George W. R. (GSon)
Aubrey M. (GSon)
Age 70
Age 26
Age 27
Age 8
Age 7
Living on Own Means

Living on Own Means

abt 1830
abt 1874
20 Jun 1873
abt 1892
abt 1893

1901 Census RG13-4595 1 April 1901 Osmotherley, Yorks
Thimbleby Lodge
John Storey Barwick
Margaret (Wife)
John S.
Kathleen M.
George L.
Ella M.
Margaret E. Bray (GRdau)
Winifred M. P. Bray (GRdau)
Plus 7 Servants
Age 61
Age 47
Age 24
Age 22
Age 21
Age 20
Age 4
Age 1
Shipowner & Coal Filler

Lieut. DLI
King William Town
South Africa
23 Feb 1840
2 Nov 1853
4 Aug 1876
28 Jun 1878
abt 1879
Mar 1881
abt 1897
abt 1899

John Storey Barwick Bray b: abt 1903       Hampshire       1903 2Q Christchurch 2b 659
son of Reginald Edward Traherne Bray and Margaret Ethel Barwick

Winifred, Peggy (Margaret),
Margaret Ethel, and John
Unknown, Peggy (Margaret), Margaret Ethel, John and Winifred

1911 Census RG14-343 3 April 1911 Harrogate, Yorkshire-West Riding
The Stray House   (12 Rooms)
Margaret Bray (M)
Winifred (Dau)
John (Son)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 37
Age 10
Age 8
King William
South Africa
20 Jun 1873
abt 1900
abt 1903

IN Memory of
8th Bn., Royal Berkshire Regiment
Who Died Age 24
ON 8 Aug 1918

Son of Lt.-Col. Reginald Edward Traherne Bray,
and Elizabeth Aubrey Bray (nee Mellish),
of West St. Ashburton, Devon
Born at Sunderland.

Vignacourt British Cemetery,
Somme, France

LONDON   11 Dec 1918                         Probate
BRAY, Aubrey Mellish, of West-street, Ashburton, Devonshire, captain 8th battalion, Royal Berkshire regiment, died 8 August 1918, in France, on active service, Administration London 11 December, to Reginald Edward Traherne Bray, retired lieutenant-colonel.   Effects £2,235 0s. 7d.

Reginald Edward Traherne Bray Died 7 Apr 1931, Age 70,               1931 2Q Newton A 5b 137

EXETER   8 Jun 1931                         Probate
BRAY, Reginald Edward Traherne, of Felstead, Ashburton, Devonshire, died 7 April 1931, Probate Exeter 8 June, to George Arthur Theodore Bray, retired Lieutenant Colonel H.M. Army, and Kathleen Louise Bray, spinster.   Effects £1,632 17s. 3d.

Margaret Ethel (Barwick) Bray Died 7 Jun 1950, age 77,  

The Times, Saturday, Jun 10, 1950   OBITUARY
  BRAY - On June 7, 1950, after a short illness, Margaret Ethel Bray, of 33 Lingfield Road, Wimbledon, and Littlestone, Kent, widow of Lt.-Col. R. E. T. Bray and eldest daughter of the late Sir John Barwick. Bt., in her 77th year. Cremation at Golders Green at 3:45 p.m. Monday June 12th. Inquiries to Wm. Tookey and Sons, Limited, 51 Marylebone High Street, W.1.
LONDON   2 Feb 1951                         Probate
BRAY, Margaret Ethel, of 33 Lingfield-road, Wimbledon, Surrey, widow, died 7 June 1950, at 20 Devonshire Place, London, Probate, London, 2 February, to John Storey Barwick Bray, medical practitioner and surgeon, Margaret Ethel Turnbull (wife of John Owen McNaught Turnbull), and Winifred Marion Pope Macleod, (wife of Alistair Balmain Macleod).
  Effects £43,023 4s. 10d.

SPECIAL THANKS  To Isabel Hutchison for all the great photos.