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Eva Louise Ansell                                 1868-1929
Eva was born on 25 July 1868, the daughter of William Ansell and Louisa Clements, at Birmingham, Warwickshire.
I have identified the following children.
James Ashton Fairhurst                     1867-1944
James was born about 1867, the son of Thomas Fairhurst and Elizabeth Swift, in Pemberton, Lancashire.

Amy Born abt 1895   Wylde Green, Warwickshire  
Gordon Ansell Born 5 May 1897   Wylde Green, Warwickshire  
Cynthia Effie Mary Born 17 Nov 1900   Staffordshire Married William Juxon Pearce
Thomas Ansell Born 29 Aug 1903   Staffordshire Married Barbara Joan de Winton Wills

Birth of Parents
James Ashton Fairhurst b: abt 1867         Pemberton, Lancashire       1867 1Q Wigan 8c 112
son of Thomas Fairhurst and Elizabeth Swift

Eva Louise Ansell b: abt 1868               Aston, Warwickshire       1868 3Q Aston 6d 343
daughter of William Ansell and Louisa Clements
abt 1894
James Ashton Fairhurst
Eva Louise Ansell
Warwickshire       1894 2Q Aston 6d 329


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Fairhurst-Ansell wedding

Amy Fairhurst b: abt 1895               Wylde Green, Warwickshire       1895 1Q Aston 6d 445
daughter of James Ashton Fairhurst and Eva Louise Ansell
Gordon Ansell Fairhurst b: 5 May 1897  c: 9 Dec 1901     Wylde Green, Warwickshire       1897 1Q Aston 6d 457
son of James Ashton Fairhurst and Eva Louise Ansell
Cynthia Effie Mary Fairhurst b: 17 Nov 1900               Walton, Staffordshire       1900 4Q Stafford 6b 16a
daughter of James Ashton Fairhurst and Eva Louise Ansell     Died 12 Sep 1976

Eva Louise Fairhurst James Ashton Fairhurst

1901 Census RG13-2569 1 April 1901 Berkswich, Shropshire
Walton on Hill
James A. Fairhurst (Head)(M)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 34 Solicitor Wigan Lancashire abt 1866

1901 Census RG13-1043 1 April 1901 Bournemouth, Hampshire
Dunholme, Manor Road
William Ansell
Louisa (Wife)
Eva L. Fairhurst (Dau)(M)
Amy Fairhurst (GDau)
Gordon A. Fairhurst (GSon)
Effie Fairhurst (GDau)
Plus 8 Servants
Age 57
Age 52
Age 32
Age 6
Age 3
Age 4 Mon.
Brewer Birmingham
Wylde Green
Wylde Green

14 Jan 1844
abt 1848
25 Jul 1868
abt 1894
5 May 1897
17 Nov 1900

Thomas Ansell Fairhurst b: 29 Aug 1903  c: 21 Jul 1904       Berkswitch, Stafford
son of James Ashton Fairhurst and Eva Louise Ansell

1911 Census RG14- 3 April 1911 Newbury, Berkshire
Arlington Manor
James Ashton Fairhurst
Eva Louise (Wife)
Cynthia Effie Mary
Thomas Ansell
Plus 12 Servants
Age 44
Age 42
Age 16
Age 10
Age 7
Solicitor Wigan
Aston Manor
Wylde Green
abt 1867
25 Jul 1868
abt 1895
17 Nov 1900
29 Aug 1903

Eva Louise (Ansell) Fairhurst Died 28 Jul 1929, Age 61,   Arlington Manor, Berkshire       1929 3Q Newbury 2c 263

The Times, Tuesday, Jul 30, 1929                         Death
  FAIRHURST - On July 28, 1929, at Arlington Manor, Newbury, Eva Louise, wife of James A. Fairhurst.   Funeral at Winterbourne, near Newbury at 2:15, to-morow (Wednesday).   Cars will meet 12:30 ex. Paddington.

BIRMINGHAM   15 Oct 1929                         Probate
FAIRHURST, Eva Louise, of Arlington Manor, Berkshire (wife of James Aston Fairhurst), died 28 July 1929, Probate, Birmingham, 15 October, to the said James Ashton Fairhurst, gentleman.   Effects £96,949 8s. 1d.
The Times, Tuesday, Nov 5, 1929                 LATEST WILLS
Mrs. EVA LOUISE FAIRHURST, of Arlington Manor, Newbury, who died on July 28, has left estate of the value of £96,949, with net personalty £96,272. She gives:
£500 and an annuity of £104 to her maid, Fanny Wilford;
£500 each to Ross Burridge, chauffeur, and Mille. Wermlinger, Swiss governess;
£300 to -- Heald, Butler;
£250 to Arthur Neale, pantryman;
and one years wages to each of her indoor servants who have been with her for one year.

James Ashton Fairhurst Died 8 Jan 1944, Age 76,   Arlington Manor, Newbury       1944 1Q Newbury 2e 598

The Times, Tuesday, Jan 11, 1944                         DEATHS
  FAIRHURST - On Jan. 8, 1944, at Arlington Manor, Newbury, after a very short illness, James Ashton Fairhurst, T.D., D.L., J.P., M.A., aged 76 years.   At his express wish no mourning, no flowers, and funeral private.
LLANDUDNO   29 Jul 1944                         Probate
FAIRHURST, James Ashton, of Arlington Manor, Newbury, Berkshire, died 8 January 1944, Probate, Llandudno, 29 July, to Thoma Ansell Fairhurst, of no occupation, Ronald Allen France, solicitor, and Arthur Edward Wiley, company director.
  Effects £644,365 7s. 6d.

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