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Henry Overton Wills III                 1828-1911
Henry was born on 22 December 1828, the son of Henry Overton Wills II and Isabella Board, at Bristol, Gloucestershire. He married Alice Hopkinson.
Alice Hopkinson                             1827-1881
Alice was born about 1827, the daughter of John Lomax and Alice Hopkinson, at Manchester, Lancashire.
I have identified the following children.
  George Alfred Born 3 Jun 1854   Bristol Married Susan Brittan Proctor
Henry Herbert Born 20 Mar 1856   Bristol Married Mary Monica Cunliffe-Owen
Maitland Born abt 1858   Bristol Died April 1885
Henry Overton Born abt 1859   Bristol Married Harriet Maria Sparrow Romer
Walter Melville Born 28 Jun 1861   Bristol Married Louisa Gertrude Wilson
Arthur Stanley Born abt 1863   Bristol Married Hilda Dewhurst
Frederick Duncan Born abt 1865   Bristol Married Eleanor Trevor-Roper

Birth of Parents
Henry Overton Wills III b: 22 Dec 1828  c: 1 Feb 1829       Tabernacle Penn Street, Calvinistic Methodist, Bristol
son of Henry Overton Wills II and Isabella Board

Alice Hopkinson b: abt 1827                     Manchester
daughter of John Lomax and Alice Hopkinson
[one of 5 children. of John Lomax and Alice Hopkinson who never married]
abt 1853
Henry Overton Wills
Alice Hopkinson
Plymouth, Devon       1853 2Q Plymouth 5b 476

George Alfred Wills b: 3 Jun 1854               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire       1854 3Q Clifton 6a 75
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson
Henry Herbert Wills b: 20 Mar 1856               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire       1856 2Q Clifton 6a 66
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson
Maitland Wills b: abt 1858               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire       1858 1Q Clifton 6a 72
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson
Henry Overton Wills b: abt 1859               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire       1859 4Q Clifton 6a 69
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson
Walter Melville Wills b: 28 Jun 1861               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire       1861 3Q Clifton 6a 65
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson
Arthur Stanley Wills b: abt 1863               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire       1863 1Q Clifton 6a 85
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson
Frederick Duncan Wills b: abt 1865               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire       1865 1Q Clifton 6a 72
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson

1871 Census RG10-2544 3 April 1871 Clifton, Gloucestershire
Henry O. Wills Jr.
Alice (Wife)
Henry O.
Walter M.
Arthur S.
Frederic D.
Edith A. Tubbs (Niece)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 42
Age 43
Age 13
Age 11
Age 9
Age 8
Age 6
Age 20
Tobacco & Snuff Mfgr.


22 Dec 1828
abt 1827
abt 1858
abt 1859
28 Jun 1861
abt 1863
abt 1865
abt 1850

1871 Census RG10-1330 3 April 1871 Hendon, Middlesex
Mill Hill Grammar School
Henry H. Wills (Pupil) Age 15 Scholar Clifton Gloucester 20 Mar 1856

1881 Census RG11-2504 4 April 1881 Westbury On Trym, Gloucester
Durdham Down Redland Knoll
Henry H. Wills
Walter M. Wills ((Bro))
Cyril B. Tubbs (Nephew)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 25
Age 19
Age 22
Engineer in Tobacco
Undergraduate Cambs.
Architect and Surv.
20 Mar 1856
abt 1861
abt 1858

Alice (Hopkinson) Wills Died 4 Dec 1881, Age 54, Redland Knoll, Bristol, Gloucester     1881 4Q Barton Regis 6a 95
buried in Arnos Vale cemetery, Bristol

The Times, Wednesday, Dec 7, 1881                      DEATHS
  On Sunday, the 4th Dec., at Redland Knoll, Bristol, after a very short illness, ALICE, the beloved wife of HENRY OVERTON WILLS.   Friends will kindly accept this intimation.

1901 Census RG13-2344 4 April 1881 Weston, Somersetshire
Kelston Knoll
Henry Overton Wills
Plus 4 Servants
Age 72 Retired Director St Pauls Bristol 22 Dec 1828

Henry Overton Wills III Died 4 Sep 1911, Age 83,   Kelston Knoll, Bath, Somersetshire
buried on 7 September in Arnos Vale Cemetery. He was entombed in the same vault as his wife Alice, who died in December 1881, his son Maitland who was killed by a fall in North Wales in April 1885, his youngest son H.O. Wills IV who died in October 1899.

The Times - Tuesday Sep 5, 1911  Read Obituary

The Times, Friday, Sep 8, 1911     FUNERALS
Mr. H. O. Wills
    The funeral took place in Bristol yesterday of Mr. Henry Overton Wills. Among the mourners were all the members of the family, including Sir Edward Wills, except the eldest son, Mr. George Wills, Chairman of the Imperial Tobacco Company, and his brother Mr. Stanley Wills, who were unable to return from Norway in time.

    There was a large congregation in the Cathedral including the Lord Mayor and members of the Corporation and the directors of the Imperial Tobacco Company.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Clifford Allison, and Jonathan Hopkinson for many of the details provided above.