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Henry Herbert Wills                           1856-1922
Henry was born on 20 March 1856, the son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson, at Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Mary Monica Cunliffe-Owen             1861-1931
Mary was born about 1861, the daughter of Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe-Owen and Jenny von Reitzenstein, at Kensington, London.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of Parents
Henry Herbert Wills b: 20 Mar 1856               Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire               1856 2Q Clifton 6a 66
son of Henry Overton Wills III and Alice Hopkinson

Mary Monica Cunliffe-Owen b: abt 1861               London               1861 1Q Kensington 1a ??
daughter of Francis Philip Cunliffe-Owen and Jenny von Reitzenstein

abt 1886
Henry Herbert Wills
Mary Monica Cunliffe-Owen
Kensington, London               1886 2Q Kensington 1a 154

1891 Census RG12-1923 3 April 1891 Wrington, Somersetshire
Barley Wood
Henry H. Wills
Mary M. (Wife)
Wilburforce Tribe (Visitor)
Plus 4 Servants
Age 36
Age 30
Age 36
Tobacco Manufacturer

Stock Broker

20 Mar 1856
abt 1861
abt 1854

1901 Census RG13-2343 9 April 1901 Walcot, Bath, Somerset
21 Royal Crescent
Arthur S. Wills
Hilda (Wife)
Wilfred D. (Son)
Henry H. Wills (Bro)
Mary C. Wills (SisLaw)
Plus 5 Servants
Age 38
Age 36
Age 2
Age 45
Age 40

Tobacco Manufacturer
abt 1862
abt 1864
abt 1898
20 Mar 1856
abt 1861

1911 Census RG14-155 3 April 1911 Wrington, Somerset
Barley Wood   (28 Rooms)
Henry Herbert Wills
Mary Monica Cunliffe (Wife)
Plus 6 Servants
Age 55
Age 50
Tobacco Manufacturer Clifton Bristol
18 May 1866
abt 1865
Mary had no children.

Henry Herbert Wills Died 11 May 1922, Age 66,  at his residence at St. Vincent's, Clifton Park, Bristol Gloucestershire

The Times, Friday, May 12, 1922         NEWS


    Mr. Henry Herbert Wills, one of Bristol's greatest benefactors, and a member of the well-known tobacco firm, died last night at his residence, St. Vincent's, Clifton Park.
    He was associated with many philanthropic institutions, and was perhaps most closely identified with Bristol University, which his father so materially assisted to bring into being, and which he fostered with a generousity equalled only by his brother, Mr. G. A. Wills.   What he did for the University would be alone sufficient to place his name among the greatest of local philanthropists, but he recently launched a scheme which doubled the city's indebtedness to him, in founding St. Monica's Home of Rest for Incurables, to which he contributed one and a quarter millions.
    Mr. Wills was the second son of Mr. Henry Overton Wills, and was born in Bristol on March 20, 1856.   He was educated at Clifton College and Bristol University College, in both of which he maintained a warm interest throughout his life.   As a young man he devoted his attention to mechanical engineering, and the knowledge he gained was turned to profitable use when he entered the business of Messrs. W. D. and H. O. Wills.   He became a director of the firm, and on the formation of the Imperial Tobacco Company he took a seat on the board.
The Times, Monday, May 15, 1922     OBITUARY
  WILLS - On the 11th May, at St. Vincent's, Clifton Park, Bristol, HENRY HERBERT WILLS, late of Barley Wood, Wrington, Somerset, son of the late Henry Overton Wills, aged 66 years.   Requiem All Saints, Clifton, 10.30 a.m. today (Monday). Funeral service Brisol Cathedral, 12 noon. Internment Canford Cemetery. No Flowers, by special request.

BRISTOL   23 Jun1922                         Probate
WILLS, Henry Herbert - of St Vincents, Clifton Park, Bristol, died 11 May 1922, Probate Bristol 23 June, to Mary Monica Cunliffe Wills, widow, and William St. John Fenton Miles, banker.   Effects £2,750,000

Mary Monica (Cunliffe) Wills Died 2 Apr 1931,  at her residence at St. Vincent's, Clifton Park, Bristol Gloucestershire

BRISTOL   25 Jun 1931                         Probate
WILLS, D.B.E. dame Mary Monica Cunliffe, of St. Vincents, Clifton Park, Bristol, widow, died 2 April 1931, Probate Bristol 25 June, to Olga Cunliffe Hopkinson (wife of Albert Hopkinson), William St. John Fenton Miles, banker, and Mabel Carew Bath (wife of Robert Bath).   Effects £204,086 1s.

The Times, Friday, July 10, 1931     DEATHS


    Dame Mary Monica Cunliffe Wills, D.B.E., of Rockdunder, Wrington, Somerset, a Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, and one of the most generous donors to charitible institutions in the West of England, who died on April 2, widow of Henry Herbert Wills (of the tobacco family, who left property valued at over £2,750,000, of which two-fifths was absorbed in death duties, and the bulk of the balance disposed of for charitable Purposes), and daughter of the late Sir Philip Cunliffe-Owen, left unsettled property in her own disposition valued for probate at £204,086, with net personalty £185,890.
    (Part of her will included the following:)
Her residence Rockdunder and effects there and all her real estate at Wrington, Somerset, to her niece, Enid Monica McGougan.
Her household and personal effects at St. Vincent's, Clifton Park, and £4,000 to her sister, Olga Cunliffe Hopkinson; and a further £4,000 to her husband, Albert Hopkinson.
£3,000 upon trust for each of her sisters, Emma Stanford and Victoria Prior Pitt, and £500 to each of them absolutely.
£3,000 to her goddaughter, Heloise Miles.
£2,500 to her niece, Alice Bragg.
£2,000 to her niece, Monica Tunnicliffe.
£1,000 each to William St. John Fenton Miles (executor), Mabel Carew Bath (executor), each of her cousins, Maria von Llenplitz, Margararethe von Llenplitz, Paula von Llenplitz, her godson, Douglas Edwards, Lady (Sophia) Winterbotham, Corisande Bridges, and Beatrix Baillie.
£500 each to her nephews and nieces, Godfrey Mallet, Mrs. Sybil Dickens, Alexander Cunliffe-Owen, Enid McGougan, Harry Hopkinson, Greta Hopkinson, and Philip Hopkinson, her godson, Christopher Roland Gibbs, and Sir George Herbert Oatley, Alexander Malet, Owen Malet, and Barnabas Malet.
£250 to Humphrey Drake (godson).
An annuity of £50 to Constance Pauer.
A legacy of £250 to Miss Ethel Thompson, of Clifton, Bristol.
£500 each to her cousins, Dorthea Countess Dohna, Elizabeth von Woedcke, and Baroness von Hagen.