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Vice Admiral Frederick Warren             1775-1848
    Frederick was born in March 1775, the son of Richard Warren, M.D.F.A.S, Physician to George III, and Elizabeth Shaw.
    Frederick was admitted to Westminster school on 15 January 1783, and entered the navy in March 1789, on board the Adament, flagship of Sir Richard Hughs on the Halifax station. When the Adament was paid of in 1792, Warren was sent to the Lion with Captain Erasmus Gower and in her made the voyage to China. Shortly after his return, on 24 October 1794, he was confirmed in the rank of lieutenant and appointed to the Prince George. He afterwards served on the Jason on the home station, and in the Latona at Newfoundland, where he was promoted on 10 August 1797 to command the Shark sloop. In 1800 he commanded the Fairy in the West Indies, and on 12 May 1801 was promoted to the rank of captain. On the renewal of the war in 1808 he had for three years the command of the sea fencibles of the Dundee district; in November 1806 he was appointed to the Dædalus, and took her out to the West Indies, where in April 1808 he was moved to the Meleager, which was wrecked near Port Royal on 30 July 1808. Warren was acquitted of all blame, and officially complimented on the exertions he had made after the ship struck.
In 1809 he commanded the Melpomene in the Baltic for a few months; and on the night of 29-30 May fought a savage action in the Belt with about twenty Danish gun-boats, which in a calm or light wind were very formidable antagonists. At daybreak the wind freshened and the gunboats retired; but the Melpomene had lost thirty-four men, killed and wounded; both hull and masts had suffered much damage, and her rigging was cut to pieces. She was shortly afterwards sent to England and paid off. In December, Warren was appointed to the 44-gun ship Argo, which he commanded on the Lisbon station and in the Mediterranean for nearly three years. In 1814 he commanded the Clarence of 74 guns in the channel, and from 1825 to 1830 the Spartiate.
    He was promoted to be rear-admiral on 22 July 1830; from 1831 to 1834 he was commander-in-chief at the Cape of Good Hope, and from 1837 to 1841 admiral-superintendent at Plymouth. He was made a vice-admiral on 23 November 1841, and died at Cosham, near Portsmouth, on 22 March 1848.
    He married in 1804, Mary, only daughter of Rear-admiral David Laird of Strathmartine House, Dundee, and had issue. His eldest son Richard Laird Warren, died an admiral in 1875.

Mary Laird                                             1779-1858
Mary was born about 1779, the daughter of Rear-admiral David Laird and Isabell Rob of Strathmartine House, Dundee, Scotland.
I have identified the following children.
Mary Elizabeth Born 17 Sep 1805   Scotland
Richard Laird Born abt 1806   Scotland Married Eleanor Charlotte Warren
Frederick Pelham Born 10 Dec 1822   Scotland Married Anne Charlotte Blackwood
Birth of Parents
Frederick Warren b: Mar 1775        
son of Dr. Richard Warren and Elizabeth Shaw

Mary Laird b: abt 1779                             Dundee, Angus, Scotland
only daughter of Rear-admiral David Laird and Isabell Rob

abt 1804
Frederick Warren
Mary Laird

Mary Elizabeth Warren b: 17 Sep 1805  c: 28 Sep 1805             Strathmartine, Angus, Scotland
daughter of Frederick Warren and Mary Laird
Richard Laird Warren b: abt 1806  c: 1 Nov 1809             Strathmartine, Angus, Scotland
son of Frederick Warren and Mary Laird
Frederick Pelham Warren b: 10 Dec 1822               Strathmartine, Angus, Scotland
son of Frederick Warren and Mary Laird

1841 Census HO107-273
7 June 1841 Morice, Stoke Damerell, Devon
Admiral's House, Dock Yard, Officer's Row     Born in this County?  
Frederic Warren
Plus 6 Servants
Age 65
Age 50
Age 30
Age 30
Rear Admiral No
abt 1775
abt 1779
11 Oct 1809
17 Sep 1805

Frederick Warren Died 22 Mar 1848       1848 1Q Shoreditch 2 404

The Times, Thursday, Mar 23, 1848   NAVAL INTELLIGENCE

PORTSMOUTH, Wednesday,
  Vice-Admiral of the Red, Frederick Warren, of Cossam, near this port, died of apoplexy this morning, between the hours of 5 and 6, to the universal regret of nearly the entire population of this part of the country.   We regret much that we are not better supplied with the services of Admiral Warren than the brief sketch afforded by Allen's Navy List, which merely states he was Captain of the Melpomene in action with 18 Danish gun-vessels in the Belt in 1809.   We believe, however, we may state with certainty, he was many years since Captain of the Warspite (before she was razeed) in the Mediterranean, Rear Admiral, Commanding-in-Chief on the Cape Station, and Admiral-Superintendant at Plymouth.   Captain Warren, of the Trimcomalee, is the eldest son of the late Admiral, by whose death, Sir Augustus Clifford (Captain of 1812) obtains the rank of Rear-Admiral.

Mary (Laird) Warren Died 9 Nov 1858       1858 4Q Fareham 2b 305

LONDON   20 Nov 1858                         Probate
WARREN, Mary, Letters of Administration (with the WIll annexed) of the Personal estate and effects of Mary Warren, late of East Court, Cosham, in the county of Southampton, widow, deceased, who died 9 November 1858, at East Court, aforesaid, were granted at the Principal Registry, to Mary Elizabeth Warren, of East Court, aforesaid, Spinster, the Daughter, and the residuary Legatee, named in the said Will, she having been first sworn.   Effects under £450.

1861 Census RG9-650 8 April 1861 Wymering, Hampshire
East Court, East Cosham
Mary E. Warren (s)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 54 Landed Proprietor Scotland 17 Sep 1805

1871 Census RG10-1155 3 April 1871 Wymering, Hampshire
East Court
Mary E. Warren (s)
Frederic P. (Bro)(M)
Annie C. (SisLaw)(M)
Mabel M. (Niece)
Plus 7 Servants
Age 63
Age 48
Age 38
Age 11
Captain R.N, Retired
Baronet's Daughter

17 Sep 1805
10 Dec 1822
19 Feb 1830
abt 1859