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Dominique Wawn                                 1871-1956
Dominique was born on 29 July 1871, the son of Middlemost Wawn and Jenny Eudora Deneulain.
Eileen Rooke Daniell Crohan             1871-1940
Eileen was born on 6 July 1872, the youngest daughter of Captain Frederick William Crohan, and Charlotte Littler Burroughs, in India.
I have identified the following children.
  Norah Patricia Born 17 Mar 1905   Sunderland Died 10 Feb 1917

Birth of Parents
Dominique Wawn b: 29 Jul 1871           Forest Hill, Kent         1871 3Q Lewisham 1d 785
son of Middlemost Wawn and Jenny Eudora Deneulain

Eileen Rooke Daniell Crohan b: 6 Jul 1872  c: 17 Dec 1872           Ludianah, India
daughter of Captain Frederick William Crohan, and Charlotte Littler Burroughs

21 Apr 1897
Dominique Wawn
Eileen Rooke Daniell Crohan
      1897 2Q Kensington 1a 206

The Times, Friday, Apr 23, 1897                                   DEATHS
  WAWN : CROHAN - On the 21st. inst., at St. Mary's, Boltons, South Kensington, by the Rev. D. Cremer, Dominique, eldest son of Middlemost Wawn, of Sunderland, to Eileen, youngest daughter of the late Captain F. W. Crohan, 11th Bengal Native Infantry, and of Mrs. Downham, Eastern Mandit Rectory, Northamptonshire.
      The above article should end with . . . Easton Maudit Rectory, Northamptonshire.

Norah Patricia Wawn b: 17 Mar 1905               Sunderland       1905 2Q Sunderland 10a 670
daughter of Dominique Wawn and Eileen Crohan     Died 1917 1Q South Shields 10a 961

1911 Census RG14-321 3 April 1911 Margate St John the Baptist, Kent
12 Madeira Road, Cliftonville   (5 Rooms)
Eileen Wawn (Wife)
Norah Patricia (Dau)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 38
Age 6
6 Jul 1872
17 Mar 1905
Eileen had One child, and she is still living.

Eileen R. D. (Crohan) Wawn Died 10 Dec 1940, Age 68,       1940 4Q Durham N.E. 10a 1297

DURHAM   19 Apr 1941                         Probate
WAWN, Eileen Rook Daniel, of Cleadon Tower, Cleadon, county Durham (Wife of Dominique Wawn), died 9 December 1940, Administration, Durham, 19 April, to the said Dominique Wawn, consulting engineer.
  Effects £1,027 13s. 2d.

Dominique Wawn Died 16 Sep 1956, Age 85,       1956 3Q Durham N.E. 1a 364

DURHAM   8 Jan 1957                         Probate
WAWN, Dominique, of Cleadon Tower, Cleadon, county Durham, died 16 September 1956, Probate Durham 8 January, to John Henry Pigg, chartered accountant, and Ruth Carrick Wawn, widow.   Effects £28,261 12s. 11d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to several present day descendents of the Burroughs/(de) Peyron family for providing many of the details on this page.