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Frederick William Crohan, Capt.          1843-1878               (1st Husband)
Frederick was born about 1843, the son of George Birmingham Crohan and Anna Maria Franklyn, in London. He was a Captain in the 11th Bengal Native Infantry.
Charlotte Littler Burroughs                 1848-1939
Charlotte was born on 26 January 1848, the daughter of Frederick William Burroughs and Caroline Peyron, in Jullunder, India.
I have identified the following children.
Edith Jane Frederica Born 28 Sep 1870   India Married Charles Harris
Eileen Rooke Daniell Born 6 Jul 1872   India Married Dominique Wawn
Birth of Parents
Frederick William Crohan b: 16 Apr 1843  c: 5 Jul 1843   St Geo Hanover Square, London   1843 2Q St Geo Han Sq 1 10
son of George Birmingham Crohan and Anna Maria Franklyn

Charlotte Littler Burroughs b: 26 Jan 1848  c: 5 Mar 1848       Jullunder, India
daughter of Frederick William Burroughs and Caroline Peyron

8 Sep 1869
Frederick William Crohan
Charlotte Littler Burroughs
Barrackpore, India

Edith Jane Frederica Crohan b: 28 Sep 1870                                  Ludianah, India
daughter of Frederick William Crohan and Charlotte Littler Burroughs
Eileen Rooke Daniell Crohan b: 6 Jul 1872  c: 17 Dec 1872           Ludianah, India
daughter of Captain Frederick William Crohan, and Charlotte Littler Burroughs

Capt. Frederick William Crohan Died 8 Sep 1878       Simla, India

The Times, Monday, Oct 28, 1878                         DEATHS
  On the 17th Sept., at Simla, Captain Frederick William Crohan, 6th N.L.I., fourth son of the late George Birmingham Crohan, Esq., aged 35.

Hugh Courtenay Downman                           1847-1932           (2nd Husband)
Hugh was born about 1847, the son of Henry Ridout Downman and Eliza Sarah ?, in Boulonge, France.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Husband
Rev. Hugh Courtenay Downman b: abt 1847         Boulonge, France
son of Henry Ridout Downman and Eliza Sarah ?

abt 1881
Rev Hugh Courtenay Downman
Charlotte Littler (Burroughs) Crohan
London       1881 1Q Kensington 1a 193

1881 Census RG11-1766 4 April 1881 Springfield, Essex
5 Upper Terrace
Hugh C. Downman
Charlotte L. (Wife)
Edith J. Frederica Crohan (StepDau)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 32
Age 33
Age 10
Curate of Springfield France
(Brit Subject)
(Brit Subject)
(Brit Subject)
abt 1847
26 Jan 1848
28 Sep 1870

1891 Census RG12-4700 6 April 1891 St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands
Hugh Court. Downman
Charlotte L. (Wife)
Age 43
Age 43
Chaplain of St Aubins Boulogne
abt 1847
26 Jan 1848

1901 Census RG13-1766 1 April 1901 Springfield, Essex
Northam House
Hugh C. Downman
Charlotte L. (Wife)
Age 52
Age 48
Clergyman Boulogne
France (Brit Subj)
India (Brit Subj)
abt 1847
26 Jan 1848

Rev. Hugh Courtenay Downman Died 1 Jul 1932, Age 85,       1932 3Q Worcester 6c 94

LONDON   24 Sep 1932                         Probate
DOWNMAN, the reverend Hugh Courtenay, of 45 Corner-road, Worcester, clerk, died 1 July 1932, Probate London 24 September to Henry Coombs, auctioneer.   Effects £39 18s. 7d.

Charlotte Littler (Crohan) Downman Died 4 May 1939, Age 92,       1939 2Q Worcester 6c 157

GLOUCESTER   25 May 1939                         Probate
DOWNMAN, Charlotte Littler, of 40 Britannia-square, Worcester, widow, died 4 May 1939, Probate Gloucester 25 May, to Eileen Rook Daniel Wawn (wife of Dominique Wawn)   Effects £84 0s. 9d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to several present day descendants of the Burroughs/(de) Peyron family for providing many of the details on this page.