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Thomas Milburn                      1904-1977
Thomas was born 24 May 1904 on Hill Street, Silksworth, the son of Robert Milburn and Elizabeth Davison. After attending the Silksworth Infants School, he was enrolled at Silksworth Council Mixed School on 1 April 1912. He finished school on 24 May 1918, having attained the age of 14. He was a coal miner, served in the Army, and was a well known artist. He married Elizabeth "Bessie" Hedley on 22 September 1928. Tom died 7 August 1977, and was cremated. Services were at St Matthews Church, Silksworth, on 10 August 1977.

Elizabeth "Bessie" Hedley    1908-1999
Bessie was born on 19 September 1908. She was living with her sister in New Silksworth, Sunderland when she died on 28 December 1999. She was cremated on 6 January 2000.
They had one child.

Carol Born 25 Dec 1930   Silksworth Married Bill McClurkin
Tom and Bessie, with
granddaughter Margaret, 1957.
Thomas Milburn b: 24 May 1904   Hill Street, Tunstall, County Durham       1904 2Q Sunderland 10a 820
son of Robert Milburn, and Elizabeth Milburn, formerly Davison

Elizabeth "Bessie" Hedley b: 19 Sep 1908       1908 4Q Sunderland 10a 791

School Data
1 Apr 1912 Silksworth Council Mixed School Admission Register
Thomas Milburn  b: 24 May 1904    Father: Robert Milburn, 11 Hill St.
Left School 24 May 1918, "at age", Previous School Silksworth Infants

22 Sep 1928
Thomas Milburn
Elizabeth "Bessie" Hedley  (20)
 St Matthews Church, Silksworth       1928 3Q Houghton 10a 1042
son of Robert Milburn and Elizabeth Davison

Carol Milburn b: 25 Dec 1930  Silksworth, County Durham       1931 1Q Sunderland 10a 1197
daughter of Thomas Milburn and Elizabeth Hedley

Tom and Bessie and family
Tom and Bessie, with Carol and family.

Tom with one of his paintings, December 1973.

Thomas Milburn Died 7 Aug 1977   Age 73       1977 3Q Sunderland 2 1382
Services at St. Matthew's Church, Silksworth, on 10 August 1977

Bessie, May 1993.

Elizabeth "Bessie" (Hedley) Milburn Died 28 Dec 1999   Age 91       1999 Dec Sunderland A64E 6
Cremated at Sunderland, on 6 January 2000