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Maj. Sutherland George Gordon Orr           1816-1858
Sutherland was born on 30 January 1816, the son of William Orr, and Margaret Mackay, at Mannar, Northern Provinces. He became a Major in the Indian Army. He was a widower with three children, having first been married to Sarah Souter, when he married Lena. He wasn't a dashing figure, but he was a good husband. He died from the effects of dysentery, at the home of his brother-in-law, the future Lord Leighton, who designed a marble tablet in his memory.
Alexandra "Lena" Leighton                         1828-1903
Lena was born on 23 December 1828, the daughter of Dr. Frederic Septimus Leighton and Augusta Susan Nash, at St. Petersburg, Russia. Lina's godmother was the Czarina.
They left for India during the Mutiny. Trapped on her own at Aurangabad, Lena only escaped through the loyalty of a local chieftain, while her husband seriously impaired his health in the ensuing military campaign. After her husband died, Lena lived with her parents, then with her widowed father until he died. She inherited 11 Kensington Park Gardens in 1892 and when she died left it to her sister Gussy. She was an intimate friend of Robert Browning, and her "Life and Letters of Robert Browning" was published in 1891.
There were no children.
Birth of Parents
Sutherland George Gordon Orr b: 30 Jan 1816         Mannar, Northern Provinces
son of William Orr, and Margaret Mackay

Alexandra Leighton b: 23 Dec 1828  c: 28 Jan 1829             St. Petersburg, Russia
daughter of Dr. Frederic Septimus Leighton and Augusta Susan Nash

7 Mar 1857
Sutherland George Gordon Orr
Alexandra Leighton
Bath, Somerset                1857 1Q Bath 5c 1087

The Times, Wednesday, Mar 11, 1857           MARRIAGES
  On the 7th inst., at Bath, by the Rev. Thomas Hicks, Capt. Sutherland G. G. Orr, Madras Army, Commandant 2nd Regt. of Cavalry Hyderabad Contingent, to Alexandra, eldest daughter of Frederic Leighton, Esq., 9 Circus, Bath.

Sutherland George Gordon Orr Died 19 Jun 1858, Age 42,   at Grenhill, near Barnet, Herts     1858 2Q Barnet 3a 69

The Times, Thursday, Jun 24, 1858                        DEATHS
  On Saturday, the 19th inst., at midnight, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Greenhill, near Barnet, Herts, Major Sutherland G. G. Orr, late commanding the 3rd Regiment of Hyderabad Cavalry, aged 42.   This gallant and distinguished officer succumbed, after several months of severe suffering, to the results of anxiety, fatigue, and exposure of the last Mhow and Central India Campaign.
LONDON   12 Jul 1858                         Probate
ORR, Sutherland George Gordon - Th Will of Sutherland George Gordon Orr, late of Aurungabad, in the Deccan, in the East Indies, a Brevet-Major in the Honourable East India Company's Service, on their Madras Establishment, commanding the 3d regiment of Cavalry, in the Nizan's Hyderabad Contingent, deceased who died 19 June 1858, at Green Hill, near Barnet, in the County of Hertford, was proved at the Principal Registry, by the oaths of Samuel Richard Block, of Green Hill aforesaid, Esquire, Margaret Block (Wife of the said Samuel Richard Block) the Sister, and William Adam Lock, of Great George Street, Westminster, in the County of Middleasex, Gentleman, the Executors.
  Effects under £3,000

1891 Census RG12-22 6 April 1891 Kensington, Kensington Town, London
11 Kensington Park Gardens
Frederick Leighton
Alexandra Orr (Dau)
Plus 4 Servants
Age 91
Age 62
Living on own means
Living on own means
Welbeck Street
St Petersburg
18 Sep 1799
23 Dec 1828

1901 Census RG13-32 1 April 1901 Kensington, Kensington Town, London
11 Kensington Park Gardens
Alexandra Orr
Plus 4 Servants
Age 72 Living on Own Means St Petersburg Russia 23 Dec 1828

Alexandra (Leighton) Orr Died 23 Aug 1903, Age 74,   London         1903 3Q Kensington 1a 81

The Times, Tuesday, Aug 25, 1903                        DEATHS
  ORR - On the 23rd Aug., at 11 Kensington-park-gardens, Alexandra, widow of Major Sutherland George Gordon Orr, of the Madras Service, Commandant 3rd Cavalry, Hyderabad Contingent.   Funeral next Saturday at Bath, Locksbrook Cemetery.   No flowers, by special request.
LONDON   6 Oct 1903                         Probate
ORR, Alexandra - of 11 Kensington Park Gardens, Middlesex, widow, died 23 August 1903, Probate London 6 October, to Augusta Neunburg Matthews, widow.   Effects £27,032 4s. 3d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to John Stewart, a descendant of Capt. William Dixon, R.A, for the details provided above.