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St Clair Kelburn Stobart                     1861-1908               (1st Husband)
  St Clair was born about 1861, the son of Henry Stobart and Annie Mulholland, at Hurst Green, Sussex.   For seven years they lived in Cornwall, then moved to London, and finally, after financial reverses, to the Transvaal to farm in 1903.   They returned to England in 1907.

Mabel Annie Boulton                         1862-1954
  Mabel was born on 3 February 1862, the daughter of Sir Samuel Bagster Bolton and Sophia Louisa Cooper, at Woolwich, Kent.   She was originally a member of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps F.A.N.Y. which was founded in 1907 as a first aid link between the field hospitals and the front lines, and was given the yeomanry title as all its members were originally mounted on horseback. Unlike nursing organisations, the FANY saw themselves rescuing the wounded and giving first aid, similar to a modern combat medic.   She left in 1910 and founded the Women's Sick & Wounded Convoy Corps, to serve between field and base hospitals.   Although the British Red Cross refused the corps's services, by enlisting the aid of Queen Eleonora of the Bulgarians, she enabled an all-woman unit led by herself to set up a hospital at Kirk-Kilisse in Thrace for the Bulgarian Red Cross, in the First Balkan War in 1912.   FANY continues to thrive today.   She also founded the Womens

National Service League to provide wartime service at home or abroad.   In 1918 she was awarded custody of her two granddaughters whose parents had died in the influenza epidemic.

I have identified the following children.
St Clair Eric Mulholland Born abt 1885   Falmouth, Cornwall Married Clair Margaret Anne Laing
Lionel Forester Born abt 1887   Falmouth, Cornwall  

Birth of Parents
St Clair Kelburn Stobart b: abt 1861         Hurst Green, Sussex       1861 4Q Ticehurst 2b 74
son of Henry Stobart and Annie Mulholland

Mabel Annie Boulton b: 3 Feb 1862         Woolwich, Kent           1862 1Q Greenwich 1d 67
daughter of Sir Samuel Bagster Boulton and Sophia Louisa Cooper, 37 Wood Street

16 Jul 1884
St Clair Kelburn Stobart
Mabel Annie Boulton
Greater London       1884 3Q Barnet 3a 307

St Clair Eric Mulholland Stobart b: abt 1885               Falmouth, Cornwall       1885 3Q Falmouth 5c 186
son of St Clair Kelburn Stobart and Mabel Annie Boulton
Lionel Forester Stobart b: abt 1887               Falmouth, Cornwall
son of St Clair Kelburn Stobart and Mabel Annie Boulton

1891 Census RG12-1835 6 April 1891 Budock, Cornwall
St Clair Stobart
Mabel (Wife)
St Clair
Lionel F.
Plus 7 Servants
Age 29
Age 29
Age 5
Age 3
Granite Merchant Hurst Green
abt 1861
abt 1862
abt 1885
abt 1887

1901 Census RG13-77 1 April 1901 Chelsea, Christchurch, London
11 Chelsea Emb. Gardens
St Clair K. M. Stobart
Mabel A. (Wife)
Henry G. Rauson (Boarder)(s)
Plus 5 Servants
Age 39
Age 39
Age 50

  abt 1861
abt 1862
abt 1840

1901 Census RG13-1083 1 April 1901 St Michael, Winchester, Hampshire
Culverlea, Romans Road     (Winchester College)
St Clair E. M. Stobart (Boarder)
Lionel Forester Stobart (Boarder)
Age 15
Age 13
abt 1885
abt 1887

St Clair Kelburn Stobart Died 9 Apr 1908, Age 46,     at Sea

The Times, Thursday, Apr 23, 1908                         DEATHS
  STOBART - On the 9th inst., on voyage home from East Africa, ST. CLAIR KELBURN MULHOLLAND STOBART, of Mount Bagnall, Co. Louth, elder son of the late Revd. Henry Stobart sometime of Wykeham Rise, Fotheridge, and Mrs. Stobart, Whitecross, Wallingford, aged 46.

John Herbert Greenhalgh                     1854-1928           (2nd Husband)
John was born about 1854, the son of Herbert John Greenhalgh and Emma Anne Leavers, at Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. He attended Jesus College, Cambridge, and earned a B.A. in Law in 1882; admitted to the Inner Temple in 1880, and Called to the Bar, July 7, 1886.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Husband
John Herbert Greenhalgh b: abt 1854         Mansfield, Nottinghamshire       [Male] 1854 1Q Mansfield 7b 70
son of Herbert John Greenhalgh and Emma Anne Leavers

abt 1911
John Herbert Greenhalgh
Mrs St. Clair Stobart
 1911 1Q St Geo Han Sq 1a 716

The Times, Monday, Mar 13, 1911               MARRIAGES
  GREENHALGH : STOBART - On the 11th inst., at St. John's Church, Westminster, by the Ven. Archdeacon Wilburforce, JOHN GREENHALGH, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and MABEL, widow of St. CLAIR STOBART and daughter of Sir Samuel Boulton, Baronet.   (Friends, please accept this intimation.)


John Stobart Greenhalgh Died 2 Mar 1928, Age 74,           1928 2Q Bury 8c 539

The Times, Saturday, Mar 3, 1928                         DEATHS
  STOBART GREENHALGH - On March 2, 1928 at 7 Turner's Wood, N.W.11, JOHN STOBART GREENHALGH, barrister-at-law, husband of M. A. Stobart Greenhalgh (Mrs. St Clair Stobart).   Funeral Studland, Tuesday, at 11.
LONDON   30 Jun 1928                         Probate
GREENHALGH, John Herbert Stobart, otherwise John Herbert, of 7 Turner's Wood, Hampstead Garden Suburb Middlesex, died 2 March 1928, Probate London 30 June, to Mabel Anne Stobart Greenhalgh, widow, and George Henry John Morriss, secretary.
  Effects £7,034 18s.   Resworn £7,174 18s.

Mabel Annie Stobart Greenhalgh Died 7 Dec 1954, Age 93,   Cavendish Nursing Home, Braidley Road, Bournemouth
      1954 4Q Bournemouth 6b 179
The Times, Wednesday, Dec 8, 1954             OBITUARIES
Mrs. J. S. Greenhalgh

  Mrs. Greenhalgh. widow of Mr. John Stobart Greenhalgh, died at Bournemouth yesterday at the age of 92.
  She was Mabel Anne, daughter of Sir Samuel Bagster Boulton, Bt., chairman of the London Labour Reconciliation Board from 1889 to 1913, and she was born on February 3, 1862.   She married in 1884 St Clair Kelburn Mulholland Stobart, of Mount Bagnall, co. Down.   He died in 1908, and she married secondly, in 1911, John Stobart Greenhalgh, a barrister of the Inner Temple.   He died in 1928.   Hers was a most adventurous life, for she was in charge of military hospitals in two wars, the Balkan War of 1912 and the 1914-18 War.   In the first she commanded a detachment of the Women's Sick and Wounded Convoy Corps (which she founded) with the Bulgarian Army in Thrace, and in August, 1914, she organized women's hospital units for the St. John Ambulance Association and went out to Belgium with one of the units.
  She was captured by German troops and imprisoned at Achen, where she was condemned to be shot as a spy, but was later released and continued her hospital work in Belgium.   In 1915 she went out to Serbia with a hospital unit, under the auspices of the Serbian Relief Fund.   Although the unit soon had to make an arduous withdrawal over the mountains of Montenegro and Albania in face of the German advance, it was responsible for the treatment of 11,000 sick men, women, and children.
  For a time she lived in South Africa and British Columbia, and in 1924 she became chairman and leader of the Spiritualist Community.   This office she held until 1941.   Her interest in spiritualism was great. and she was the author of a number of works dealing with the subject, published under the name by which she chose to be generally known - Mrs St. Clair Stobart.   Her wartime exploits were contained in her two books, War and Women and The Flaming Sword - in Serbia and Elsewhere, and her autobiography, Miracles and Adventures, appeared in 1936.

LONDON   6 May 1955                         Probate
GREENHALGH, Mabel Annie St. Clair Stobart - of 31 Sandbourne-road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, widow, died 7 December 1954 at The Cavendish Nursing Home, Braidly-road, Bournemouth, Probate London 6 May, to Clair Margaret Annie Stobart, widow, Anthony North Hickley, solicitor, and John Frendrought Gray Crichton, farmer.   Effects £6,077 19s. 2d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Mr. Dean Evans, of Falmouth, Cornwall, for the photo and many details of the life of Mrs. St Clair Stobart, and also Lynette Beardwood, F.A.N.Y.(PRVC) London.