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Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton         1875-1940
Percy was born on 2 October 1875, the son of Algernon Douglas-Hamilton, at Sydney, Australia.
He was educated in Bradley College, Berkshire. He gained the rank of Lieutenant in the service of the Royal Army Service Corps. He married, secondly, Barbara Margherita Chiappini, daughter of Francis Chiappini, on 20 April 1929.

Edith Annie Hamilton Wills                   1871-1927                   (1st Wife)
Edith was born on 4 January 1871, the daughter of Sir Frederick Wills and Annie Hamilton, at Hampstead, Middlesex. She was a Christian Scientist and refused conventional medical treatment for a condition which even in 1927 was treatable.
There were no children.

Birth of Parents
Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton b: 2 Oct 1875         Sydney, Australia
son of Algernon Douglas-Hamilton and Idonia Charlotte Douglas-Hamilton

Edith Annie Hamilton Wills b: 4 Jan 1871               Hampstead, Middlesex       1871 1Q Hampstead 1a 632
daughter of Sir Frederick Wills and Annie Hamilton

20 Jul 1901
Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton
Edith Annie Hamilton Wills
      1901 3Q St Geo Hanover Square 1a 1014

The Times, Tuesday, Jul 23, 1901               MARRIAGES
  DOUGLAS-HAMILTON : WILLS - On the 20th inst., at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Grahamstown, assisted by the Rev. Hamilton A. Douglas-Hamilton, M.A., Vicar of Old Charlton, and the Rev. Charles A. McAnally, M.A., Rector of Gt. Massingham, Norfolk, Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton, only son of the late Algernon Douglas-Hamilton Esq., to Edith Hamilton, eldest daughter of Sir Frederick Wills, Bart., M.P., of 9 Kensington Palace-gardens, and Northmoor, Dulverton, Somerset.

Edith Annie Hamilton (Wills) Douglas-Hamilton Died 22 Aug 1927       1927 3Q Ticehurst 2b 128 

LONDON   4 Oct 1927                         Probate
Douglas-Hamilton, Edith Annie Hamilton, of 6 Queen's Gate Gardens, Middlesex, and of 70 Addison-road, Kensington, Middlesex, and of Riverhall Wadhurst, Sussex (wife of Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton), died 22 August 1927, at Riverhall, Probate London, 4 October, to Sir Gilbert Alan Hamilton Wills, baronet, Henry Ernest Hunter, bank manager, and Juliette Carlier, spinster.
  Effects £1,755,795 3s. 7d.

Barbara Margherita Chiappini                   1906-1975                   (2nd Wife)
Barbara was born 22 March 1906, the daughter of Francis William Cubitt Chiappini and Anna Agusta ?, in South Africa.
I have identified the following children.
  John Percy Born 14 Feb 1930   Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey Married June Mary Clifton Michler,
Delia Rose Bilbrough
Diana Barbara Born 1 Jul 1932   Cape Town, South Africa Married Ian Emsley Austin

Birth of New Wife
Barbara Margherita Chiappini b: 22 Mar 1906  c: 3 May 1906           St. John's Church, Wynberg, Cape Town
daughter of Francis William Cubitt Chiappini and Anna Agusta ?

20 Apr 1929
Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton
Barbara Margherita Chiappini
St. John's Church, Wynberg, The Cape, South Africa,
(53), b: Australia, Widower, Landed Proprietor, Rowledge, Farnham, England
(23), b: So. Africa, Spinster, Wynberg
by Special License, Wit: Francis Chiappini, (Unreadable)

John Percy Douglas-Hamilton b: 14 Feb 1930               Farnham, Surrey       1930 2Q Farnham 2a 320
son of Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton and Barbara Margherita Chiappini

The Times, Saturday, Feb 15, 1930                         BIRTHS
  DOUGLAS-HAMILTON - On Feb. 14th, 1930, at the Bungalow, Rowledge, Farnham, to Barbara, wife of Percy Douglas-Hamilton - a son.

Diana Barbara Douglas-Hamilton b: 1 Jul 1932               Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa
daughter of Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton and Barbara Margherita Chiappini

The Times, Tuesday, Jul 5, 1932                         BIRTHS
  DOUGLAS-HAMILTON - On July 1, 1932, at Frensham Heights, Wynberg, Cape, to Barbara, wife of Percy Douglas-Hamilton - a daughter.

Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton Died 6 Feb 1940, Age 64,           Capetown, South Africa

The Times, Friday, Feb 9, 1940                         DEATHS
  DOUGLAS-HAMILTON - On Feb. 6, 1940, at Frensham Heights, Claremont, Capetown, from heart failure, Percy Seymour Douglas-Hamilton, late of The Bungalow, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey.
LLANDUDNO   6 Nov 1940                         Probate
DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, Percy Seymour, of Frensham Heights, Bowwood-road. Claremont Capetown, South Africa, died 6 February 1940, Probate Llududno, 6 November to the Standard Bank of South Africa Limited.   Effects £18,135 1s. 2d. in England.

Barbara remarried, on 25 April 1946, to David George Arbuthnot (1905-1985)

Barbara Margherita Arbuthnot Died 23 Jul 1975       Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa