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Olive Barbar Thompson                       1884-1960
Olive Thompson was born 4 November 1884, the daughter of James Elliot Thompson and Isabella Borthwick Douglas, at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland. Olive married Herbert Sanderson Watson, on 10 July 1907. She died on 12 January 1960, at age 75.
Herbert Sanderson Watson                  1885-1915           (1st Husband)
Herbert was born about 1885, the son of Robert Lowson Watson and Jane A. T. Soutar, Distiller, of Dundee, Scotland. He was a Captain in the 8th Gordon Highlanders in WW1, and was killed on 26 September 1915.
I have found the following children.
Olive Sylvia Born 25 Sep 1908   Birmingham Married Mr. Macleod
Herbert Barry Born 18 Jul 1912   Houghton le Spring

Birth of Parents
Olive Barbar Thompson b: 4 Nov 1884  c: 7 Jan 1885   St Thomas, Bishopwearmouth, County Durham
daughter of James Elliot Thompson and Isabella Borthwick Douglas
1884 4Q Sunderland 10a 635
Herbert Sanderson Watson b: abt 1885           Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland
son of Robert Lowson Watson and Jane A. T. Soutar
10 Jul 1907
Olive Barbar Thompson
Herbert Sanderson Watson (22)
Christ Church, Bishopwearmouth
spinster, Father: James Elliot Thompson, Shipbuilder
bachelor, Engineer, Dundee, Scotland, Father: Robert Lowson Watson, (Deceased),
after Banns
Olive Sylvia Watson b: 25 Sep 1908       Moseley, Birmingham   1908 4Q Kings Norton 6c 347
daughter of Herbert Sanderson Watson and Olive Barbar Thompson, Erooldene, Wake Green Road

1911 Census RG14-90 3 April 1911 Painshaw, County Durham
Penshaw House, Fence Houses   18 Rooms
Herbert Sanderson Watson
Olive Barbara (Wife)
Olive Sylvia
Plus 4 Servants
Age 26
Age 26
Age 2
Manager Glass Bottle Factory Liff & Benvie
Kings Norton
abt 1885
4 Nov 1884
25 Sep 1908

Herbert Barry Watson b: 18 Jul 1912       Houghton le Spring, County Durham   1912 3Q Houghton 10a 1106
son of Herbert Sanderson Watson and Olive Barbar Thompson, Penshaw House, Fence Houses

Capt. Herbert S. Watson Died 26 Sep 1915




Dud Corner Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
DURHAM   17 April 1916                         Probate
WATSON, Herbert Sanderson, of Penshaw House, Fence Houses, county Durham, died 25 September 1915, at Loos, France, Probate, Durham, 17 April, to Charles Hay Marshall, solicitor, and Olive Barbar Watson, Widow. Effects £8,836 0s. 1d. in the United Kingdom.



William Grischotti                                   1881-1922         (2nd Husband)
William was born about 1881, the son of Rudolf Oscar Grischotti and Helen Dorman, of Glasgow, Scotland. He was a Captain, and served with the King's Shropshire Light Infantry, where his death was reported on 23 December 1922.
I have found the following children:
William Marcus Rudolph
James Anthony Rudolph
Twins Born abt 1920   London
Married Rona Ure Hummel

Birth of New Husband
William Grischotti b: abt 1881           Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
son of Rudolf Oscar Grischotti and Helen Wentworth Isabella Dormond
8 Apr 1917
Olive Barbar Watson
William Grischotti

Widow of Herbert Sanderson Watson and daughter of James Elliot Thompson
Captain, 1st King's Shropshire Light Infantry, the younger son of the late R. O. Grischotti

Newspaper, Wednesday, Apr 9, 1919   MARRIAGE
  A quiet but interesting wedding took place at St. James Church, Piccadilly, London, yesterday afternoon, when Capt. William Grischotti, 1st King's Shropshire Light Infantry, the younger son of the late R. O. Grischotti and Mrs. Grischotti, of Glasgow, and Olive Barbara, widow of Capt. H. S. Watson, 8th Gordon Highlanders, youngest daughter of the late Mr. J. E. Thompson, and Mrs. Thompson , of Sunderland.
  The service was fully choral, and the Rev. Prebendary J. Fish, Archdeacon of Bath, officiated.   The bride, who was given away by her uncle Mr. V. T. Thompson, was married in a simple dress of beige faille silk trimmed with the new silk thread fringe which formed lengthway lines at the sides of the skirt and finished the sash of the same material which was loosely knotted at the back.

  Her cream picture hat was draped with a lace veil, and she carried a bouquet of pink carnations.
  Mrs. W. H. Bell [ note: this is her sister Ruth Isabella.] escorted her friend and held her flowers and gloves during the service.
  The bridegroom, who wore uniform, was supported by his brother, Mr. C. Grischotti, as his best man, and among the relations and friends present were, Mrs. Grischotti and Miss Grischotti, Mrs. V. T. Thompson, Mrs. J. L. Thompson, General Higginson, Captain and Mrs. Wyvol Thompson, Major and Mrs. Dick Cleeland, Colonel Aubrov, R.A.F., Lieut. Col. English, K.S.L.I., Col. Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burney, Lady Bell, the Hon. Mrs. Brougham, Capt. Colbourn, Mrs. Ayers, and Mrs. Macdonald.

William Marcus Rudolph Grischotti b: 1920                 1920 3Q Uxbridge 3a 81
twin son of William and Olive Barbar Grischotti
James Anthony Rudolph Grischotti b: 1920                 1920 3Q Uxbridge 3a 81
twin son of William and Olive Barbar Grischotti

Captain William Grischotti Died 23 Dec 1922   Marienburg, Cologne, Germany

The Times, Thursday, Dec 28, 1922   DEATHS
  GRISCHOTTI - On the 23rd December, at 168 Bernhardstrasse, Marienburg, Cologne, Captain William Grischotti, King's Shropshire Light Infantry, D.A.P.M., British Army of the Rhine, younger son of the late R. O. Grischotti, and dearly loved husband of Olive B. Watson Grischotti, aged 41.
LONDON   10 August 1923,                         Probate
GRISCHOTTI, William, of 24 Kensington Court-mansions, Kensington, Middlesex,died 23 December 1922 at Cologne, Germany, Probate London, 10 August, to Olive Barbar Grischotti, widow.   Effects £4,256 5s. 2d.

Archibald Gerard Tanner                        1894-1937        (3rd Husband)
Archibald was born about 1894, the son of Frank Leopold Tanner and Mary Easter Willoughby, at St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands.
Not aware of any children.

Birth of New Husband
Archibald Gerard Tanner b: abt 1894           St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
son of Frank Leopold Tanner and Mary Easter Willoughby

1901 Census RG13-5319 1 Apr 1901 St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Vauvent House
Frank L. Tanner
Mary E. (Wife)
Mary H.
Archibald G.
Plus 2 Servants
Age 34
Age 34
Age 8
Age 6
Dental Surgeon Manchester
St Peter Port
St Peter Port

abt 1866
abt 1866
abt 1892
abt 1894

3 Sep 1924
Olive Barbar Grischotti
Archibald Gerard Tanner
London                       1924 3Q St.Geo.H.Sq. 1a 1212
Widow of Capt. William Grischotti and daughter of James Elliot Thompson

Newspaper     Sep 1924                                       MARRIAGE
TANNER : GRISCHOTTI On the 3rd Sept. Archibald Gerard Tanner D.S.O., M.C., to Olive Barbar, widow of Capt. W. Grischotti.

Lieut.-Col. Archibald Gerard Tanner Died 6 Apr 1937, Age 42,     At Sea

The Times, Thursday, Apr 8, 1937                         DEATHS
  TANNER - On April 6, 1937, suddenly, at sea, A. G. Tanner, D.S.O., M.C., Lieut.-Colonel, Royal Fusiliers, (Services Battalion), husband of Olive Tanner, General Manager, United British Oil Fields of Trinidad, Ltd., Trinidad.   Funeral at Golders Green Crematorium to-morrow (Friday) at 2:45 p.m.   No mourning, by special request.

LONDON   7 June 1937,                         Probate
TANNER, Archibald Gerard, of Point Fortin, Trinidad, British West Indies, died 6 April 1937, at sea, Administration, (with Will), London, 7 June, to Olive Barbar Tanner, widow.   Effects £15,262 7s. 11d.
The Times, Saturday, Apr 10, 1937                OBITUARIES
  Colonel Archibald Gerard Tanner, D.S.O., M.C., who died on his return journey from Trinidad this week at the age of 42, was general manager of the United British Oilfields of Trinidad, Limited.
  He was a man with a strong personality.   At the age of 17, he enlisted in the Army, where he served principally with the 12th (Service) Battalion of the Royal Fusilliers.   He was awarded the M.C. and Bar, and the D.S.O. was added for conspicuous gallantry and good leadership at Bihucourt on August 23, 1918.   He was promoted lieutenant-colonel at the age of 23.   After the war he joined the Shell group, where he rose rapidly until he was appointed to his responsible post in Trinidad. The cremation will take place at Golders Green at 2:45 p.m. to-day and will be attended by officers and other ranks of his regiment.

Olive Barbar Tanner Died 12 Jan 1960  Age 75     St. George's Hospital, London
Residence: Tudor Court Hotel, Cromwell Road, London S.W.7

The Times, Thursday, Jan 14, 1960                         Death
TANNER   On January 12th, 1960, Olive Babar Tanner (nee Thompson), mother of Sylvia and Barry, Marcus and Anthony.   Funeral private.

Summary of the Will
of Olive Barbar Tanner
formerly of 52 Pont Street, London,
but now of the Tudor Court Hotel, Cromwell Road, London,
1884 - 1960       Dated 12 April 1951
(Her estate totaled £ 1,450 18s 8d)
Trustees and Executors:  Anthony North Hickley, Solicitor, London, and
my son, William Marcus Rudolph Grischotti.
Daughter Olive Sylvia Macleod my White and Gold China Tea-Service, given to me by my mother,
any Silver of mine, which she may have in her possession at the date
of my death, and all my clothing, furs, and household linen.
Sons Herbert Barry Watson
William Marcus Rudolph Grischotti
James Anthony Rudolph Grischotti
the Miniatures of his father
my Badge brooch of the 1st K.S.L.I. and one half of my residual estate
one half of my residual estate