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James Laing                                             1857-1895           (1st Husband)
James was born on 7 March 1857, the son of James and Theresa Talbot Laing, at Sunderland, County Durham. He married Emily Cecilia Harrison. He died prior to age 44.
Emily Cecilia Harrison                            1860-1946
Emily was born about 1860, the daughter of Thomas Elliot Harrison and Sophia Jane Collinson, at Whitburn, County Durham.
I have identified the following children.
Mabel Frances Born abt 1887   Sunderland  
Gwendoline Theresa Born abt 1893   Sunderland  
James Cecil Born 28 Aug 1895   Sunderland  

Birth of Parents
James Laing b: 7 Mar 1857  c: 13 Apr 1857     St. Michael's, Bishopwearmouth     1857 2Q Sunderland 10a 395
son of James and Theresa Talbot Laing, Shipbuilder, Fawcett Street

Emily Cecilia Harrison b: abt 1860         Whitburn, County Durham       1860 3Q South Shields 10a 481
daughter of Thomas Elliot Harrison and Sophia Jane Collinson
abt 1886
James Laing
Emily Cecilia Harrison
South Shields       1886 1Q South Shields 10a 783

1891 Census RG12-2856 6 April 1891 Nantwich, Chester
Lamb Hotel
James Laing
Cecil (Wife)
Age 34
Age 30
Shipbuilder Sunderland
7 Mar 1857
abt 1860

Mabel Frances Laing b: abt 1887               Sunderland, County Durham           1887 1Q Sunderland 10a 550
daughter of James Laing and Emily Cecilia Harrison
Gwendoline Theresa Laing b: abt 1893               Sunderland, County Durham           1893 2Q Sunderland 10a 649
daughter of James Laing and Emily Cecilia Harrison
James Cecil Laing b: 28 Aug 1895               Sunderland, County Durham       1895 3Q Sunderland 10a 637
son of James Laing and Emily Cecilia Harrison

James Laing Died 23 Jan 1895, Age 37   at Needwood, Hinton Road, Bournemouth   1895 1Q Christchurch 2b 582
Buried at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery

The Times, Monday, Jan 28, 1895                         Death
LAING -   On the 23rd inst., at Bournemouth, in his 38th year, James, third son of James Laing, of Thornhill, Sunderland, and Etal Manor, Northumberland.
10 May 1895                         Probate
LAING, James, the younger, of Forf Hall, Sunderland, shipbuilder, died 23 January 1895, at Needwood, Hinton-road, Bournemouth, Probate, Durham, 10 May, to Emily Cecilia Laing, widow, and Arthur Laing, shipowner.   Effects £11,232 4s.

1901 Census RG13-4738 1 April 1901 Whitburn, County Durham
Daisy Cottage
Cecil Laing (Widow)
Mabel F.
Gwendoline T.
James C.
Marguerite Boulay (Visitor)
Plus 7 Servants
Age 40
Age 14
Age 8
Age 5
Age 30

Le Murs
abt 1860
abt 1886
abt 1892
abt 1895
abt 1870

Hugh Laing                                               1871-1930           (2nd Husband)
Hugh was born on 28 May 1871, the son of Sir James Laing and Theresa Talbot Peacock. He was the younger brother of the above James Laing. In the 1920s, he purchased the Barscobe Castle estate in Balmaclellan, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, and built Barscobe House.

Birth of New Husband
Hugh Laing b: 28 May 1871           St. Michael's, Bishopwearmouth   1871 3Q Sunderland 10a 572
son of James and Theresa Talbot Laing, Shipbuilder, Thornhill
abt 1926
Hugh Laing
Emily Cecilia Laing
London       1926 4Q St Martin 1a 1102

Hugh Laing Died 1 Jan 1930, Age 58,       1930 1Q Newcastle T 10b 105

The Times, Thursday, Jan 2, 1930                         Death
LAING - On New Years Day, 1930, at 31 Brandling-park, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Hugh, dearly beloved husband of Cecil Laing, aged 58.   Funeral at Balmaclellan on Sunday, Jan. 5, at 2.30.

2 Jun 1930                         Probate
LAING, Hugh, of 31 Brandling Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, died 1 January 1930, Probate Durham, 2 June 1930, to Emily Cecilia Laing, Widow, James Cecil Laing, company inspector, and James Ranson, shipyard clerk.
Effects £30,523 11s. 1d.

Emily Cecilia (Harrison) Laing Died 13 Sep 1946, Age 86,             1946 3Q Winchester 6b 514

The Times, Tuesday, Sep 17, 1946                         Death
LAING - On Sept. 13, 1946, At Sarum Nursing Home, Winchester, Emily Cecilia, widow of Hugh Laing, of Barscobe, Kirkcudbrightshire.