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Sir George Russell                               1828-1898
George was born 23 August 1828, the son of Henry Russell II and Marie Clotilde Mottet de La Fontaine, at Swallowfield, Berkshire. Sir George was the fourth Baronet Swallowfield, having succeeded to the title on the death of his brother Charles in 1883. Son George will become the fifth baronet, followed by the younger son Arther becoming the sixth baronet.
Constance Charlotte Elisa Lennox      1839-1925
Constance was born on 5 March 1839, the daughter of Lord Arthur Lennox and Adelaide Constance Campbell, in London.
I have identified the following children.
  George Arthur Charles Born 28 Jun 1868   London Died 14 Jan 1944, unmarried
Marie Clotilde Born abt 1873   London Married Hon. Arthur Ernest Guinness
Arthur Edward Ian Montegu Born 30 Nov 1878   Folkestone, Kent Married Aileen Kerr Pechell,
Cornelie de Bruign,
Marjorie Elizabeth Josephine Rudman

Birth of Parents
George Russell b: 23 Aug 1828  c: 25 Oct 1828             Swallowfield, Berkshire
son of Henry Russell II and Marie Clotilde Mottet de La Fontaine

Constance Charlotte Elisa Lennox b: 5 Mar 1839  c: 30 Apr 1839       Saint James, Westminster, London
daughter of Lord Arthur Lennox and Adelaide Constance Campbell

5 Mar 1867
George Russell (38)
Constance Charlotte Elisa Lennox (28)
Saint James, Westminster, London

George Arthur Charles Russell b: 28 Jun 1868               Belgravia, London
son of George Russell and Constance Charlotte Elisa Lennox

1871 Census RG10-103 3 April 1871 Belgrave, St George Hanover Square, London
23 Wilton Place
George Russell
Constance (Wife)
Plus 5 Servants
Age 42
Age 30
Age 2
Judge of County Courts Swallowfield
St Georges
St Georges
23 Aug 1828
5 Mar 1839
28 Jun 1868

Marie Clotilde Russell b: abt 1873               Brompton, London
daughter of George Russell and Constance Charlotte Elisa Lennox
Arthur Edward Ian Montegu Russell b: 30 Nov 1878               London
son of George Russell and Constance Charlotte Elisa Lennox

1881 Census RG11-1010 4 April 1881 Folkestone, Kent
19 Clifton Crescent
George Russell
Constance C. E. (Wife)
Marie Clotilde
Arthur E. I. M.
Charles (Brother)
Plus 8 Servants
Age 52
Age 39
Age 7
Age 2
Age 54
Judge of County Courts

Bart, M.P., V.C.
Southern Hill
23 Aug 1828
5 Mar 1839
abt 1873
abt 1878
22 Jun 1826

1891 Census RG12-1000 6 April 1891 East Swallowfield, Berkshire
Swallowfield Park
George A. C. Russell
Plus 13 Servants
Age 22 Belgravia London 28 Jun 1868

Sir George Russell Died 7 Mar 1898, Age 69,       1898 1Q Chelsea 1a 342

The Times, Tuesday, Mar 8, 1898                         OBITUARIES
  Sir George Russell, Bart., M.P. for the East or Wokingham Division of Berkshire and chairman of the South-Eastern Railway Company, died at his London residence, 16 Sloane Gardens, at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, after a short illness.   On Tuesday in last week he was prevented by indisposition from going to see the Prince of Wales off for Paris, as was his custom when the Prince traveled over the South-Eastern Line, and towards the end of the week complications ensued, mainly affecting the throat, which caused the fatal termination.
  Sir George Russell, who was born in 1828, was the second son of Sir Henry, the second baronet, by his second wife, Marie Clotilde, daughter of Baron Benoit Mottet de la Fontaine.   He was educated at Eton and Exeter College, Oxford, and was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1853.   Thirteen years later he was appointed Judge of County Court Circuit Number 19, and in 1874 was transferred to Circuit Number 49, from which post he retired in 1885.   He was appointed Recorder of Wokingham in 1862.   He was D.L. and alderman for Berkshire, having always been intimately connected with that county, in which his family seat, Swallowfield Park, near Reading, was situated.   When he ceased to be a County Court Judge Sir George stood as a Parliamentary candidate at the general election in 1885, and was returned as a Conservative for the Wokingham Division.
  In the following year he was returned unopposed, but in 1892 was again called upon to contest the seat.   At the last general election he was returned unopposed.
  On becoming chairman of the South-Eastern Company in 1895 Sir George Russell entered with great heartiness into the various phases of the "forward policy" adopted by the directors.   Among other things he presided at several conferences held with leading representatives of the agricultural interest in the districts served by the company and showed much tact and considerateness in the conduct of the negotiations, which resulted in substantial concessions being made to the farmers and others.   During the time of his chairmanship, also, various improvements were effected in the South-Eastern system, such as the new afternoon service between Folkestone and Boulogne and the running of corridor trains, while Sir George also gave a cordial support for the scheme for a great extension and improvement of Folkestone Harbour, which is now being carried out.   In fact the period of George Russell's chairmanship was synonymous with a spirit of enterprise on the part of the South-Eastern which was in strong contrast with its cautious policy of previous years.
  Sir George Russell was the fourth baronet, having succeeded to the title on the death of his brother in 1883.   He married, in 1867, Constance, daughter of the late Lord Arthur Lennox, and he is succeeded by his son, George Arthur Charles Russell, who was born in 1868.

LONDON   27 Jun 1898                         Probate
RUSSELL, sir George, of Swallowfield Park, Berkshire, baronet, died 7 March 1898, at 16 Sloane-gardens, Chelsea, Middlesex, Probate London, 27 June, to Henry Dawson Greene and George Brackenbury esquires, and the right honourable Henry baron James, of Hereford.
  Effects £19,640 0s. 8d.

1901 Census RG13-1155 1 April 1901 Swallowfield, Berkshire
Swallowfield Park
Charles Russell
Constance (Mother)(Widow)
Marie Clotilde (Sister)
Juliana T. Schanby (Visitor)
Plus 11 Servants
Age 33
Age 60
Age 27
Age 45
Living on own means
Living on own means

St James
28 Jun 1868
5 Mar 1839
abt 1873
abt 1855

Constance Charlotte Elisa (Lennox) Russell Died 20 Jun 1925, Age 86,       1825 2Q Wokingham 2c 442

LONDON   28 Dec 1925                         Probate
RUSSELL, dame Constance Charlotte Elizabeth, of Swallowfield Park, Berkshire, widow, died 20 June 1925, Probate, London, 28 December, to Arthur Edward Ian Montague Russell esquire, the honourable Marie Clotilde Guiness (wife of the honourable Arthur Ernest Guiness), the said honourable Arthur Ernest Guiness, George Langton Brackenbury and Horace Randall Kerr Pechell, esquires.
  Effects £13,3119 14s. 1d.   Resworn £11,785 0s. 4d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Penny Graham, of England, for inspiring the research of this family, and for many of the details provided.