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George Stephenson Milburn George Stephenson Milburn   1906-1966
George was born 7 March 1906, of Robert Milburn and Elizabeth Davison. After attending the Silksworth Infants School, he was enrolled at Silksworth Council Mixed School on 11 August 1913. He finished school on 30 March 1920, having attained the age of 14. He lived in London for a while with his sister Margaret Ann, then moved to Blackpool and opened a Bed and Breakfast. He married a girl named Violet ??. He died on 31 July 1966, of cancer, in Blackpool, and is buried at St Matthews Church, Silksworth.
Violet ?
I have no information on Violet.
There were no children

George Stephenson Milburn b: 7 Mar 1906   Hill Street, Tunstall, County Durham
of Robert Milburn, and Elizabeth Milburn, formerly Davison
 1906 2Q Sunderland 10a 814
Violet ? No Data

School Data
11 Aug 1913 Silksworth Council Mixed School Admission Register
George Stephenson Milburn  b: 7 Mar 1906 Father: Robert Milburn, 12 Hill St.
Left School 30 Mar 1920, "at age", Previous School Silksworth Infants

No Data Marriage
George Stephenson Milburn
Violet ?

George Milburn, at Brighton
George Milburn, at Brighton

George Stephenson Milburn Died 31 Jul 1966  Age 60   Buried St. Matthew's Church, Silksworth
1966 3Q Blackpool 10E 393
Violet (?) Milburn No data