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Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew                       1886-1963
Geoffrey was born about 1886, the son of Horace Mayhew and Mary Helena Dixon, at Wigan, Lancashire. He married Bertha Irene Short.
Bertha Irene Short                               1892-1929           (1st Wife)
Bertha was born on 23 January 1892, the daughter of John Young Short and Mary Ada Smart, in Sunderland, County Durham.
I have identified the following children.
  Lionel Geoffrey Born 5 Dec 1916   Hampshire Married Beatrice V. Peak
Helena Betty Born abt 1920   Cheshire Married Ronald J. Robertson

Birth of Parents
Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew b: abt 1886         Wigan, Lancashire       1886 3Q Wigan 8c 74
son of Horace Mayhew and Mary Helena Dixon

Bertha Irene Short b: 23 Jan 1892     Sunderland       1892 1Q Sunderland 10a 698
daughter of John Young Short and Mary Ada Smart

14 Oct 1915
Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew
Bertha Irene Short
Christ Church, Bishopwearmouth       1915 4Q Sunderland 10a 1244
Father: Horace Mayhew, Colliery Owner
Father: John Young Short, Shipbuilder

Lionel Geoffrey Mayhew abt 1917       Suffolk       1917 1Q Wangford 4a 1776
son of Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew and Bertha Irene Short       Died 1992 Aug Alton 20 18
Helena Betty Mayhew abt 1920       Cheshire       1920 2Q Chester 8a 758
daughter of Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew and Bertha Irene Short

Bertha Irene (Short) Mayhew Died 19 Dec 1929, Age 37,       1929 4Q Chester 8a 432

The Times, Monday, Dec 23, 1929                         Death
  MAYHEW, - On Dec. 19, 1929, at Lache House, Chester, Bertha Irene, the dearly loved wife of Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew, aged 37 years. Interment at Broughton Church to-day (Monday), at 11 a.m.
CHESTER   20 Jun 1930                         Probate
MAYHEW, Bertha Irene, of The Lache Lache-lane, Chester (wife of Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew) died 19 December 1929, Probate Chester, 20 June, to the said Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew, major H.M. army, and Thomas Smart Short, and George Anderson Short,shipbuilders.
  Effects £3,232 2s. 8d.

Rigmor Agnes Joan Morvaren Maclean           1900-1977           (2nd Wife)
Joan was born on 27 November 1900, the daughter of Alexander Morvaren Maclean and Joanna Frances Dickson.
I have identified the following children.
  Michael Geoffrey Morvaren Born 4 Dec 1933   Staffordshire Married Sarah Mary St. John
Alexander Horace Born abt 1936   Staffordshire  

Birth of New Wife
Rigmor Agnes Joan Morvaren Maclean b: 27 Nov 1900     Fulham, London       1900 1Q Fulham 1a 337
daughter of Alexander Morvaren Maclean and Joanna Frances Dickson

abt 1931
Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew
Rigmor A. J. M. Maclean
      1931 1Q St. Martin 1a 824

Michael Geoffrey Morvaren Mayhew 4 Dec 1933       Staffordshire       1934 1Q Tamworth 6b 535
son of Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew and Joan Maclean
Died 2003 Dec Hastings and Rother A80A 229
Alexander Horace Mayhew abt 1936       Staffordshire       1936 2Q Tamworth 6b 547
son of Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew and Joan Maclean

Geoffrey Dixon Mayhew Died 27 Dec 1963, Age 77,       Tunbridge Wells       1963 4Q Tonbridge 5B 1049

LEICESTER   20 Feb 1964                         Probate
MAYHEW, Geoffrey Dixon, of Hillside, Speldhurst, Kent, died 27 December 1963, at 3 and 4 Clarence Road, Tunbridge Wells, Probate Leicester, 20 February to Rigmor Agnes Joan Morvaren Mayhew, widow, Michael Geoffrey Morvaren Mayhew, Insurance Representative, and Alexander Horace Mayhew, musician.   Effects £9,70s.

The Times, Friday, Jan 3, 1964                         Death

  A Correspondent Writes:
  Major Geoffrey D. Mayhew, who died recently in Tunbridge Wells, at the age of 77, had a long and distinguished career in the coal industry.   Born at Wigan in 1886, the son of Horace Mayhew, D.L., J.P., of Broughton Hall, Flintshire, he was educated at Eton.   After two years at the Wigan School of Mines, he began his mining career in the South Derbyshire coal field.   After serving with the Denbighshire Hussars Yeomanry in the First World War, he returned to coalmining and in 1926 became managing director of Halls Collieries Ltd., Burton-on Trent.   In 1939 he was appointed chairman of the company, and held that post until 1946.
  His wide experience in the industry was recognized in his appointment in 1928 as chairman of the South Derbyshire Coal Owners Association, as a member of the Central Valuation Board under the Coal Act, 1938, of the East Midland Regional Valuation Board, and of the Central Val;uation Board under the Coal Industry Nationalization Act, 1946, and in 1946 as president of the Midland Counties institute of Engineers.   He was director of Amalgmated Anthracite Holdings Limited, and a number of other companies.   He was a Justice of the Peace of Staffordshire, and also one-time chairman of the Lichfield Division of the Conservative and Unionist Association.
  He married first in 1915, Bertha Irene Short, of Sunderland, who died in 1929, and by whom he had one son and one daughter, and, secondly, in 1931, Joan Maclean, of Scarborough, by whom he had two sons.

Rigmor Agnes Joan Morvaren (Maclean) Mayhew Died abt 1977       1977 4Q Bromley 11 1321