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Frederick Middlemost Wawn          1877-1915             (1st Husband)
Frederick Middlemost was born on 25 Aug 1877, the son of Middlemost Wawn and Jenny Eudora Deneulain, at Sunderland, County Durham. He married Haidee Hemsley Julia Withy. He was a member of the firm of Bolton, Wawn, and Company, Chartered Accountants, and resided at 22 Rowlandson Terrace, Sunderland.
Haidee Hemsley Julia Withy        1885-1986
Haidee was born on 8 December 1885, the daughter of William Thomas Withy, and Haidee Sophia Moore, in London. After Frederick's early death in WW I, she married Capt. Herbert D. Reeve.
Haidee lived to see her 100th Birthday.
I have identified the following children.
Haidee Marise Born 6 Jul 1909   Sunderland  
Francis Brian Middlemost Born b: 25 Mar 1914   Sunderland  
Birth of Parents
Frederick Middlemost Wawn b: 25 Aug 1877           Sunderland, County Durham         1877 3Q Sunderland 10a 635
son of Middlemost Wawn and Jenny Eudora Deneulain

Haidee Hemsley Julia Withy b: 8 Dec 1885         London         1885 4Q Kensington 1a 172
daughter of William Thomas Withy, and Haidee Sophia Moore

abt 1907
Frederick Middlemost Wawn
Haidee Hemsley Julia Withy
        1907 2Q Pancras 1b 149

Haidee Marise Wawn b: 6 Jul 1909               Sunderland, County Durham         1909 3Q Sunderland 10a 712
daughter of Frederick Middlemost Wawn and Haidee Hemsley Julia Withy

1911 Census RG14-19 3 April 1911 Sunderland, Durham
22 Rowlandson Terrace   (6 Rooms)
Frederick Middlemost Wawn
Haidee Julia (Wife)
Haidee Maria
Plus 2 Servants
Age 33
Age 25
Age 21 Mon
Chartered Accountant Sunderland
25 Aug 1877
8 Dec 1885
6 Jul 1909

Francis Brian Middlemost Wawn b: 25 Mar 1912               Sunderland, County Durham         1912 2Q Sunderland 10a 1416
son of Frederick Middlemost Wawn and Haidee Hemsley Julia Withy

Captain Frederick Middlemost Wawn Died 25 May 1915
Estate Valued at £5,173

The Times, Wednesday June 17, 1916
  Captain Frederick Middlemost Wawn - Durham Light Infantry, who was officially reported missing after the engagement at Hooge, near Ypres, on May 24 1915, is now presumed to have been killed on that date. He was the third son of Mr. and Mrs. Middlemost Wawn of Sunderland, and was born in 1877. After being at school at Sunderland, he proceeded to Germany and France to study the languages. He had been a member of the Sunderland volunteers since 1899, becoming Captain in 1903. He volunteered for the Cape during the Boer war, and on the outbreak of the present war he volunteered for service abroad. He was a member of the firm of Bolton, Wawn, and Company, Chartered Accountants.
DURHAM   9 Oct 1916                         Probate
WAWN, Frederick Middlemost, of 22 Rowlandson-terrace, Sunderland, died, on or since 25 May 1915, in France, Probate Durham 9 October, to Haidee Julia Wawn, widow.   Effects £2,839 13s. 3d.

ON SUNDAY, 25 MAY 1915



Captain Herbert Dalby Reeve               1880-1951                     (2nd Husband)
Herbert was born about 1880, the son of Herbert Dalby Reeve and Kate Hender, in London. Captain Reeve married the widow, Haidee Julia Wawn in 1918. After their marriage, they resided at 22 Howle Road, Sheffield
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Husband
Captain Herbert Dalby Reeve b: abt 1880         London         1880 3Q Lambeth 1d 402
son of Herbert Dalby Reeve and Kate Hender

19 Oct 1918
Captain Herbert Dalby Reeve (38)

Haidee Julia Wawn (32)
The Register Office, St. Pancras, London         1918 4Q Pancras 1b 268
Bachelor, Captain 3rd York and Lancaster Regiment, St. Pancras Hotel, Euston Road,
Father: Herbert Dalby Reeve, Mineral Water Manufacturer.
Widow, 34 Regents Park Road, Father: William Thomas Withy, Actor
By License, Wit: William S. E. Davis, Frank H. Reeve

Captain Herbert Dalby Reeve Died 22 Oct 1951, Age 71,     North Yorkshire       1951 4Q Claro 2c 705

WAKEFIELD   26 Nov 1951                         Probate
REEVE, Herbert Dalby, of 12 Stray-walk, Harrogate, died 22 October 1951, at Duchy House Nursing Home, Harrogate, Probate Wakefield 26 November, to Haidee Julia Reeve, widow.   Effects £9,806 14s. 3d.
Haidee Marise Wawn Died 4 Dec 1960, Age 51,     North Yorkshire       1960 4Q Leeds 2c 190

WAKEFIELD   20 Jan 1961                         Probate
WAWN, Haidee Marise, of 3 North Park Drive, Harrogate, spinster, died 4 December 1960, at Cookridge Hospital, Leeds, Probate, Wakefield 20 January to Haidee Julia Reeve, widow.   Effects £996 11s. 5d.
Haidee Julia (Wawn) Reeve Died 15 Feb 1986, Age 100,     Harrogate, North Yorkshire       1986 Feb Claro 2 2403
Cavendish Nursing Home