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Frank Coulthard                                   1865-1927
Frank was born about 1865, the son of Hiram Craven Coulthard and Claudine Mayhew, at Blackburn, Lancashire. He married Leona Maud Hamilton.
Leona Maud Hamilton                         1866-                           (1st Wife)
Leona was born about 1866, in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I have not identified children.

Birth of Parents
Frank Coulthard b: abt 1865               Blackburn, Lancashire       1865 3Q Blackburn 8e 326
son of Hiram Craven Coulthard and Claudine Mayhew

Leona Maud Hamilton b: abt 1866         Nova Scotia, Canada

Frank Coulthard at Rugby School in 1881, he is fifth from right second row from back

abt 1886
Frank Coulthard
Leona Maud Hamilton
London       1886 4Q Chelsea 1a 662

1891 Census RG12-598 6 April 1891 Penge, London
10 Beverley Road
Frank Coulthard(M)(Boarder)
Maud Coulthard(M)(Boarder)
Age 25
Age 24
Law Student Blackburn
Nova Scotia
abt 1865
abt 1866

    The marriage just didn't go well, for some reason, and Leona packed up, and returned to Canada,
   There was no divorce.

Emma Stevens                                       1874-1967                           (2nd Lady in his life)
Emma was born on 5 September 1874, the daughter of James Stevens and Mary Elmer, at Shefford, Bedfordshire. There was no marriage associated with this new relationship, as Frank was still married to his first wife.
I have identified the following children.
  William Francis Coulthard Born abt 1901   Ramsgate, Kent  
Albert Edwin Johnson Born abt 1903   Lambeth, London  
Hiram Charles Johnson Born 11 Aug 1905   Lambeth, London Married Ivy Druscilla Agnes Rogers
Claud Stevens Johnson Born abt 1907   Sheppey, Kent  
Robert Quintus Johnson Born 14 Jul 1909   Sheppey, Kent  

Birth of new lady in his life
Emma Stevens b: 5 Sep 1874         Shefford, Bedfordshire         1874 3Q Biggleswade 3b 355
daughter of James Stevens and Mary Elmer

1901 Census RG13-825 1 April 1901 Ramsgate, Kent
10 Kent Terrace
Leona M. Coulthard (Wife) Age 26 Living on own means N.K. Bedfordshire abt 1866
    This is actually Emma Stevens

William Francis Coulthard b: abt 1901               Ramsgate, Kent         1901 2Q Thanet 2a 1017
son of Frank Coulthard and Leona Maud Hamilton (actually Emma Stevens)
Albert Edwin Johnson b: abt 1903               Ramsgate, Kent         1903 3Q Lambeth 1d 519
son of Frank and Emma Johnson (actually Emma Stevens)
Hiram Charles Johnson b: 11 Aug 1905               Ramsgate, Kent         1905 3Q Lambeth 1d 499
son of Frank and Emma Johnson (actually Emma Stevens)
Claud Stevens Johnson b: abt 1907               Sheppey, Kent         1907 3Q Sheppey 2a 1035
son of Frank and Emma Johnson (actually Emma Stevens)
Robert Quintus Johnson b: abt 1909               Sheppey, Kent         1909 3Q Sheppey 2a 1033
son of Frank and Emma Johnson (actually Emma Stevens)

    After the birth of Robert, Frank apparently tired of this relationship, and they then lead seperate lives.

1911 Census RG14-161 3 April 1911 Croydon, Surrey
Ashburnham, Sylvan Road, Norwood S.E.   (10 Rooms)
Claudine Coulthard (Widow)
Theresa Henrietta Wooley (Sis)(W)
Florence Mayhew (Sis)(s)
Frank Coulthard (Son)(M)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 75
Age 70
Age 57
Age 45
Private Means
Private Means
Private Means
abt 1835
abt 1840
abt 1853
abt 1865

Frank Coulthard Died 16 Jan 1927, Age 61,       1927 1Q Croydon 2a 625

The Times, Tuesday, Jan. 18, 1927                         DEATHS
  COULTHARD - On Jan. 16, 1927 at Norwood, suddenly, FRANK COULTHARD, aged 61 years.

Emma Stevens, about 1936
at one of her granddaughter's christenings

Emma Stevens Died 30 Dec 1967, Age 93,       1968 1Q Sheppey 5F 796