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Clara L. Baradello                          1898-1937
Clara was born about 1898. There are some indications that she was of Spanish origins. She died in 1937 in Liverpool.

I have identified the following children.
Francis Cecil Bowen                           1894-1955
Francis was born on 13 April 1894, the son of Francis John Gregory Bowen and Jocelyne Channon Koch, at Calcutta, India. He spent most of his youth in Calcutta and attended La Martienieres school there. He then came back to England and went into the merchant navy. He fought in WWI. He then became a captain in the merchant navy. He was prolific author of many books on ships, the merchant navy and the sea. He was also a contributor to National Geographic, and other magazines. He was always very interested in Eastern philosophy and religion and practiced yoga and meditation. He had an astounding memory and could speak 15 languages fluently. In WWII, he joined the RNR and was a Lt Commander and was sent on a special mission to capture a ship that was supplying the U Boats with fuel.
He first married Clara Baradello. After her death, he married Violet May Millward, nee Asbridge.

Donald Vincent Born abt 1920   Liverpool Married Lillian Perry

Birth of Parents
Francis Cecil Bowen b: 13 Apr 1894               Calcutta, India
son of Francis John Gregory Bowen and Jocelyne Channon Koch

Clara Baradello b: abt 1898        

No Date
Francis Cecil Bowen
Clara Baradello

Donald Vincent Bowen b: abt 1920               Liverpool, Lancashire       1920 1Q Toxteth P.   8b 523
son of Francis Cecil Bowen and Clara Baradello

Clara L. (Baradello) Bowen Died abt 1937, Age 39,     Liverpool, Lancashire     1937 2Q Liverpool S.   8b 99

Francis remarries in 1939

SPECIAL THANKS  to Cindy Hatchett, née Wheelan, of South Africa, a descendant of Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch, for the photo and many of the details provided above.