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Shipbuilders of Sunderland

M. T. Borgsten

A Genealogical Reference

Robert Thompson and Elizabeth Beaney were my G-G-G-Grandparents. Their progeny developed a shipbuilding enterprise that for a period of time, was the fourth largest in the world. It created vast fortunes, and enabled some of the Thompsons to marry into even larger fortunes. They contributed greatly to shipbuilding on the Wear, to the local communities, and to both World Wars.
This is an ongoing effort to Identify those who shared in the life and times of the Thompson family of shipbuilders of Sunderland, County Durham, England.

This is a working document which will change and improve over time, as time, opportunity, and luck permit. This was put together using initially only the research facilities of the libraries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Additional details have come from other descendents noted below, from Mr. James W. Corder, The Sunderland Library, The Barbary Coast, by J. Gordon Holmes, Where Ships Are Born, by J. W. Smith and T. S. Holden, and numerous newspaper articles.

A very special thank you goes to Mrs. Joy E. Walker, of Crook, County Durham, England. She is a descendent of Martha Ann Lowes Thompson (1843-1928), and was the person that initially informed me of our rather famous shipbuilder ancestors. She shared her knowledge of the family, and also provided me with family data that she had collected from the Sunderland Library, and also a great old book on the shipbuilders of Sunderland.

My most intrepid contributor, Mr. T. Grant White, of West London, a descendent of Elizabeth Thompson (1828-1905), is making invaluable contributions. He is totally sharing the results of his ongoing research of this family, for inclusion in this web-site, and is most responsible for it's recent rapid growth.

Thanks also go out to:
a Descendant Life-Member of The Royal Stuart Society
Alan Noble, of Sunderland, County Durham
Alan Vickers, of Sunderland, County Durham
Albert Richmond Jones, of West Rainton, County Durham
Andrew Davison, of South Shields, County Durham
Barbara Christie, of Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada
Barbara and Jim Jameson, of Monument Colorado
Brenda Sadler, of Leicester Forest East, Leicestershire
Brian W. L. Tod, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Carl Stanton, of Bunker Hill, Illinois
Cindy Hatchett, née Wheelan, of South Africa
Clifford Allison
Curator & archivist of the archives of the House of Bonn/Bon/Priuli-Bon
Dave Tylcoat, of Devon
David Randall of Midland, Texas
David Rodger, of Guildford, England
Elizabeth Ann Townsend, nee Middlemost, of Natal, South Africa
Hazel Martin, of Bedfordshire
J. Underwood, Sunderland
James Pratt, Hungerford, Berkshire
James Robert Peters, of St. Louis, Missouri
Jean Heron, of Stranraer, Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Jennifer Anne Dixon, nee Grellis, of Bridport, Dorset
Jerrie and Harry Lawson McInvale, of Starkville, Mississippi
Joan Beatty (Craymer), of Sydney, Australia
Joan Coatsworth, of High Shincliff, County Durham
John Fisher Hewlett, and Mrs. Ruth Ure, of Lockington, Victoria, Australia
John Green, of Hitchin, Hertfordshire
John Stewart, of West Jefferson, North Carolina
Judith Telfer, of Washington, County Durham
Julianne Pearce, Christchurch, New Zealand
Kevin McGuire, of Wakefield
Leslie Lynn Marr, of Gimingham, Norfolk
M. Jorgensen, of Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Mark and Julie Stuart-Thompson, of West Sussex
Michael Naizby Burkett, of West Kirby on the Wirral
Nicholas Thompson Weatheritt, of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Peter Richard Mayes of Bloxham, Oxfordshire
Philip Heath, of Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand
Rhoderick Thomas Francis Guy Dalrymple Doxford Henderson, of Teesdale
Robert Wawn Brydon São Paolo, Brazil
Russell Carter, Auckland, New Zealand
Sandra Harris and the book "The History of Placer County, California"
Sid Wood
Simon Coatsworth
Simon Dessain, of Oxford
Steve Kershaw
Terrie Bailey, of Bristol
Trevor Boning, of Thirn, North Yorkshire
Vivian Sederholm, of Ogden, Utah
Vivienne Clyde Eckhardt, of London
Wendy Moulton

I apologize to those I have not mentioned, as the list of contributors constantly grows.

In an effort to further validate and document some dates of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, I have included reference data from the GRO (St. Catherine's House) Index (e.g. 1867 3Q Sunderland 10a 585).

The information that has been made available to me on the Thompsons, often has some degree of conflicting information. Some information comes from the research of Mr. James W. Corder, available at the Sunderland library. He notes that he received some conflicting information from the records, and diaries, of the major members of this family. So, consider this a best effort record of what I have assembled, to date.

If you have information that corrects or adds to what you see here, and wish to share it, please contact me with the information.

You can go directly to Robert Thompson and Elizabeth Beaney, and work down through various children, or checkout my Thompson Family Index, or to scan names of any family, you can go to the Name Index.

Compiled by
George H. Graham
Chief Clerk and Webmaster
A descendent of Ralph Kirton Thompson (1808-1862).

Photo: M.T.Borgsten, a tanker of 86,800 tons deadweight on order for Fred Olsen & Co., Oslo, under
construction at the North Sands Shipbuilding yard of Joseph L. Thompson & Sons Ltd., Sunderland.
It is unique in that it has no superstructure, only a navigation tower.
From "The Barbary Coast", by J. Gordon Holmes