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Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch                         1838-1877
Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch Edwin was born on 29 November 1838, the son of Johann Godfried Koch and Angenita Dorothea Aldons, at Jaffna, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).
He had his early education in Jaffna and, at the age of twenty, won a governement scholarship to the Medical College in Calcutta. There he won the Gold Medal and met, and married, Emma Miller.
He began his medical career in 1862 and, when the Ceylon Medical College was founded in 1870 he was one of three lecturers appointed. In 1875 he succeeded Dr Loos as Principal. The grateful fisherman paid a striking tribute to his memory at his funeral by spreading white cloth all along the route from his home to the cemetery gate. He had died within a week from a result of a slight scratch sustained in the course of a post mortem examination.
  At this time he had the widest private practise and devotion. and one of his patients was the great Charles Ambrose Lorenz. He never cared for remuneration for his services, he served the poor with Koch Memorial Tower special generosity and devotion. The Koch Memorial Tower is an expression of his countrymen's love and respect for his memory. His son Dr Vincent Koch, was given a medical education in England with subscriptions offered by a grateful public.

Emmeline Medora Sanger Miller          1843-
Emmeline was born on 13 January 1843, the daughter of John Miller and Augusta ?, in Calcutta, India..
I have identified the following children.
Wilfred Vincent Millar Born abt 1863   Jaffna, Ceylon Ida Louise Hunter,
Married Ellen Eliott-Drake Briscoe
Ernest Miller Born abt 1865   Jaffna, Ceylon  
Jocelyne Channon Born abt 1873   Jaffna, Ceylon Married Francis John Gregory Bowen

Birth of Parents
Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch b: 29 Nov 1838         Jaffna, Ceylon
son of Johann Godfried Koch and Angenita Dorothea Aldons

Emmeline Medora Sanger Miller b: 13 Jan 1843  c: 3 Sep 1843       Calcutta, India
daughter of John Miller and Augusta ?

abt 1859
Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch
Emmeline Medora Sanger Miller
Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Wilfred Vincent Millar Koch b: abt 1863               Jaffna Northern Provence, Ceylon
son of Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch and Emma Miller       Died 28 Aug 1939
Ernest Miller Koch b: abt 1865               Jaffna Northern Provence, Ceylon
son of Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch and Emma Miller
Jocelyne Channon Koch b: abt 1873               Jaffna Northern Provence, Ceylon
daughter of Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch and Emma Miller

Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch Died 20 Dec 1877, Age 39

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Emmeline Medora Sanger(Miller) Koch No Data

SPECIAL THANKS  to Cindy Hatchett, née Wheelan, of South Africa, a descendant of Dr. Edwin Lawson Koch, for the photos and many of the details provided above.