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Sir Edmund Hugh Chaytor Bt.               1876-1935           (1st Husband)
Edmund was born on 11 November 1876, the son of Sir William Chaytor and Mary van Straubenzee, at Croft, Yorkshire. He married Isobel Scott, daughter of Mr. Thomas Scott, of Darlington, in 1912. He became the 6th baronet, on 9 July 1913, upon the death of his older brother Walter.
Isobel Scott                                             1890-1968
Isobel was born abt 1890, the daughter of Thomas Scott and Mary Young, at Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. She died in 1968.
I have identified the following children.
  Lilyan Mary Born 15 Oct 1912     Married Sir Ralph Henry Lawson, Bt.
William Henry Clervaux Born 4 May 1914     Married Mrs. Patricia Alderman McCaffrey
Isobel Clare Born 2 Sep 1915     Married Hugh Manford Vaux,
Gordon William Ham
Anne Born 6 Jul 1919     Married Peter Dickinson

Birth of Parents
Edmund Hugh Chaytor b: 11 Nov 1876         Croft, Yorkshire       1876 4Q Darlington 10a 35
son of Sir William Chaytor and Mary van Straubenzee

Isobel Scott b: abt 1890               Middlesbrough, Yorkshire       1890 2Q Middlesbrough 9d 547
daughter of Thomas Scott and Mary Young
19 Feb 1912
Edmund Hugh Chaytor
Isobel Scott
Darlington       1912 1Q Middlesbro 9d 832

Lilyan Mary Chaytor b: 15 Oct 1912                     1912 4Q Guisbro 9d 939
daughter of Edmund Hugh Chaytor Bt. and Isobel Scott
William Henry Clervaux Chaytor b: 4 May 1914                     1914 2Q Tonbridge 2a 1652
son of Sir Edmund Hugh Chaytor Bt. and Isobel Scott
Isobel Clare Chaytor b: 2 Sep 1915                     1915 3Q Auckland 10a 481
daughter of Sir Edmund Hugh Chaytor Bt. and Isobel Scott
Anne Chaytor b: 6 Jul 1919                     1919 2Q Auckland 10a 403
daughter of Sir Edmund Hugh Chaytor Bt. and Isobel Scott

Sir Edmund Hugh Chaytor Bt. 6 Feb 1935, Age 58,   at Santa Monica, California
Cremated, Ashes burried at Witton-le-Wear Cemetery

The Times, Tuesday, Feb 12, 1935                     OBITUARIES
  Sir Edmund Hugh Chaytor, whose sudden death from a heart attack at Santa Monica, California, at the age of 58, was announced in The Times on Friday, was born on November 11, 1876, the third son of the third baronet.   He was educated at Repton, and was formerly in the Scots Guards and the R.A.S.C.   He succeeded his brother as sixth baronet in 1913.   He owned about 7,500 acres in Co. Durham.   His home, Witton Castle, Witton-le-Wear, was built about 1100, and has been in the possession of the family for over 200 years.

The Times, Thursday, Apr 25, 1935                           DEATHS
  The burial of the ashes of Sir Edmund Chaytor took place yesterday at Witton-le-Wear Cemetery.   The Bishop of Durham officiated, assisted by the Rev. R. Bruce Richards.
  The chief mourners included: -
Mr. William Chaytor (Son),
Miss Lilyan Chaytor,
Miss Claire Chaytor (Daughter),
Miss Anne Chaytor (Daughter),
Captain J. C. Chaytor (Cousin),
Mr. C. W. D. Chaytor,
Mrs. J. P. Morpeth,
Mr. A. P. Markham,
Mr. W. Waldy,
Captain M. Street,
Mr. Ralph Lawson,
Mr. P. J. M. Loft,
Prince Yourievsky (also representing Mrs. Lightfoot),
Mrs. Hensley Henson,
Mr. W. Pease,
Mr. F. E. Pease,
Lady Chaytor (Widow), and Mrs. Havelock Allen, and Miss Lilyan Chaytor (Sisters) were unable to attend owing to illness.

Edwin Burton Fiske                       1869-1940           (2nd Husband)
Edwin was born about 1869, the son of Charles E. Fiske.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Husband
Edwin Burton Fiske b: abt 1869        
son of Charles E. Fiske

27 Jun 1935
Edwin Burton Fiske
Isobel Chaytor
London       1935 2Q Westminster 1a 1270

Edwin Burton Fiske Died 16 Jan 1940, Age 70,       1940 1Q Edmonton 3a 1382

The Times, Thursday, Jan 18, 1940                         DEATHS
  FISKE - On Jan. 16, 1940, Denewood, Broadlands Road, Highgate, N.6, Edwin Burton Fiske in his 71st year.   Cremation 1:45 to-morrow (Friday) at Golders Green

Isobel had her name legally changed back to Chaytor

Lady Isobel (Scott) Chaytor Died 20 Nov 1968,   Madeira Island, Portugal

The Times, Thursday, Nov 21, 1968                       DEATHS
  CHAYTOR - On 20th November, 1968, in Madeira, Isobel, Lady Chaytor.

The Times, Thursday, Nov 21, 1968              OBITUARIES
  LADY CHAYTOR, widow of Sir Edmund Chaytor, the sixth baronet, died yesterday.   She was Isobel, daughter of Thomas Scott and married in 1912.   Her husband died in 1935.