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Dorothy Milburn                                 1890-1975
Dorothy was born 12 October 1890, at 4 Londonderry St. in Tunstall, of Robert Milburn and Elizabeth Davison. She had the nickname of "Dora". She married Arthur William Jones on 28 August 1913
Arthur William Jones                         1884-1973
Arthur was born on 5 November 1884, the son of William Jones and Elizabeth Jane Coussons, at Sherburn House, County Durham. Arthur's father was from Wales. At the time of his marriage, Arthur was a barman, living at the Horden Hotel, Horden.
Arthur lost a leg in a coal mine accident.
They had the following children:

Arthur W. Born abt 1915   Easington Married Priscilla Jones
Robert Born abt 1921   Easington Married Olive Reeves

Mother left, with Arthur and Dora, at Horden.
Birth of Parents
Arthur William Jones 5 Nov 1884       Sherburn, County Durham       1884 4Q Durham 10a 419
son of William Jones and Elizabeth Jane Coussons, Licensed Victualler

Dorothy Milburn b: 12 Oct 1890   4 Londonderry St., Tunstall, County Durham
of Robert Milburn, Coal Miner and Elizabeth Milburn, formerly Davison
Sunderland District, South Bishopwearmouth, County Durham    1890 4Q Sunderland 10a 593

28 Aug 1913 Marriage
Dorothy Milburn
Arthur Jones
The Register Office, Sunderland
(22) Spinster, 11 Hill St., Tunstall, Father: Robert Milburn, Coal Miner
(28) Bachelor, Barman, Horden Hotel, Horden,
Father: William Jones, Licensed Victualler, by Certificate
Wit: F. Jones and A. Marsh     1913 3Q Sunderland 10a 1335

Arthur W. Jones Born abt 1915     Easington, County Durham       1915 1Q Easington 10a 1009
son of Arthur Jones and Dorothy Milburn
Robert Jones Born abt 1921     Easington, County Durham       1921 2Q Easington 10a 1063
son of Arthur Jones and Dorothy Milburn

1939 Register Birth Date September 1939
Easington, County Durham
Arthur W. Jones
Dorothy (Wife)
Arthur W. Jr. (Son) (s)
Robert (Son)
Robert Milburn (Widow)
5 Nov 1884
12 Oct 1890
28 Feb 1915

25 Jun 1865
Coal Miner Foreman (Disabled)
Unpaid Domestic Duties
Salt House Worker

Colliery Fireman Examiner (Retired)
If you were still alive in 1991, your data was deleted from this register

Arthur William Jones Died Jun 1973, Age 88,     County Durham       1973 June Sunderland 1a 2146

Dorothy (Milburn) Jones Died Mar 1975, Age 84,     Gloucestershire       1975 March North Cotswald 3 3065