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Bruce Seton Smith                                   1863-1891
Bruce was born about 1863, the son of William Frederick Smith and Mary Ann ?, in London.

Rosamond Bright Smith                          1859-1889             (1st Wife)
Rosamond was born about 1859, the daughter of George Augustus Bright Smith and Lydia Adelina Ellen Williams, in Crambe, Yorkshire.
I have identified the following children.
  Hubert Cecil Bruce Born 2 Nov 1883   London Died 28 Dec 1883, Age 8 Weeks

Birth of Parents
Bruce Seton Smith b: abt 1863               London
son of William Frederick Smith and Mary Ann ?

Rosamond Bright Smith b: abt 1859  c: 10 Jul 1859             Crambe, Yorkshire       1859 2Q Malton 9d 32
daughter of George Augustus Bright Smith and Lydia Adelina Ellen Williams

6 Feb 1883
Bruce Seton Smith
Rosamond Bright Smith
Hertfordshire             1883 1Q Ware 3a 331

The Times, Wednesday, Feb 7, 1883                         Marriage
  On the 6th inst., at S. John Baptist's, Great Amwell, Herts, by the Rev. R. Parrott, M.A., Vicar of the parish and cousin of the bride, Bruce Seton-Smith, eldest son of W. F. Smith, Belfort, Croydon, to Rosamond Bright-Smith, second daughter of the late Rev. G. A. Bright-Smith, Oakfield, Worcester.

Hubert Cecil Bruce Seton Smith b: 2 Nov 1883               West Brompton, London       1883 4Q Fulham 1a 288
son (premature) of Bruce Seton Smith and Rosamond Bright Smith
    Died, 28 Dec 1883, Age 8 Weeks,         1884 1Q Fulham 1a 177

The Times, Monday, Nov 28, 1887                         DIVORCE
  Rosamond Smith petitioned for the dissolution of her marriage with Bruce Seton Smith on the ground of his adultry and cruelty.   The respondent pleaded a denial of the cruelty and further pleaded that if there had been adultry it had been connived at and condoned by the petitioner.
  Mr. Inderwick, Q.C., and Mr. A. Russell appeared for the petitioner; Mr. H. Bargrave Deane for the respondent.   Mr. Inderwick stated that the parties were married in 1883.   He believed that the respondent was not a man of any means, but the petitioner at her marriage had £26,000, of which she gave the respondent £6,ooo.   With it he set up in business in the city; but he was a man of drunken habits, and on
some occasions he was guilty of actual personal violence towards his wife.   In addition, he carried a loaded revolver, and when under the influence of drink he flourished it and put the lady in terror by his threats.   Her health had suffered from his immorality.
  Mrs. Smith gave evidence in support of her petition, and corroborative evidence was given by a maid-servant and a medical gentleman.
  Mr. Deane neither crossexamined the witnesses nor adduced any evidence in support of his client's plea of connivance and condonation.
  The jury found against the respondent, and
  The COURT pronounced a decree nisi.


Death Rosamond Bright (Smith) Seton-Smith Died 18 Nov 1889, Age 30       4Q Kensington 1a 83

LONDON   7 Dec 1889                         Probate
BRIGHT-SETON-SMITH, Rosamond - The Will of Rosamond Bright-Seton-Smith (formerly wife of Bruce Seton-Smith), formerly of 27 Brompton-crescent, but late of 20 Sussex-villas, South Kensington, both in the County of London (Middlesex), Single Woman, who died 18 November 1889, at 20 Sussex-villas, was proved at the Principal Registry, by Arthur Augustus Whitelock Bright Bright-Smith, of St. Oswald's Cottage, Fulford, near York, Captain in Her Majesty's 3rd Hussars, the Brother, and John Charles Hogan, of 3 Redcliffe-gardens, South Kensington, M.D., the Executors.
  Personal Estate £13,810 4s. 4d.

Joan Slater                                             1865-                           (2nd Wife)
Joan was born about 1865,the daughter of James Slater, in Scotland.
I have not found any children:

Joan Slater b: abt 1865             Walls, Shetland, Scotland
daughter of James and Barbara Slater

abt 1888
Bruce Seton Smith
Joan Slater
      1888 3Q Richmond Sry 2a 620

1891 Census RG12-619 6 April 1891 Richmond, Surrey
10 Chisholm Road
B. S. Seton-Smith
Joan (Wife)
Plus 1 Servant
Age 28
Age 25
  abt 1863
abt 1865

Bruce Seton Smith Died 1 Aug 1891, Age 29,       Died 1891 3Q Richmond Sry 2a 185

SURREY   9 September 1891                         Probate
SEATON-SMITH, Bruce Seaton - The will of Bruce Seaton Seaton-Smith, late of 8 Chisholm-road, Richmond, in the County of Surrey, Gentleman, who died 1 August 1891, at 8 Chisholm-road, was proved at the Principal Registry by Joan Matthew Seaton-Smith, of 8 Chisholm-road, Widow, Relict, the sole Executrix.
  Personal Estate £520 12s. 6d.

Dr. Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin M.D. F.R.C.P.           1864-1944           (2nd Husband)
Thomas was born on 30 August 1864, the son of Abraham Thomas Chaplin and Martha Elizabeth Gayfer, at Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Husband
Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin b: 30 Aug 1864         Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire       1864 3Q Chesterton 3b 464
son of Abraham Thomas Chaplin and Martha Elizabeth Gayfer

17 Nov 1898
Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin (34)
Joan Seton Smith (33)
St. Mary's Church       London       1898 4Q Fulham 1a 500
Bachelor, Physician, 120 Edith Road, Father: Abraham Thomas Chaplin, Deceased
Widow, 7 St. Ann's Villas, Nottinghill, Father: James Slatter, Deceased

1901 Census RG13-63 1 April 1901 North East Fulham, London
98 Barons Point Road
Arnold Chaplin
Joan (Wife)
James Slater (Visitor)
Plus 1 Servant
Age 36
Age 34
Age 32
Surgical Physician

Fulbourn Cambridgeshire
abt 1864
abt 1865
abt 1867


Margaret Douie Dougal                         1859-1938
Margaret was the widow of William Dougal. She was born about 1859, the daughter of J. H. Robertson, M.D., at Straits Settlements, Singapore
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Wife
Margaret Douie Robertson b: abt 1859         Straits Settlements, Singapore
daughter of J. H. Robertson, M.D.

abt 1909
Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin
Margaret Douie Dougal
      1909 3Q Chelsea 1a 991

The Times, Saturday, July 31, 1909                         Marriages
  CHAPLIN : DOUGAL - On the 29th July, at St. Columba's, Pont-street, by the Rev. Archibald Fleming, D.D., Arnold Chaplin, M.D. F.R.C.P., 3 York-gate, N.W., and 41 Finsbury-square, E.C., to Margaret Douie, widow of William Dougal, Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China, Singapore, and eldest daughter of the late J. H. Robertson, J.P., M.D., Singapore, and 15 Great King-street, Edinburgh.

1911 Census (RG14-(136) 3 April 1911 All Souls, St Marylebone, London
3 York Gate N.W.   (12 Rooms)
Arnold Chaplin
Margaret Douie
Plus 3 Servants
Age 46
Age 51
Private Means
Straits Settlements
abt 1864
abt 1859

Margaret Douie (Dougal) Chaplin Died 9 Nov 1938, Age 79,       London       1838 4Q Marylebone 1a 526

The Times, Friday, Nov 11, 1938                         Death
  CHAPLIN - On Nov. 9th 1938, at 3 York Gate, N.W.1. Margaret Douie, the dearly loved wife of Arnold Chaplin, M.D., F.R.C.P..   Service at St. Columba';s, Pont Street, tomorrow (Saturday), at 10:30 a.m., followed by cremation at Golders Green, private.   No mourning, no flowers.   (Straits papers, please copy.)
LONDON   8 December 1938                         Probate
CHAPLIN, Margaret Douie, of 3 York Gate, Marylebone-road, Regents Park, London, N.W.1 (wife of Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin) died 9 November 1938, probate London 8 December to the said Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin M.D. and John Argyll Robertson, Retired Banker.   Effects £18,424 1s. 4d.

Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin
Read his Obituary
Died 18 Oct 1944, Age 80,       Bedfordshire       1944 4Q Bedford 3b 396

The Times, Thursday, Oct 19, 1944                         Death
  CHAPLIN - On Oct. 18th 1944, at Bedford, Thomas Hancock Arnold M.D., F.R.C.P., aged 80.   Cremation at Golders Green, Monday at 2 p.m.   No flowers.
LLANDUDNO   9 Feb 1945                         Probate
CHAPLIN, Thomas Hancock Arnold, of Springfield House, near Bedford, died 18 October 1944, Probate Llandudno, 9 February, to Abraham Basil John Chaplin, corn and forage merchant, and Harry Douglass Chaplin, stockbroker.   Effects £10,338 9s. 6d.