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Arthur Hale Smith Dorrien                   1856-1933
Rear Admiral Arthur Hale Smith-Dorrien was born on 23 May 1856, the son of Robert Algernon Smith Dorrien and Mary Ann Drever, at Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. He enlisted in the Royal Navy as a cadet in January 1870. The details of his service iin the Royal Navy, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral is detailed in his obituary, referenced below.

Arthur Hale Smith Dorrien b: 23 May 1856           Berkhamsted, Hertford       1856 2Q Berkhampstead 3a 305
son of Robert Algernon Smith Dorrien and Mary Ann Drever   Died 5 Jun 1933

1881 Census RG11-5633 4 April 1881 Royal Navy, Vessels
H.M.S. Eclipse
Arthur H. Smith Dorrien Age 24 Lieutenant Gt Berkhamsted Hertford 23 May 1856

1901 Census RG13 1328 1 April 1901 Great Berkhamstead, Hertford
Mary Ann Smith Dorrien (W)
Arthur H.
Mary B.
Maud C.
Dora H.
Plus 13 Servants
Age 76
Age 48
Age 44
Age 41
Age 40
Age 37
Living on own means

Captain Royal Navy
St Georges Hr Sq
Gt Berkhamsted
Gt Berkhamsted
Gt Berkhamsted
Gt Berkhamsted
Gt Berkhamsted
25 Jan 1825
abt 1852
23 May 1856
abt 1859
10 Sep 1860
abt 1863

1911 Census RG14-157 3 April 1911 Northchurch, Hertfordshire
New Lodge, Berkhamsted   (17 Rooms)
Arthur Hale Smith Dorrien (s)
Mary Beatrice (Sister)
Sarah King (Visitor) (M)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 54
Age 51
Age 54
Retired Rear Admiral Berkhamsted
14 Jul 1863
abt 1859
abt 1856

Rear-Admiral Arthur Hale Smith Dorrien
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Died 5 Jun 1933                 1933 2Q Berkhampstead 3a 972
Burial: Three Close Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted, Hertsfordshire

The Times, Wednesday, Jun 7, 1933                         DEATHS
  We regret to announce the deaths of two distinguished retired naval officers - Rear-Admiral A. H. Smith-Dorrien and Vice-Admiral L. E. Wintz.
  The body of Rear-Admiral Smith-Dorrien, who was 77, was found yesterday lying in a railway cutting near Berkhamsted, where he lived.   He had gone for a walk early in the morning, and apparently he was struck by a train which he probably did not hear approaching as he was a little deaf.   He suffered from sun stroke some years ago.   Vice-Admiral Wintz died at Emsworth, Hants, on Monday, at the age of 83.   He held three awards for gallantry in saving life.
LONDON   13 Jul 1933                         Probate
SMITH-DORRIEN, Arthur Hale, of New Lodge, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, died 5 June 1933, Probate, London, 13 July, to Arthur Algernon Smith-Dorrien-Smith, major, H.M. Army.   Effects £9,641 7s. 8d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Iain McGibbon, of Havelock North, New Zealand, for many of the details provided above.