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Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn         1860-1902
Arthur was born on 12 August 1860, the son of John Dunn and Mary Elizabeth Bowen, at Whitby, Yorkshire.
He earned his living as headmaster of a preparatory school he had founded near Cockfosters, called Ludgrove. He married Helen Malcomson, the daughter of a Scottish neighbor, who at first insisted that the wedding could not take place until the school had financial security with ten boys enrolled. He relented at the ninth. One of the Ludgrove Masters became tutor to the Prince of Wales, and the godparent of his daughter Olive Mary was Lady Strathmore, the mother of Queen Mary. As a child Olive Mary was taken to Glamis Castle for tea.
Helen Matilda Malcolmson                 1867-1949
Helen was born about 1867, the daughter of George Forbes Malcolmson and Catherine Annesley Austen, in Hyde Park Square, London.
I have identified the following children.
John Hubert Malcolmson Born 1 Mar 1894   Hertfordshire K.I.A. 25 Sep 1916
Marjorie Florence Born 15 Feb 1895   Hertfordshire Married Dr. Harold Esmond Arnison Boldero, M.D.
Olive Mary Born 6 Apr 1899   Hertfordshire Married Andrew Shirley

Birth of Parents
Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn b: 12 Aug 1860               Whitby, Yorkshire       1860 3Q Whitby 9d 376
son of John Dunn and Mary Elizabeth Bowen

Helen Matilda Malcolmson b: abt 1867         Hyde Park Square, London       1867 3Q Kensington 1a 63
daughter of George Forbes Malcolmson and Catherine Annesley Austen

Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn
Helen Matilda Malcolmson
      1892 4Q Edmonton 3a 561

John Hubert Malcolmson Dunn b: 1 Mar 1894               Hadley, Hertfordshire       1894 2Q Barnet 3a 243
son of Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn and Helen Matilda Malcolmson
Marjorie Florence Dunn b: 15 Feb 1895               Hadley, Hertfordshire       1895 1Q Barnet 3a 271
daughter of Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn and Helen Matilda Malcolmson
Olive Mary Dunn b: 6 Apr 1899               Hadley, Hertfordshire       1899 2Q Barnet 3a 299
daughter of Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn and Helen Matilda Malcolmson

1901 Census RG13-1231 1 April 1901 Monken Hadley, Hertfordshire
Ludgrove School
Arthur Tempest B. Dunn
Helen Matilda (Wife)
John Herbert M.
Marjory Florence
Olive Mary
Plus 60 Pupils
Plus Staff Personnel
Age 40
Age 33
Age 7
Age 6
Age 1
Head Master Whitby
Hyde Park Sq.
12 Aug 1860
abt 1867
1 Mar 1894
15 Feb 1895
6 Apr 1899

Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn Died 20 Feb 1902, Age 41,       1902 1Q Barnet 3a 214
Burial: Buried at Little Shelford

The Times, Monday, Feb 24, 1902               OBITUARIES
  The death occurred very suddenly on February 20, at Ludgrove, New Barnet, of Mr Arthur T. B. Dunn, the famous Cambridge Association Football "Blue" and international player.   He had been referee only a few days before in a match played between a team organized by himself and Oxford University.   Mr. Dunn, who was 41 years of age, was educated at Eton, where his pace and skill soon won him a high reputation on the football field.   From Eton Mr. Dunn passed to Cambridge, where, in the early eighties he won his "Blue" as a forward and a name among amateur football players which has, perhaps, been equaled only by that of Mr. G. O. Smith in later years.   He played for the Old Etonians in their victorious days, and he was in their side, 20 years ago, when at the Oval they were beaten by Blackburn Olympic and the English Cup was first lost to the South.   As an international Mr. Dunn played both forward and back, forward in his earlier matches and full back in 1892, when he was selected to play against the Scottish eleven.   Mr. Dunn had a large preparatory school at Ludgrove.
The Times, Monday, Feb 24, 1902                         DEATHS
  DUNN - On the 20th inst., at Ludgrove, New Barnet, very suddenly, Arthur T. B. Dunn, Aged 41.   Funeral on Tuesday 25th inst., at Little Shelford Church, near Cambridge, at 1:30 (Stations, Harston or Shelford).   a Memorial Service will be held at Trent Church, near Barnet, at same hour.

The Times, Tuesday, Feb 25, 1902                         DEATHS
  DUNN - On the 20th inst., at Ludgrove, New Barnet, very suddenly, Arthur T. B. Dunn, Aged 41.   Funeral to-day (Tuesday) 25th inst., at Little Shelford Church, near Cambridge, at 1:30 (Stations, Harston or Shelford).   a Memorial Service will be held at Trent Church, near Barnet, at same hour.   11:10 a.m. Cambridge Express will stop specially at Harston.

The Times, Saturday, Mar 1, 1902              OBITUARIES
  A correspondent adds the following appreciation to what we said on Monday about the late Mr. Arthur T. B. Dunn, who died on February 18:
  The athletic world has been quick to appreciate the loss which it has sustained in the death of Arthur Dunn, but it would be an injustice to his memory if he were to pass away without some public testimony to the more serious side of a remarkable character.   His pluck and skill had earned him a foremost place in more than one branch of sport, but it was a special combination of qualities which rendered him a leader not only in games, but among an unusually large circle of friends in every rank of life.   If those who are most in touch with the Eton world, and most jealous of her prestige, had been asked a week ago to name a half a dozen of those old Etonians who best represented the traditions of the school, it is safe to conjecture that Arthur Dunn's name would be found on every such list.   After a short time spent at Elstree as an assistant master, he founded the school at Ludgrove, which now ranks among the best and most popular of it's class.   Ten years ago he commenced with one boy; at the time of his death his list of vacancies was full to overflowing up to the year 1911.
  This of itself is a remarkable testimony to his abilities - as regards his character it would perhaps be impossible to describe it more definitely and concisely than by quoting his chosen motto which hung in his room - "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might."   With him duty, and the attainment of the best possible results, whether in work or play, was always the paramount consideration.   To a wonderful gift for organizing and clear business capacity he added indomitable energy and a remarkable brightness and sympathy of manner which constituted him a leader in all the many and varied societies to which he belonged.   These qualities won for him the unbounded confidence of the parents of all his pupils; to the boys themselves he was rather a friend than a master, and his assistant masters regarded him as a brother.   But apart from his schoolwork, he was sought out as an advisor and guide by all sorts and conditions of men and boys.   Many is the charitable institution and club which will sorely miss his active participation.   Among those are the Eton Mission and all the societies connected with the old school of which he was a devoted son.   It would be difficult to find another man of his age and position whose premature loss has been more widely and genuinely mourned then that of Arthur Dunn.

1911 Census RG14-(243) 3 April 1911 Kensington South, London
71 Onslow Gardens (18 Rooms)
Helen Matilda Dunn (Widow)
Marjory Florence
Olive Mary
Plus 8 Servants
Age 43
Age 16
Age 11

Hyde Park Sq.
abt 1867
15 Feb 1895
6 Apr 1899
IN Memory of
Second Lieutenant

18th Bde., Royal Field Artillery
Who Died Age 22
ON 25 September 1916

Son of Arthur T. B. and Helen M. Dunn,
of 57, Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea, London
Native of New Barnet, Herts.




The Times, Wednesday, Oct 4, 18xx                         Deaths
  Second Lieutenant John H. M. Dunn, R.A., who was killed on September 25, was the only son of Mr. Arthur T. B. Dunn, of Ludgrove, and Mrs A. T. B. Dunn, of 57 Elm-park-gardens, S.W. Born in March 1834, he was educated at Ludgrove and Eton (Mr. Empey's house). He was captain of the cricket and football XI.'s at Ludgrove, and won the Lower Boy and the Junior Fives Cups at Eton, and was a member of the Eton Ramblers. He joined the H.A.C. in March, 1914 and was called up at the outbreak of war. He obtained his commission in the R.A. in February 1915, and was attached to a battery of the R.H.A. at Woolwich until June 30, when he went to the front, and was posted to a battery of the R.F.A. In November he was made orderly officer to the colonel of a brigade of the R.F.A.

Helen Matilda (Malcolmson) Dunn Died 1 Jul 1949, Age 81,       1949 3Q Cuckfield 5h 141

The Times, Monday, Jul 04, 1949                         DEATHS
  DUNN - On July 1, 1949, suddenly.   Helen, widow of Arthur Dunn, of Ludgrove, aged 81.   Funeral private, Little Shelford, near Cambridge, 3,15 p.m., Wednesday, July 6.   No Mourning, no letters, please.
LONDON   4 Nov 1949                         Probate
DUNN, Helen Matilda, of 5 Grosvenor Court, Sloane-street, London S.W.1 widow, died 1 July 1949, at Weald Chase, Cuckfold, Sussex, Probate London 4 November, to Harold Esmond Arnison Boldero M.D. and the honourable Olive Mary Shirley, single woman.   Effects £8,034 10s. 6d.