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John "Lynn" Marr, O.B.E., T.D.             1877-1931
Lynn was born 23 September 1877, the son of Sir James Marr, shipbuilder, and Mary Abigail Ann Lynn. He was a Major in the First World War, and commanded The Durham Heavy Battery He is pictured here somewhere in The Somme. He stayed an active member of the Territorials after the war and was promoted colonel. At the time of his marriage to Amelia Rachel Thompson in 1920, he was Managing Director of the Laing Shipyard, and The Sunderland Forge and Engineering Company. He died 2 September 1931. John L. Marr's father, Sir James Marr, Bart. (1854 - 1932) was chairman of J. L. Thompson & Sons Ltd., Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd. ( A shipbuilding firm larger than Thompson's.), Sunderland Forge & Engineering Co., and The Silver Line (Shipowners).
Lynn Marr
Amelia Rachel "May" Thompson           1884-1971
Amelia Rachel, who went by the nickname, May, was born 4 December 1884, at Fulwell, County Durham. She was the first daughter of Robert Thompson and Georgiana Andrew. Amelia was something of a pioneer motorist in the beginning of the last century, and certainly one of the first women to own a car in the North East. Her first car was a Darrack (sp), and then she had a Fiat, which was a beautiful machine with purple upholstery and brass lamps. She looked after the car herself, not only cleaning it but doing the oiling and greasing as well. In the first world war she was in the Womens' Land Army, and then in The Red Cross. She was also a good shot with a rifle, and opened a new rifle range for training soldiers by shooting the first target,   and was congratulated on being a better shot than most of the soldiers. The untimely death of her husband, after only nine years of marriage, proved very traumatic on her. When young she had been so adventurous; In fact, she had enjoyed a most privileged and glamorous youth.   May Thompson She had been sent to a girls finishing school in Brussels, where she had been taught to play the piano and the violin, and had lessons in fencing and elocution, and no doubt ballroom dancing as well, and other useful things for life in society. She had also been to St. Moritz and had gone bobsleighing with a Russian Prince, and had accompanied her parents on a trip to Egypt.
They had only this one child:
  Leslie Lynn Born 14 Aug 1922   Married Dinora Delores Mendelson
Lynn Moynihan
Maureen Thelma Monk

Birth of Parents
John "Lynn" Marr b: 23 Sep 1877               1877 4Q Sunderland 10a 665
son of Sir James Marr and Mary Abigail Ann Lynn, shipbuilder

Amelia Rachel Thompson b: 4 Dec 1884  c: 26 Jan 1885       Monkwearmouth     1885 1Q Sunderland 10a 665
daughter of Robert and Georgiana Thompson of Fulwell, shipbuilder

14 Apr 1920
John "Lynn" Marr
Amelia Rachel "May" Thompson
St. John's Church, Dinsdale         1920 2Q Darlington 10a 73
son of Sir James Marr, shipbuilder
daughter of Robert Thompson, Shipbuilder, Deceased

  15 April 1920             MARRIAGE
The marriage took place yesterday of Major J. L. Marr, eldest son of Sir James and Lady Marr, Sunderland, and Miss May Thompson, only daughter of the late Mr. Robert Thompson and Mrs. Thompson of Over Dinsdale Hall, Darlington. The ceremony was performed at St. John's Church, Dinsdale, by the Rev. E. H. Greatorex, assisted by the Rev. A. du Pownall, M.A. The bride was given away by her brother, Major R. N. Thompson, and Major J. H. Speeding, D.S.O., acted as best man. Misses Nancy and Joyce Thompson nieces of the bride and Miss Mollie Coatsworth, niece of the bridegroom, were bridesmaids. The honeymoon is to be spent in the south of England.
        Over Dinsdale - On the River Tees, just south of Middleton-St. George, 4.5 miles ESE of Darlington.

  15 April 1920             MARRIAGE
At the marriage of Major J. L. Marr to Miss May Thompson, which took place yesterday at Dinsdale, the bride wore a dress of white and silver brocade with train lined with silver tissue, trimmed with pink ostrich feather ruching. She carried a bouquet of white carnations, and wore a beautiful diamond brooch, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were attired in lemon yellow georgette trimmed with mauve, pale blue and silver ribbon at the waist, and they had flower wreaths to match. Their caps were of georgette trimmed with silver lace and flowers and they carried posies of pink rosebuds, Parma violets, and forget me nots, and wore diamond pearl brooches, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mrs. Thompson, mother of the bride wore sapphire blue charmeuse, and georgette embroidered in silver, with hat to match, trimmed with ostrich feathers and sable fur. The bouquet was of pink carnations. Lady Marr wore helio charmeuse with black hat, and carried a bouquet of pink roses.

Leslie Lynn Marr b: 14 Aug 1922               Durham City, County Durham         1922 3Q Durham 10a 783
son of John Lynn Marr and Amelia Rachel "May" Thompson

This 1930 Rolls Royce 20/25hp Barker Limousine was delivered on 27 March 1930
Photo curtesy of Sue Jones, www.REALCAR.CO.UK

Col. John "Lynn" Marr Died 2 Sept 1931, Age 53, of pneumonia,                 1931 3Q Sunderland 10a 497
Residence: Cedar Grange, Sunderland, County Durham

The Times, Thursday, Sep 3, 1931,                      DEATHS
  MARR - On Sept. 2, 1931, at Cedar Grange, Sunderland, Colonel John Lynn Marr, O.B.E., T.D., beloved husband of Amelia Rachael Marr, and elder son of Sir James and Lady Marr, "Parkside", Sunderland. Interment tomorrow (Friday). Service at Christ Church, 11:30 a.m.

The Times - Thursday Sep 3, 1931                 OBITUARY
             COLONEL J. L. MARR
   Colonel John Lynn Marr, elder son and heir of Sir James Marr, Bt., shipbuilder, of Sunderland, died at Sunderland yesterday, of pneumonia, at the age of 53.
   Colonel Marr was a director of Wear shipbuilding firms, and of the Sunderland Forge and Engineering Company, a member of the River Wear Commission, and Chairman of the Sunderland Technical College Governors.    From 1912 he commanded the Durham Heavy Battery, R. G. A., which was mobilized in August, 1914, and served in France and Flanders.    In June, 1917, he was recalled to the Admiralty and was assistant director of the Merchant Shipping Department till the Armistice.    In April, 1920, he was appointed to command the 3rd Northumbrian Brigade, R. G. A. (T.).    He was made O.B.E. in 1918.
   He leaves a widow and a young son, who becomes heir to the baronetcy.
DURHAM   30 Mar 1932                         Probate
MARR, John Lynn, of Cedar Grange, Sunderland, died 2 September 1931, Probate (save and except settled land) Durham 30 March, to Amelia Rachel Marr, widow, and Allan James Marr, shipbuilder.   Effects £30,809 15s. 11d.

DURHAM   30 Mar 1932                         Probate
MARR, John Lynn, of Cedar Grange, Sunderland, died 2 September 1931, Probate (limited to settled land) Durham 6 September, to William Bell Marr, engineer, and Richard Stephenson Middleton, solicitor.   Effects £32,000.

Summary of the Will
of Mr. John Lynn Marr
of Cedar Grange, Sunderland,
County Durham, Engineer
1877 - 1931               Dated 22 July 1929
(His estate totaled £ 30,809 15s 11d)
Trustees and Executors:  my wife, Amelia Rachel Marr, and
my nephew, Allan Carse* Marr
Nephew Allan Carse* Marr £ 100
Wife Amelia Rachel Marr All income from my Trust Fund, for life
Son Leslie Lynn Marr After death of wife, at age 21, the Trust Fund.
If Son should die without being vested, and leave no issue, the Trust Fund
goes to the person then in the enjoyment of the Baronetry at present held
by my father, Sir James Marr, Baronet.

Amelia Rachel "May" (Thompson) Marr Died 1971               1971 4Q Hastings 5h 1031

SPECIAL THANKS  to Leslie Lynn Marr, of Gimingham, Norfolk, the son detailed above, for the special insight into the life of this family.