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Alfred Stokes                                 1860-1931
Alfred was born on 14 October 1860, the son of John Stokes and Henrietta de Villiers Maynard, in Galatz, Roumania. He became a British Subject, and was a career Army Officer, rising to the rank of Brigadier General.
Margaret Dunbar Laing               1868-1957
Margaret was born on 9 January 1868, the daughter of James Laing and Theresa Talbot Peacock, at Sunderland, County Durham.
I have not identified any children.
Birth of Parents
Alfred Stokes b: 14 Oct 1860         Galatz, Roumania
son of John Stokes and Henrietta de Villiers Maynard

Margaret Dunbar Laing b: 9 Jan 1868           St. Michael's, Bishopwearmouth         1868 1Q Sunderland 10a 522
daughter of James and Theresa Talbot Laing, Shipbuilder, Thornhill

1891 Census RG12-1394 6 April 1891 South Shoebury, Essex
District School of Gunnery
Alfred Stokes Age 30 Captain in Army Roumania (British Subject) 14 Oct 1860

Alfred Stokes
Margaret Dunbar Laing
Ford, Northumberland         1891 3Q Glendale 10b 619

1901 Census RG13-564 1 April 1901 Woolwich, London
59 Woolwich Common
Alfred Stokes
Margaret D. (Wife)
Letitia E. Cameron (Visitor)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 40
Age 33
Age 36
Major in Army Galatz
East Indies
14 Oct 1860
9 Jan 1868
abt 1864

1911 Census RG14-5 3 April 1911 Beech Hill, Berkshire
The Priory, Reading   (17 Rooms)
George Laing
Annie (Wife)
Cicely (Dau)
Lilias Cowan (Niece)
Kate Humphreys-Jones (Boarder)
Alfred Stokes (Visitor)
Margaret Stokes (Visitor)

Plus 5 Servants
Age 44
Age 48
Age 14
Age 15
Age 28
Age 50
Age 43

Governess Colonel R. A.
Hurst Green
Port Elizabeth Galatz
South Africa
abt 1866
abt 1863
8 Aug 1896
abt 1895
abt 1882
14 Oct 1860
9 Jan 1868

Brig. General Alfred Stokes Died 18 Dec 1931, Age 71,     New Galloway, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

The Times, Saturday, Dec 19, 1931                        Deaths
STOKES - On Friday December 18, 1931 at Dalgoan, New Galloway, Brigadier General Alfred Stokes, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., late Royal Artillery, the dearly beloved husband of Margaret Dunbar Stokes, aged 71. Funeral Kells, New Galloway, Monday, Dec.21. Service Kells Church, 1 p.m. Please, may flowers sent be "Flanders Poppies."

LONDON   3 Mar1932                         Probate
STOKES, Alfred, of Dalgowan, New Calloway, died 18 December 1931, Confirmation of Margaret Dunbar Stokes, widow.   Sealed, London, 3 March.

Margaret Dunbar (Laing) Stokes Died 12 Sep 1957, Age 89,  at Eastbourne       1857 3Q Eastbourne 5h 245

The Times, Monday, Sep 16, 1957                        Deaths
  STOKES - On September 12, 1957 at Eastbourne, Margaret Dunbar, widow of Brigadier General A. Stokes, C.M.G., D.S.O., late R.A., and daughter of the late Sir James Laing, of Sunderland and Etal Manor, Northumberland, in her 90th year. Cremation, Private.
LONDON   19 Dec 1957                         Probate
STOKES, Margaret Dunbar, of Highland Lodge Nursing Home, Carew-road, Eastbourne, widow, died 12 September 1957, Confirmation of Gwendolen Theresa Laing or Drummond, and Paul du Sautoy Leather, stockbroker.   Sealed London, 19 December.