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Walter Brainerd Hayward                      1864-1929
  Walter was born on 4 March 1864, the son of Robart Hayward and Marian Milbank Abbot, at Chipping Ongar, Essex.
  He attended Bishop's Stortford Grammar School, then King's College, London (B.A.).   Admitted to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Oct. 10, 1883; B.A. 1886; M.A. 1890.
  He married Eleanor Macintosh on 1 January 1890.   He served as Assistant Master at Royal Institute School, Liverpool for three years; then Craigmore College, Bristol, for one year.
  Walter was head Master of The School for Sons of Missionaries, Blackheath, London, 1893-1914.
  If you remember the film Chariots of Fire in which Eric Liddell refused to take part in an Olympic Games race on a Sunday; Eric was educated at the School for the Sons of Missionaries in Blackheath, London.
  William Thorne, a boy at the School for the Sons of Missionaries from 1909 to 1915, writing much later of Walter Hayward, speaks of the fine record in scholarship and play (First Senior Optime in Mathematics at Cambridge University and at the same time an able oarsman), with which he came as Headmaster to the school.   "His first task, and one he never relinquished, was to raise the educational standard.
  He himself set the example: if he called for great efforts from his staff, he also was untiring.   He not only carried a heavy burden of teaching, but also had his hand on every lever of school activity.   All but a few of the boys were missionaries' sons, lads whose parents were abroad for long spells.   Towards these quasi-orphans Hayward felt a responsibility far beyond that of an ordinary headmaster.   He was always firm, almost invariably consistent, and everlastingly watchful."
  "For the first few years of Hayward's regime, his wife [Eleanor, nèe Macintosh] managed the domestic side of the
school life, and did so with great satisfaction to the house committee" (T. Cocker Brown, pupil from 1894-9, writing later).   "I was introduced to Mrs. Hayward -- how many memories her name evokes, to each of which no adjective save only 'gracious' fittingly applies." (Sydney Moore, writing later, on joining the staff as an Assistant Master).   "W.B. Hayward came to Blackheath with his bride, a lady whose quiet graciousness was to do much in its unobtrusive way to soften the barbarity of boys largely removed from parental control." (William Thorne, pupil from 1909 to 1915, writing later).

Eleanor Macintosh                                  1865-1953
Eleanor was born on 21 March 1865, the daughter of Alexander Macintosh and Ann Hemington, at Cambridge.
I have identified the following children:
  Walter Gilbert Born 12 Dec 1892   Nottingham Married Muriel Milward
Ronald Livingston Born 12 Jun 1894   Lee, London
Eleanor Vera Born 9 Mar 1900   Lee, London Married Clement Henson Brown

Birth of Parents
Walter Brainerd Hayward b: 4 Mar 1864               Chipping Ongar, Essex       1864 2Q Ongar 4a 87
son of Robert Hayward and Marian Milbank Abbot

Eleanor Macintosh b: 21 Mar 1865           Cambridge, Cambridge         1865 2Q Cambridge 3b 519
daughter of Alexander Macintosh and Ann Hemington, Brooklands Avenue

1 Jan 1890
Walter Brainerd Hayward
Eleanor Macintosh
  Cambridge         1890 1Q Cambridge 3b 595

1891 Census RG12-2890 6 April 1891 Tranmere, Cheshire
23 West Bank Road
Walter B. Hayward
Eleanor (Wife)
Plus 1 Servant
Age 27
Age 26
Asst. School Master Chipping Ongar
4 Mar 1864
21 Mar 1865

Walter Gilbert Hayward b: 12 Dec 1892           Nottingham         1892 1Q Nottingham 7b 304
son of Walter Brainerd Hayward and Eleanor Macintosh
Ronald Livingston Hayward b: abt 1894           Lee, London         1894 3Q Lewisham 1d 1091
son of Walter Brainerd Hayward and Eleanor Macintosh
Eleanor Vera Hayward b: abt 1900           Lee, London         1900 2Q Woolwich 1d 1226
daughter of Walter Brainerd Hayward and Eleanor Macintosh

1901 Census RG13-546 1 April 1901 Lee Parish, London
3 Church Terrace, Lewisham
Walter Hayward
Eleanor (Wife)
Age 37
Age 36
Age 8
Age 6
Age 1
School Master Ongar
4 Mar 1864
21 Mar 1865
12 Dec 1892
abt 1894
abt 1899

1911 Census RG14-238 3 April 1911 Lewisham, London
3 Church Terrace, Lee   (12 Rooms)
Walter Hayward
Eleanor (Wife)
Gilbert (Son)
Vera (Dau)
5 Boarders (Students)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 47
Age 46
Age 18
Age 11

Stockbroker's Clerk

4 Mar 1864
21 Mar 1865
12 Dec 1892
abt 1900
Eleanor had Three children, and all are still living.

Walter Brainerd Hayward Died 19 Jan 1929, Age 64,       Bournemouth       1929 1Q Bournemouth 2b 1408

LONDON   26 Jul 1929                         Probate
HAYWARD, Walter Brainerd - of The Quest, Queens Park-avenue, Bournemouth, died 19 January 1929, Probate London 26 July, to Eleanor Hayward, widow, Walter Gilbert Hayward, bank clerk, and Ronald Livingston Hayward, schoolmaster.
  Effects £6,827 19s. 10d.

Eleanor (Macintosh) Hayward Died 25 Mar 1953, Age 88,       Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire
1953 1Q Christchurch 6b 312

SPECIAL THANKS  to Oliver Hayward, of Upper Beeding, Sussex, for many of the details provided above.