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Thomas Parrington   1912-1998
Thomas was born about on 15 July 1912 of Thomas Elliot Parrington and Dora Clark Thompson. He was a Hospital Director. His nickname was "Toto". He married Ann Dorothy (Lady) Leon on 5 July 1952. He died on 28 November 1998.
Ann Dorothy (Lady) Leon   
I have no information on Ann..
It appears that there were no children:

Thomas Parrington b: 15 Jul 1912    Monkwearmouth, County Durham
son of Charles Elliot Parrington and Dora Clark Thompson   1912 3Q Sunderland 10a 1568
Ann Dorothy Leon No Date

5 Jul 1952
Thomas Parrington
Ann Dorothy (Lady) Leon
1952 3Q Westminster 5c 770
son of Charles Elliot Parrington and Dora Clark Thompson

The Times, Monday, Jul 7, 1952                         Marriages

Mr. T. Parrington and Dorothy Lady Leon
  The marriage of Mr. Thomas Parrington and Dorothy Lady Leon took place quietly in London on July 5th.

Ann Dorothy (Leon) Parrington No Data

Thomas Parrington 28 Nov 1998, Age 86,       High Trees, Alderbury, Wiltshire

PARRINGTON - Thomas, on November 28, 1998, aged 86. At his express wish, the private funeral has already taken place at Salisbury Crematorium. Inquiries to Parker Bullen, 45 Castle Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 3SS

Summary of the Will of Thomas Parrington
High Trees, Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire
1912-1998       Dated 13 April 1997
(Thomas left £425,981)
  Trustees and Executors: Robert Henry Stallibrass Hiscocks of 8 Newbury Street, Andover, Hampshire, Solicitor, John Timothy Woolley of Baverstock, Dinton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, and James Edward Bullen of 8 Newbury Street, Andover, Hampshire
  Roy and Cynthia PerksAny primary motor car which I own at my death, £2,000, and the contents of my gun room.
  Mr and Mrs Robert Bissett£2,000, and the Iain R. Oates Painting of the Hummel ("Red Donald").
  Sally Brewer (nee Perks)£2,000
  Rachel Perks£2,000
  Nigel Killey£1,000
  Joan Cowen£500
  Isabel Mary Deverill£500
My Niece Diana Mackay£50,000, but if she predeceases me, equally divided between my great nephew Richard Ranken, and great niece Kirstie Mackay.
My Trustees Robert Henry Stallibrass Hiscocks
John Timothy Woolley
James Edward Bullen
£10,000 each, if they shall prove my will, and act in the trusts thereof.
Doctor Jonathan F. Cooper

The residue of my estate, upon trust, but if he predeceases me, equally divided between his wife Sue, and any children.