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Thomas Huggins                                 1797-1870
Thomas was born 7 January 1797, the son of Edward Huggins and Esther Bowerbank, in Lamonby, Skelton Parish, Cumberland County. He emigrated to Canada, leaving from the port of Maryport, Cumberland County, in April 1817.    He married Hannah Pierson on  1  March  1832.   The family immigrated to the United States in August 1850, through Buffalo, New York. After Hannah's death he married Susan Phelps on 9 June 1857, at Janesville, Wisconsin. Thomas died 18 December 1870.

Hannah Pierson                                           -1854         (1st Wife)
Hannah married Thomas on 1 March 1832. She died in 1854.
I have only identified one child:
  Hannah No Date   Married Mr. Stephens

Birth of Parents
Thomas Huggin b: 7 Jan 1797 c: 5 Feb 1797   Skelton Parish, Cumberland County
son of Edward Huggin, Laborer, and Esther, late Bowerbank, Lamonby

Hannah Pierson No Data

1 Mar 1832
Thomas Huggins
Hannah Pierson

of the Township of Whitby, widower, son of Edward Huggins
of the Township of Whitby, spinster,
by special license. Wit: Edward Huggins, Elizabeth Huggins

Hannah Huggins No Date
daughter of Thomas Huggins and Hannah Pierson
Wednesday, April 26, 1848
The Globe
Thomas Huggins of Oshawa in the Home District, Merchant and Trader.
Commission issued by Robert Easton, Esquire Judge of the District Court dated this fourteenth day of April One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Eight. Meeting of the Creditors the Third day of May next at the office of the District Court, at the Court House, City of Toronto at 12 o'clock noon
W.B. Jarvis Sheriff H.D.
Sheriff's Office
April 15 1848

Rock County, SS.

To the Hon. Edward V. Whiton, Judge of the Circuit Court in and for the County aforesaid.
    I,      Thomas Huggins              an alien born, being first duly sworn according to law, on my said oath DO DECLARE AND MAKE KNOWN, that I was born in
    England in the Kingdom of Great Britain
and that I am about    52    years of age; that I emigrated from the port of     Maryport     in the kingdom of     Great Britain     in the month of    April    A.D. 18 17  , and entered within the limits of the UNITED STATES at    Buffalo
in the State of    New York      in the month of    August    A.D. 18  50  , and that I have ever since remained within the limits of the United States, and that it is my bona fide intention to Renounce Forever all allegiance and fidelity to every Foreign Prince, Power, Potentate, State or Sovereignty, whatever, and more especially such allegiance and fidelity as I may in any wise owe to    Queen Victoria

either as a Citizen or Subject; and that I do not now enjoy or possess, nor am I in any wise entitled to any order of distinction or title of nobility, by virtue of any of the laws, customs, or regulations of the said    Kingdom

or any other country; and that I am sincerely attached to the principles contained in the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, and well disposed to the good order and well being of the same, and desire that this, my DECLARATION and REPORT mat be accepted and filed, preparatory to my intended application to be admitted as a Naturalized Citizen of the United States, in conformity with the several Acts of Congress in such case made and provided.
     Subscribed and sworn before me, this   4th   day of  September  A.D. 18  50

Thomas Huggins         John Nichols   Clerk C. C.

Hannah (Pierson) Huggins 1854    

Susan Phelps (née Chadwick)                1823-1894             (2nd Wife)
Susan was born on 18 March 1823, in Lee, Massachusetts. Susan had two daughters, Sara and Susan, from her first husband, William C. Phelps. She died 29 July 1894, at Janesville, Wisconsin.
They had the following children:
  Albert Henry Born 24 Mar 1858   Wisconsin Married Lyddia Belle Herdendorf
David C. Born 20 Dec 1860   Janesville, Wisconsin Married Ida B. Kapke
Thomas B. Born about 1863   Wisconsin

Birth of Wife
Susan Chadwick b: 18 Mar 1823   Lee, Massachusetts

9 Jun 1857
Thomas Huggon
Susan (Chadwick) Phelps

Janesville, Wisconsin
son of Edward Huggins
widow of William C. Phelps

Albert Henry Huggins b: 24 Mar 1858             Wisconsin
son of Thomas Huggins and Susan Phelps

1860 Census 1 Jun 1860
Dunkirk, Dane County, Wisconsin
Image 10 of 46
Post Office: Stoughton
Value of Estate
Real Personal
Thomas Huggins
Sarah Phelps
Susan Phelps
James Huggins
Age 63
Age 37
Age 11
Age 5
Age 20
Age 2

Farm Laborer
1400 200 England
7 Jan 1797
18 Mar 1823
abt 1849
abt 1855
abt 1840
24 Mar 1858

David C. Huggins b: 20 Sep 1860         Janesville, Wisconsin
son of Thomas Huggins and Susan Phelps
Thomas B. Huggins b: abt 1863             Wisconsin
son of Thomas Huggins and Susan Phelps

1870 Census 1 Jun 1870
Hanover, Plymouth Township, Rock County, Wisconsin
Image 17 of 35 Value of Estate Birthplace Of Foreign Birth
Thomas Huggins
Thomas B.
Susan Phelps
Age 73
Age 47
Age 15
Age 12
Age 9
Age 15
Keeping House

600 -- England

X 7 Jan 1797
18 Mar 1823
24 Mar 1858
20 Sep 1860
abt 1863
abt 1855

Thomas Huggins 18 Dec 1870    Hanover, Wisconsin
Buried: Plymouth Cemetery, Hanover, Wisconsin

1880 Census 1 June 1880 Hanover, Rock County, Wisconsin
Birth Place  
Self Father Mother
Susan Huggins (Widow) Age 57 Keeping House Mass. Mass. Rhode Island 18 Mar 1823

Susan (Phelps) Huggins 29 Jul 1894    Janesville, Wisconsin
Buried: Plymouth Cemetery, Hanover, Wisconsin