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Thomas Dorrien                                  1754-1847
Thomas was born about 1754.

Isabella Drake                                     1757-1829
Isabella was born about 1757, the eldest daughter and co-heir of Rev. Thomas Drake D.D. Rector of Amersham.
I have identified the following children.
  Isabella Born abt 1779    
Thomas Born abt 1780    
Mary Ann Born 21 Jun 1792   London Married Thomas Drever

Birth of Parents
Thomas Dorrien b: abt 1754        

Isabella Drake b: abt 1757        
daughter and co-heir of Thomas Drake D.D. Rector of Amersham
14 Mar 1780
Thomas Dorrien
Isabella Drake
All Hallows, Staining, London

Isabella Dorrien b: abt 1779              
daughter of Thomas Dorrien and Isabella Drake       Died 18 Sep 1846
Thomas Dorrien b: abt 1780              
son of Thomas Dorrien and Isabella Drake       Died 22 Feb, 1841 1Q Marylebone 1 168
Mary Ann Dorrien b: 21 Jun 1792  c: 18 Jul 1792             Saint Mary, Marylebone, London
daughter of Thomas Dorrien and Isabella Drake

Haresfoot, Berkhampsted
Haresfoot, Berkhampstead
"The various branches of the SMITH family, of Woodhall, of Shottesbrooke, of Longhills, formerly of Hertingfordbury, formerly of Midhurst, formerly of Wilford and formerly of Woodhill, as well as SMITH-DORRIEN-SMITH of Tresco and SMITH-BOSANQLET formerly of Broxbornebury, while descended from Sir John Smith, Second Baron of the Exchequer in the reign of Henry VIII, owe their present position to their eighteenth century forebears who were bankers in Nottingham and afterwards in London. The merchants and bankers of the provincial cities founded many landed families, particularly in the counties adjoining the cities from which they sprang."
(from Burkes Scotland)

On the site of "Harefordshende", a medieval farmstead, a mansion was built in 1787. It became the residence of the Smith-Dorriens, a well known banking family. The walled garden and pedimented Georgian coach house and stables, which have since been transformed into a school building, are survivors of those elegant times. Within the grounds of the Georgian house were stables, a tennis court, bakery, brewery and an ice-house. The old house burned down in 1965.

Isabella (Drake) Dorrien Died 18 Aug 1829, Age 72,

1841 Census HO107-440
7 June 1841 Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Haresfoot Born in this County?
Thomas Dorrien
Elizabeth Dorrien
Ann Drever
Sarah Read
Emma Webster
Plus 14 Servants
Age 88
Age 55
Age 16
Age 25
Age 35
abt 1754
abt 1765
25 Jan 1825
abt 1815
abt 1805

The Times, Monday, Sep 21, 1846                         DEATHS
  On the 18th inst., at Haresfoot, Great Berkhamstead, Isabella, only(sic) surviving child of Thomas Dorrien.
1846 3Q Berkhampstead 6 347

Thomas Dorrien Died 1 Jan 1847, Age 92,                    1847 1Q Berkhampstead 5 409

The Times, Monday, Jan 4, 1847                         DEATHS
  On the 1st inst., at Haresfoot, Herts, Thomas Dorrien, Esq., in the 93rd year of his age.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Iain McGibbon, of Havelock North, New Zealand, for many of the details provided above..