The Will of Viginti Tertius Thompson, Dated 2 May 1944
(Note: Some Punctuation, Highlighting, and space added for clarity.)
I VIGINTI TERTIUS THOMPSON, of Norton Manor Sutton Scotney in the county of Southampton, Esquire Hereby revoke all Wills codicils and testamentary dispositions, at any time heretofore made by me, and declare this to be my last will.

  1. I appoint my wife Euphemia Thompson, my son Frederick Charles Thompson, Thomas Elliot Parrington of Sunderland, mining Engineer, and Arthur Lawrance Bowker of the City of Winchester, Solicitor, to be the Executors and Trustees of this my Will, and I declare that the expression "my Trustees" shall where the context so admits include the said Euphemia Thompson, Frederick Charles Thompson, Thomas Elliot Parrington, and Arthur Lawrance Bowker, and the survivors and survivor of them and other the Trustees or Trustee for the time being of this my Will.

  2. I give to my said wife the sum of five hundred pounds to be paid to her immediately or as soon as conveniently may be after my death for her immediate use and in priority to all other gifts hereunder.

  3. I bequeath to my said wife all my oil paintings, with the exception of any of such articles of painting and/or furniture up to the value of five hundred pounds which I leave to my daughter Caryl Rene absolutely, to be chosen by her jointly with her mother after my death. I bequeath my cups and other prizes of every kind, won running and racing, and sporting pictures to my three children in equal shares, with the exception of one of the Sandown anniversary cups which I bequeath to the said Thomas Elliot Parrington.

  4. I bequeath to my said wife absolutely all the remainder of my silver, linen, china, glass, books, pictures, prints, greenhouse and other plants, furniture, and other household or domestic effects, motorcars, garden tools, implements, and effects, and consumable stores not otherwise disposed of by this my will or any codicil hereto and all other the contents of my house and the buildings occupied therewith except money and securities for money.

  5. I give the following pecuniary legacies:
    1. To my said wife thirty thousand pounds

    2. To my said daughter Caryl Rene Thompson thirteen thousand pounds

    3. To my daughter Dulce Evelyne Hall five hundred pounds.

    4. To my daughter in law Hester Thompson one thousand pounds.

    5. To my grandson Kenneth Thompson Hall Lieutenant Commander R.N.A.S. Four thousand pounds.

    6. To my grandson Harold Noel Thompson Hall Lieutenant Queens Own Hussars four thousand pounds.

    7. To my granddaughter Pheemie Pamela Dulce Hall two thousand pounds.

    8. To my granddaughter Vivienne Yvonne Hall two thousand pounds.

    9. To my nephew Thomas Elliot Parrington one thousand pounds.

    10. To my nephew Thomas Parrington Junior one hundred and fifty pounds.

    11. To the said Arthur Lawrance Bowker two hundred and fifty pounds.

    12. To Albert George Fettes of 48 Gresham Street E.C. two hundred and fifty pounds.

    13. To my nephew Charles Ralf Thompson Commander R.N. two hundred and fifty pounds.

    14. To my niece Dora Clark Parrington two hundred and fifty pounds.

    15. To my niece Mildred Allison two hundred and fifty pounds.

    16. To Miss Margaret Keen one hundred and twenty five pounds.

    17. To the Royal Hampshire County Hospital one thousand pounds.
      To the British Sailors Benevolent Society one thousand pounds,
      and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of these Institutions shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Executors.

    18. To each of my domestic servants including butler, grooms, chauffeurs, gamekeepers, and gardeners, who shall be in my service at the time of my death, and shall not then be under notice, either given or received, the sum of five pounds for each year or part of a year of the aggregate period during which they shall have been in my service, with the addition of twenty five pounds for each such servant who shall have been in my employ over ten years (whether continuous or not).

  6. I declare that all specific and other legacies and annuities shall be given or paid free of legacy and other duties and costs of transfer.

  7. I devise my messuage known as Norton Manor Aforesaid and the gardens cottages and buildings all of which are known as Norton Manor unto my said wife absolutely for her own use and benefit the remainder of the Norton Manor Estate including the farm land house and cottages belonging to the farm I devise to my said son as part of my residuary estate.

  8. I devise and bequeath all the real and personal estate to or of which I shall at my death be entitled or capable of disposing of for my own benefit and not herein otherwise disposed of including property over which I may have any general power of appointment or disposition by Will unto my Trustees upon the trusts and subject to the powers and provisions Hereinafter declared and contained and so that all such real and personal estate shall for the purposes of this my will be treated in equality from my death as converted into personal estate and is hereinafter referred to as "my residuary estate".

  9. I direct that my Trustees shall (subject to the powers and discretions herein contained) sell call in and convert into money my residuary estate, or such part thereof as shall not consist of money, and shall in the first place pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and all my just debts and the legacies given by this my Will and the legacy and other duties payable on such legacies and such other legacies (if any) which I shall hereafter by any codicil bequeath and also (unless otherwise directed) the legacy and other duties thereon and shall at their absolute discretion invest the residue of the proceeds thereof with power for my Trustees from time to time at such discretion to vary such investments and shall stand possessed of my residuary estate and the investments moneys and property from time to time representing the same (hereinafter referred to as my "residuary trust fund") upon the trusts following:-

  10. My Trustees shall raise out of my residuary trust fund free of all duties arising in consequence of my death and set aside the following sums all of which shall carry interest at the rate of four pound per cent per annum from my death until raise and set aside and shall hold the same and the interest and income thereof upon trust as follows that is to say:

    1. The sum of fifteen thousand pounds, or securities to the value of Fifteen thousand pounds at the time of appropriation, upon trust, to invest the same in any of the investments hereby authorized, and to hold the same Upon trust for my Grandson Dominic Charles Christopher Thompson, on his attaining the age of twenty five years, provided that during the minority of my said grandson, my Trustees may apply a sum not exceeding one half part of the income arising from the said fund of fifteen thousand pounds towards the education, maintenance, and benefit of my said grandson. My Trustees shall accumulate any surplus income arising from the said fund by investing the same and the resulting income thereof from time to time in any investments in which my residuary trust fund is authorized to be invested, and shall add the accumulations to the capitol of the said fund, provided that if my said grandson shall not live to attain the age of twenty five years the said sum of fifteen thousand pounds, and any accumulations of income, and the securities representing the same, shall fall into and form part of my residuary estate.

    2. The sum of ten thousand pounds to be paid to the Trustees of a Settlement dated the thirty first day of October one thousand nine hundred and thirty and made between Dulce Evelyne Hall of the one part and myself and Reginald James Harris of the other part such sum to be held by such Trustees upon the trusts thereof.

  11. As to the residue of my residuary trust fund I direct that my Trustees shall stand possessed thereof upon trust for the said Frederick Charles Thompson absolutely.

  12. I declare that my Trustees may postpone the sale and conversion of my residuary estate, or any part thereof, for so long as they shall think fit, that the rents profits and income to accrue from and after my decease, of and from such part of my estate as shall for the time being remain unsold and unconverted, shall after payment thereout of all incidental expenses and outgoings be paid and applied to or for the person or persons, and in the manner to whom and in which the income of the proceeds of such sale and conversion would, for the time being, be payable and applicable under this my Will, if such sale and conversion had been actually made, and I declare that it is my wish, but without imposing any trust upon my Trustees, that my Trustees shall permit my investments to remain in the same state as at the date of my death.

  13. Trust monies may be invested in any investments or securities for the time being authorised by law for the investment of trust monies, or on mortgage or in any investments which are authorised to be acquired for investment, or in leasehold securities in England or Wales having not less than sixty years to run, or in or upon stocks, funds, or securities, of any British Colony or Dependency, or on stocks or shares or debentures of any Incorporated or Limited Company carrying on business in the United Kingdom which has paid a dividend on its ordinary stock or shares at the rate of at least three pounds per cent per annum for three years prior to the date of investment, or in or upon the stocks or securities of any Municipal corporation local or Harbour Authority or Companies or Electric Lighting Companies or any single ship or shipping Companies in the United Kingdom, or upon the purchase of or mortgage of shares of any steamship which has a port of registry in the United Kingdom, or upon the security of any life interest in real or personal property together with a policy on such life, or in or upon the stocks or shares or debentures or other securities of any company formed to take over or otherwise acquire as a going concern the whole or the bulk of any business in which I may be interested at the time of my decease.

  14. I declare that my Trustees shall have full discretionary power to determine what articles are comprised in any specific bequest contained in this my Will, or any codicil hereto, and which or which part of the money expended under the provisions of this my Will, or any of the costs expenses or losses in relation to any of the trust premises, shall be paid out of income, and which or which part shall be paid out of capitol or corpus, and when any expenditure shall apply to more trusts than one, in what proportions the respective trusts funds or premises shall bear to the same, and they shall also have full discretionary powers to determine which or which parts of the money arising from the trusts premises shall be deemed income, and which part shall be deemed capitol, and every determination in writing of my Trustees under this clause shall be conclusive and binding on all persons interested under this my will, and my Trustees may generally determine all questions and matters of doubt arising in the execution of the trusts hereof or of any codicil hereto.

  15. I expressly declare that in case, and so often as, any Trustee or Trustees shall pay or deliver to, or cause or permit any co-trustee or co-Trustees to receive any monies, securities, or muniments, in order and to the intent that the same may be applied, disposed of, or held by such co-trustee or co-trustees, for the purpose of this my Will, it shall not be incumbent on The Trustee or Trustees making such payment or delivery, or causing or permitting such receipt, then or at anytime afterwards, to see or enquire into the application, disposition, or safe custody of the said moneys, securities, or muniments, or to ascertain the truth or accuracy of any representation made by his, or their, co-trustee or co-trustees, concerning the same, nor shall he or they be responsible for any loss which may arise by reason of any of the matters aforesaid, nevertheless although the Trustees shall be exempt from responsibility for abstaining from enquiring into the transaction of his co-trustee or co-trustees ,yet such exemption shall not abridge or effect his right so to enquire if he shall think fit.

  16. The said Arthur Lawrance Bowker and any Trustee for the time being hereof who shall be a solicitor engaged in any profession or business, shall be entitled to charge and be paid out of the trust estate his usual professional or other charges for work or business done or transacted by him or his firm, in the execution or otherwise in relation to the trusts hereof including therein any work or business which he might as Trustee have done or transacted in person

in witness thereof I have to this and the four preceding sheets of paper hereto set my hand this second day of May one thousand nine hundred and forty four. - V. T. Thompson
Signed and acknowledged by the Testator Viginti Tertius Thompson as and for His last will in the presence of us both present at the same time who in his Presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names As witnesses:-
Walter T. Smith
Marion Hodgson
      Clerks to Messers. Harris & Bowker, Solicitors, Winchester

Died 16 March 1946
£565,781 7s 6d