The Will of Sarah Elizabeth Culliford 1840 - 1921 Dated 24 March 1916
(Note: Some Punctuation, Highlighting, and space added for clarity.)

This is the last Will of me, Sarah Elizabeth Culliford of Thornhill Park, Sunderland, Widow, made the twenty fourth day of March one thousand nine hundred and sixteen.

  1. I revoke all former Wills.

  2. Whereas under the last will of my late father, Robert Thompson, of West Hall, Whitburn, certain powers of appointment are vested in me over a fund amounting to seven thousand five hundred pounds. Now I hereby appoint the said fund unto all my children who shall survive me in manner following,

    namely: Two parts, or shares, to my only daughter Sarah Thompson Heasman, if she shall survive me, and one part, or share, to each of my sons, who shall survive me,

    and so that my daughter's share shall be twice as large as a son's share, I appoint further that if any son of mine shall die in my lifetime leaving a child or children, who shall survive me, and live to attain the age of twenty one years, then such child or children shall take, and if more than one, equally between them, the share which his, her, or their parent would have taken under the aforesaid appointment, if such parent had actually survived me,

    and I appoint further, that if my said daughter shall die in my lifetime, leaving a child or children who shall survive me and live to attain the age of twenty one years, then that each such child shall have and receive out of the said trust fund, the sum of one thousand pounds, and that the residue of the said trust fund shall pass under the aforesaid appointment in favour of my sons who survive me and the children of such sons as shall die in my lifetime as above mentioned.

  3. I bequeath to my daughter Sarah Thompson Heasman, all my shares and other interests, in the Chartered Company of British South Africa, my silver tea and coffee service, and also all my jewelry (except the two diamond rings hereinafter mentioned) and all my wearing apparel, household and table linen.

  4. I bequeath my smaller diamond ring to my daughter in law Florence, and my larger diamond ring to my daughter in law Mary.

  5. I bequeath all my silver (other than that hereby specifically bequeathed) unto and equally between such of my four children as shall survive me, and if they shall not agree upon a division, the same shall be made by my executors, whose decision shall be final, but if my executors shall not agree, or if they consider it desirable to sell the same, then the same shall be sold, and the proceeds equally divided between my said four children.

  6. I give devise and bequeath all the rest of my real and personal estate including £375 of four percent Debenture Stock of and in The Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, and £350 of the Swansea Harbour "A" Stock, and my household furniture, and household effects, not hereby otherwise disposed of, unto and equally between such of my sons as shall survive me, and I direct my executors the said furniture and effects and divide the net proceeds accordingly.

  7. I appoint my brother Viginti Tertius Thompson and my son Robert Thompson Culliford to be Executors of this, my Will.

  8. I direct that all death duties on the appointed fund shall be paid thereout and not out of my residuary estate.

IN WITNESS whereof, I have hereunto set my hand the day and year first above written -


Signed, published, and declared by the said Sarah Elizabeth Culliford, as and for her last will in our presence

Who in her presence, and in the presence of each other at the same time subscribe our names as witnesses,

L. S. Iliff, Solicitor, Sunderland

Andrew F. Watson, his clerk


On the 24th day of November 1921 Probate of this will was granted to Viginti Tertius Thompson, Shipowner, one of the executors.


Sarah Elizabeth Culliford, Widow, of 6 Ashbroke Mant, Sunderland
Died 3 October 1921  

£ 802 1s 10d