J. L. Thompson  

Saturday January 28, 1893



The funeral of the late Mr. J. L. Thompson, J. P. shipbuilder, of Ashville, Newcastle Road, who died Tuesday last, took place at noon today at Mere Knolls Cemetery amid every manifestation of respect. The North Sands Shipyard with which the deceased was so initially connected was closed all day in consequence of the funeral. Large numbers of the employees attended to pay their last tribute of regard to the man who was so highly esteemed. The cortege left the deceased's residence in the following order:
Chaise: The Rev. Josiah Bennett, and the Rev. A. Sooth, Mr. Blumer, and Dr. Percy Blumer
First Carriage: Mr. Robert Thompson, J. P., Mr. J. L. Thompson, and Mr. Charles Thompson, sons, and R. Humphrey, Son-in-law.
Second: Wreaths.
Third: Mr. Joseph A. Thompson, Mr. Norman R. Thompson, Mr. Stanley M. Thompson, and Mr. C. Elliot Thompson, grandsons.
Fourth: Mr. Robert Thompson, J. P., (West Hall), Mr. John Thompson, (Viewforth), brothers, and Mr. James E. Thompson, (Thornhill Park), nephew.
Fifth: Wm. Swan, Brother-in-law, Mr. John Dickinson (Park House), Mr. T. C. Hutchinson (Middlesbrough).
Sixth: Mr. J. Atkins, Mr. J. Humphrey, and Mr. Wm. Humphrey.
Seventh: Mr. Wm. Dickinson, Mr. A. Dickinson, Mr. J. Kish, and Mr. K. Kish.
Eighth: Servants.
The coffin of polished oak, lined with lead, with heavy brass mountings, and bore the following inscription:
Joseph Lowes Thompson
24th January 1893
69 years

The pall-bearers consisted of the following gentlemen: Messers J. Marr, Phorson, Drug, Gibson, Hall, and Turnbull, and the following workmen officiated as under-bearers at their own request: Messers. W. Logan, T. Stephenson, W. Usher, L. Punshon, R. Thompson, and T. Stewart.
The cortege began leaving Ashville, proceeded to the Dock Street United Free Methodist Church in the following order:

Trustees, Church Committee, and officials of Dock Street and Roker Avenue U. M. F. C.
On arrival at Dock Street Church a funeral service was held in the presence of a large and reverent congregation, and the cortege afterwards proceeded to Mere Knolls Cemetery, the window blinds in many cases being drawn en-route.
There was a large number of followers and the coffin was covered with a number of beautiful wreaths. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Thomas Armstrong of 26 Roker Avenue. The late Mr. Thompson was a trustee of the Monkwearmouth Savings Bank.