The Will of James Elliot Thompson 1844 - 1915         Dated 16 October 1914
(Note: Some Punctuation, Highlighting, and space added for clarity.)

This is the last Will and Testament of me, James Elliot Thompson of Thornhill Park, in the County Borough of Sunderland, Gentleman, made the sixteenth day of October one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, as follows.

  1. I hereby revoke all former Wills and Testamentary dispositions made by me, and declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

  2. I appoint my sons in law William Henry Bell of Sunderland aforesaid, Solicitor, and Herbert Sanderson Watson of Penshaw in the county of Durham, Bottle Manufacturer (Hereinafter called my Trustees) to be the Executors and Trustees of this my will.

  3. Whereas by the Will of my late father Robert Thompson of Whitburn, West Hall, in the County of Durham, deceased, dated twenty eighth day of September one thousand nine hundred and six, the testator (inter alia) directed his Trustees therein named to raise and set apart the sum of twelve thousand five hundred pounds and invest the same for my benefit, and for the benefit of my issue, and further that the said sum of twelve thousand five hundred pounds shall be held by the Testator's said Trustees, Upon Trust, to invest the same, and to pay the annual income thereof to me, until by my own act, or by operation of law, or by my death, or otherwise, I should cease to be entitled to receive and retain the same for my own absolute use and benefit, and subject thereto In Trust for all, or any one or more, exclusively of the children or other issue of me, born in my lifetime, in such share, or shares, at such time or times (Not later than attaining the age of twenty one years) subject to such conditions and in such manner in all respects as I should by Will or Codicil, appoint, and in default of such appointment as therein mentioned.

    Now therefore pursuant to the power of appointment conferred upon me by the Will of the said Testator and of all other powers enabling me in that behalf.

    I do hereby, by this my Will appoint that the said sum of twelve thousand five hundred pounds and the income thereof shall be held In Trust for my children, Maud Borthwick Boning (wife of Robert James Boning), Robert Thompson, Kathleen Isabel Bell (Wife of the said William Henry Bell), Laurel Drummond Douglas Thompson (Wife of Joseph Andrew Thompson), and Olive Barbar Watson (Wife of the said Herbert Sanderson Watson) (all of whom have attained the age of twenty one years) in equal shares absolutely.

  4. I give to my dear wife Isabella Borthwick Thompson, a legacy of five hundred pounds, to be paid to her as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.

  5. I give and bequeath all my books, pictures, china, glass, linen, and all other, my household furniture and effects, unto my said Wife absolutely.

  6. I give devise and bequeath all my real estate, and all my personal estate not hereby otherwise appointed, or disposed of, unto my Trustees Upon Trust that my Trustees shall sell, call in, and convert into money, the same or such part thereof as shall not consist of money, and shall with, and out of the moneys produced by such sale calling in and conversion and with and out of my ready money pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts, and shall invest the residue of the said moneys with power for my Trustees, from time to time, to vary the investments and shall stand possessed of the said residuary Trust moneys and the investments for the time being representing the same In Trust to pay the income thereof to my said wife during her life and after her decease In Trust for my said children, Maud Borthwick Boning, Robert Thompson, Kathleen Isabel Bell, Laurel Drummond Douglas Thompson, and Olive Barbar Watson, to be divided between them in equal shares.

  7. I declare that my Trustees may postpone the sale and conversion of any part of my real and personal estate for as long as they shall think fit, and that the rents, profits, and income, to accrue from and after my decease, of and from such part of my estate as shall for the time being remain unsold and unconverted, shall after payment thereout of all incidental expenses and outgoings be paid and applied to the person or persons and in the manner to whom and in which the income of the proceeds of such sale and conversion would for the time being be payable or applicable under this my Will if such sale and conversion had been actually made.

  8. I declare that the Executors and Trustees for the time being of this my Will, may instead of acting personally, employ and pay a solicitor or other person to transact any business, or do any act required to be done in connection with the administration of my estate, or the trusts hereby declared, including the receipt and payment of money, and that any Executor or Trustee being a solicitor or other person engaged in any profession or business, may be so employed, and shall be entitled to charge and be paid all professional or other charges for any business or act done by him at his firm in connection with the Trust, including any act which an Executor or Trustee not being a solicitor or other person engaged as aforesaid, could have done personally.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand to this my Will contained in this and the two preceding sheets of paper, the day and year aforesaid. - J. E. Thompson

Signed by the said James Elliot Thompson, the Testator, as and for his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, both being present at the same time, who at his request, in his sight and presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses:
Nellie Hinch, 20 Stockton Road, Sunderland
J. Muir Martin, clerk to William Bell & Sons, Solicitors, Sunderland

On the 6th day of March 1915 Probate of this will was granted at Durham to William Henry Bell, one of the executors.

£18,254 0s 2d