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Rudolph Said-Ruete                           1869-1946
Rudolph was born on 13 April 1869, the son of Rudolph Heinrich Ruete and Sayyida Salmé bint Said Al-Saidiyah (Frau. Emily Ruete), in Hamburg, Germany.   Rudolph's mother was a Princess of Oman and Zanzibar, born in Zanzibar on 30 August 1844.   In 1866 she fled to Aden where, at her baptism in 1867, she took the Christian name Emily.   She married Rudolph Heinrich Ruete, and moved to Hamburg, Germany, where her three children were born, Antonie, Said (Later Rudolph Said-Ruete), and Rosalie.

Maria Theresa Mathias                    1872-1947
Maria was born on 3 April 1872, the daughter of Mathissen Mathias and Mathilde Mond, at Cologne, Germany.
I have identified the following children.
  Werner Heinrich Mathiessen Born 22 May 1902   Berlin Married Roslyn Alma Cripe Warner
Salme Mathilde Benvenuta Olga Born 8 May 1910   London Married John Bonville Humphreys

Birth of Parents
Rudolph Said-Ruete b: 13 Apr 1869         Hamburg, Germany
son of Rudolph Heinrich Ruete and Sayyida Salmé bint Said Al-Saidiyah (Frau. Emily Ruete)

Maria Theresa Mathias b: 3 Apr 1872         Cologne, Germany
daughter of Mathissen Mathias and Mathilde Mond

16 Sep 1901
Rudolph Said-Ruete
Maria Theresa Mathias
Berlin, Germany

Werner Heinrich Mathiessen Said-Ruete b: 22 May 1902               Berlin, Germany
son of Rudolph Said-Ruete and Maria Theresa Mathias
Salme Mathilde Benvenuta Olga Said-Ruete b: 8 May 1910               London       1910 2Q Kensington 1a 119
daughter of Rudolph Said-Ruete and Maria Theresa Mathias

The Times, Tuesday, May 10, 1910                         Births
  SAID-RUETE - On May 8th 1910, at 39 Bramham-gardens, S.W., to Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Said-Ruete, a girl.   Continental and Egyptian papers, please copy.

1911 Census RG14-(58) 3 April 1911 Kensington, London
39 Bramham Gardens (18 Rooms)
Rudolph Said-Ruete
Theresa (Wife)
Plus 5 Servants
Age 42
Age 38
Age 8
Age 11 Mon
Retired Banker

13 Apr 1869
3 Apr 1872
22 May 1902
8 May 1910

Rudolph Said-Ruete Died 31 Mar 1946       Luzern, Switzerland

The Times, Wednesday, Apr 3, 1946                         Death
  SAID-RUETE - On March 31, 1946, Rudolph Said-Ruete, of 27 Kensington Court, W.8, beloved husband of Maria Theresa, Father of Olga, and Werner.   No letters or flowers, please.
The Times, Wednesday, Apr 3, 1946                       Obituaries
Mr. Rudolph Said-Ruete, biographer, and grandson of Said bin Sultan (1791-1856), ruler of Oman and Zanzibar.

LONDON   21 Nov 1946                         Probate
SAID-RUTE, Rudolph, of Lucerne, Switzerland, died 31 March 1946, Administration (with Will) (Limited), London 21 November, to Lucius Fairchild Crane, solicitor, attorney of Olga Salme Mathilde Benvenuta Oechsner (wife of Frederick Cable Oechsner).
  Effects £823 17s. 8d. in England.

Maria Theresa (Mathias) Said-Ruete Died 17 Jun 1947, Age 75,       1947 2Q Kensington 5c 1058

The Times, Thursday, Jun 19, 1947                         Death
  SAID-RUETE - On June 17, 1947, peacefully, at 27 Kensington Court, W.8, Theresa, dearly beloved mother of Werner Said-Ruete, of New York (at present, in London) and Olga Oechsner of Washington D.C.   Cremation at Golders Green to-morrow (Friday) at 4.15 p.m.
LONDON   11 Sep 1947                         Probate
SAID-RUETE, Theresa, of 27 Kensington-court, Kensington, London, widow, died 17 June 1947, Probate London, 11 September, to Westminster Bank Limited, Werner Henry Mathieson Said-Ruete, stockbroker, and the right honourable Harry Louis Baron Nathan of Churt.   Effects £40,218 18s. 8d.