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Maj. Roderick Murrie Burgoyne         1875-1937                   (1st Husband)
Roderick was born about 1875, the son of Roderick Hamilton Burgoyne and Elizabeth ?, at Rochester, Kent. His father was from the Island of Madiera; was retired from the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders; and compiled and edited "The Historical Records of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders" in 1883; and served as Deputy Governor of HMS Convict Prison in Gillingham, Kent. Roderick's mother was from Scotland.
Estela Noel West                                 1887-1960
Estela was born about 1887, the daughter of Noel West and Helena Petrie, in Valparaiso, Chili, South America. In the registers of both of her marriages, she used the name Ethel, rather than Estela
I have not identified any children.

Birth of Parents
Roderick Murrie Burgoyne b: abt 1875         Rochester, Kent       1875 4Q Medway 2a 452
son of Roderick Burgoyne and Elizabeth ?

Estela Noel West b: abt 1887               Valparaiso, Chili, South America
daughter of Noel West and Helena Petrie

The Times, Monday, Oct 27, 1919     Forthcoming Marriages
A marriage has been arranged, and will shortly take place, between Major R. M. Burgoyne, Royal Scots Fusiliers, son of the late Captian Rd. G. Hamilton Burgoyne, and of Mrs. Hamilton Burgoyne, and Estela Noel, daughter of the late Noel West, and of Mrs. West, 5 Onslow-crescent, S.W., and granddaughter of the late George Petrie, 1 De Vere-gardens, W.

abt 1919
Roderick Murrie Burgoyne
Ethel Noel West
      1919 4Q St George Hanover Square 1a 1209

Roderick Murrie Burgoyne Died 5 Aug 1937, Age 61,       1937 3Q Chelsea 1a 327

LONDON   23 Oct 1937                         Probate
BURGOYNE, Roderick Murrie - of 4 Rolond-gardens, Kensington, London, died 5 August 1937 at Brompton Hospital, Chelsea, London, Administration London, 23 October, to Ethel Noel Burgoyne, widow.
  Effects £2,432 5s. 8d.

Arthur Kingsford Wilson                     1885-1953                            (2nd Husband)
Arthur was born about 1885, the son of John Kingsford Wilson and Edith Constance Jackson, in Sheffield, Yorkshire.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Husband
Arthur Kingsford Wilson b: abt 1885       Sheffield, Yorkshire         1885 2Q Ecclesall B. 9c 357
son of John Kingsford Wilson and Edith Constance Jackson

abt 1946
Arthur Kingsford Wilson
Ethel Noel Burgoyne
      1946 3Q Wenlock 9a 715

Arthur Kingsford Wilson Died 10 Feb 1953, Age 67,       1916 Dec Sunderland 10a 755

WAKEFIELD   17 Apr 1953                         Probate
WILSON, Arthur Kingsford - of Beauchief Hall, Sheffield, died 10 February 1953, Probate Wakefield 17 April, to National Provincial Bank Limited, and Douglas Jackson Haggie and Stephen Martin de Bartolome, steel and tool manufacturers.
  Effects £336,942 8s. 8d.

Ethel (Burgoyne) Wilson Died abt 1960, Age 73,       1953 1Q Sheffield 2d 382