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Edward Peake                                       1734-1768       (1st Husband)
Edward was born on 7 March 1734, the son of Thomas Peake and Ann ?, at Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  After the marriage Edward and Mary Peake moved to St John's, Stamford, and had five children. In 1764 Edward
  took on Joseph Bottomly as an apprentice, for seven pounds.
  In 1767 the Peakes moved to London, to St Martin's-in-the-Fields, where Edward died and was buried on January 30, 1768. He did not leave a will.
Mary Dixon                                           1739-1792
  Mary was born on 23 June 1739, the daughter of Joseph Dixon and Mary Brookes, at Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  When Edward died in early 1768, Mary was five months pregnant with their sixth child, Henriette Maria. Fortunately her brother Richard set her up in one of his houses on Queens Row, Pimlico, just around the corner from his own house.
  Mary had Henriette Maria in June and in October married John Baker, a local 22-year-old baker. They were married by an Archbishop of Canterbury's license (of Oct. 14, 1768) on
  Oct. 15, 1768, at St George Hanover Square, Thomas Vincent, curate, officiating. Mary's brother John was one of the witnesses.
  Six years later, John died an early death, leaving Mary a widow again, in 1774.
  In 1780 Mary married a third time, to Richard Reily, a glazier, painter and freemason who had a house and shop at 51 Upper Thames Street, Queenhithe.
  Mary was buried in 1792, at the back of the Trinity Churchwardens' Pew, in St Michael's, Queenhithe.
I have identified the following children.
Joseph Born abt 1762   Stamford, Lincolnshire Buried 6 Jul 1762
Joanna Born abt 1763   Stamford, Lincolnshire  
Mary Born abt 1764   Stamford, Lincolnshire Buried 13 Feb 1765
Susanna Born abt 1765   Stamford, Lincolnshire Buried 30 Apr 1766
Ann Born abt 1766   Stamford, Lincolnshire  
Henriette Maria Born June 1768   Westminster, London  

Birth of Parents
Edward Peake b: 7 March 1734  c: 19 March 1734       St George's, Stamford, Lincolnshire
son of Thomas Peake, butcher, and Ann

Mary Dixon b: 23 Jun 1739  c: 24 Jun 1739               All Saints, Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of Joseph Dixon and Mary Brookes
22 Apr 1761
Edward Peake
Mary Dixon
All Saints, Stamford, Lincolnshire
After Banns, By Rev. Thomas Wilberfoss, rector
Wit: Joseph Dixon, Anna Dixon

Joseph Dixon b: abt 1762  c: 18 Apr 1762             St. John, Stamford, Lincolnshire
son of Edward Peake and Mary Dixon
Joanna Dixon b: abt 1763  c: 15 Apr 1763             St. John, Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of Edward Peake and Mary Dixon
Mary Dixon b: abt 1764  c: 15 Jul 1764             St. John, Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of Edward Peake and Mary Dixon
Susanna Dixon b: abt 1765  c: 2 Sep 1765             St. John, Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of Edward Peake and Mary Dixon
Ann Dixon b: abt 1766  c: 25 Sep 1766             St. John, Stamford, Lincolnshire
daughter of Edward Peake and Mary Dixon

Edward Peake Died 1768   St. Martin's-in-the-Field, London
Burial 30 Jan 1768

Henriette Maria Dixon b: Jun 1768               Westminster, London
daughter of Edward Peake and Mary Dixon

John Baker                                            1746-1774         (2nd Husband)
John was born about 1746. He had been apprenticed to Edward Jay of St George Hanover Square in 1760 for 10 pounds. On Feb. 17, 1760 Mr. Jay had married John Baker's sister, Mary.     After John's marriage to Mary, he moved into her Queens Row house, where they lived until his death in 1774, leaving Mary, the surviving Peake children, and the only child John had had by Mary - Joseph Baker.
I have identified only one child:
  Joseph Born 20 Feb 1771   Westminster, London  

Birth of New Husband
John Baker b: abt 1746        

15 Oct 1768
John Baker
Mary Peake
St George Hanover Square, Westminster, London
By License, Rev. Thomas Vincent, curate, officiating
Wit: John Dixon

Joseph Baker b: 20 Feb 1771  c: 22 Mar 1771             St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, London
son of John Baker and Mary Peake

John Baker Died 1874

Richard Reily                                        1742-1821                (3rd Husband)
  Richard Reily was born on 22 October 1742, the son of Hugh and Ann Reily. He was educated at Merchant Taylors School, and at 26 became the parish clerk of St Michael's, Queenhithe, and continued in that capacity until his death in 1821. The parish registers we see today are Mr. Reily's work. Richard's first wife was Hannah, by whom he had several children. In 1777 Hannah died in Queenhithe, and three years later Richard married Mary Dixon Peake Baker,  by  a  license   from the Archbishop of Canterbury. James Trebeck, rector of St Michael's, Queenhithe, made the trip to St George Hanover Square to be the officiating minister, and one of the witnesses was Charlotte Dixon, Mary's niece (Richard's daughter).
  Richard Reily died of apoplexy and was buried in the North Aisle of St Michael's on April 26, 1821. His will, drawn up on June 30, 1820, was proved on April 30, 1821, in London.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of New Husband
Richard Reily b: 22 Oct 1742  c: 24 Oct 1742       St. Luke, Finsbury,
son of Hugh and Ann Reily

22 Oct 1780
Richard Reily
Mary Baker
St George Hanover Square, London

Mary (Dixon) Peake Died 1792,  
Burial 1 March 1792, at St Michael, Queenhithe, London

Richard Reily Died 1821  
Burial 26 Apr 1821, in the North aisle of St. Michael's

SPECIAL THANKS  to John Stewart, a descendant of Capt. William Dixon, R.A, for the details provided above.