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Laurence O'Shaughnessy                   1866-1929
Laurence was born 24 January 1866, the son of Edmond O'Shaughnessy and Mary Doyle, in Valentia Island, Kerry, Ireland.

Mary Westgate                                   1866-1941
Mary was born abt 1866, the daughter of David Westgate and Mary Ann West, at Hempnall, Norfolk.
I have identified the following children.
Laurence Frederick Born abt 1901   Sunderland Married Gwendolen Hunton
Eileen Maud Born 25 Sep 1905   South Shields Married Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell)
Birth of Parents
Laurence O'Shaughnessy b: 24 Jan 1866         Valentia Island, Kerry, Ireland
son of Edmond O'Shaughnessy and Mary Doyle

Mary Westgate b: abt 1866  c: 10 Jan 1866       Hempnall, Norfolk       1866 1Q Depwade 4b 239
daughter of David Westgate and Mary Ann West

abt 1900
Laurence O'Shaughnessy
Mary Westgate
      1900 1Q Gravesend 2a 731

Laurence Frederick O'Shaughnessy b: abt 1901         Sunderland, County Durham       1901 1Q Sunderland 10a 628
son of Laurence O'Shaughnessy and Mary Westgate

1901 Census RG13-4709 1 April 1901 Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, County Durham
109 Cleveland Road
Laurence O'Shaughnessy
Marie (Wife)
Laurence F.
Age 35
Age 34
Age 3 Mon
Clerk H.M. Customs
24 Jan 1866
abt 1866
abt 1901

Eileen Maud O'Shaughnessy b: 25 Sep 1905           South Shields, County Durham       1905 4Q South Shields 10a 766
daughter of Laurence O'Shaughnessy and Mary Westgate

1911 Census RG14- 3 April 1911 South Shields, County Durham
Westgate House, Willington Terrace
Laurence O'Shaughnessy
Laurence Frederick
Eileen Maud
Florence Watt
Plus 1 Servant
Age 45
Age 10
Age 5
Age 21
Collector H.M. Customs

Valentia Island
South Shields
South Shields
Kerry, Ireland
24 Jan 1866
abt 1901
25 Sep 1905
abt 1889

Laurence O'Shaughnessy Died 5 Nov 1929, Age 62,       1929 4Q Windsor 2c 491

The Times, Thursday, Nov 7, 1929                         Deaths
  O'SHAUGHNESSY - On Nov. 5, 1929, at Ascot, Laurence, husband of Marie O'Shaughnessy, of Harefield, Middlesex.
DURHAM   12 Feb 1930                         Probate
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Laurence, of Ravensden, Harefield, Middlesex, died 5 November 1929, at Ascot, Berkshire, Probate, Durham, 12 February, to Mary O'Shaughnessy, widow.   Effects £1,024 10s. 3d.

Mary (Westgate) O'Shaughnessy Died 21 Mar 1941, Age 70,       1941 1Q Greenwich 1d 1325

The Times, Tuesday, Mar 25, 1941                         Deaths
  O'SHAUGHNESSY - On March 21, 1941, at Greenwich, Mary O'Shaughnessy, of 24 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, and St. Leonards-on-Sea, widow of Laurence O'Shaughnessy, of Harefield, Middlesex.
LLANDUDNO   21 Jul 1941                         Probate
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Mary, of 24 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London S.E., widow, died 21 March 1941, at Miller Hospital, Greenwich, London, S.E., Probate, Llandudno, 21 July, to Eileen Maud Blair. (Wife of Eric Arthur Blair).   Effects £895 16s. 2d.

SPECIAL THANKS  to Mary Wheeler, of West Midlands, a descendant of William Joseph Young (1828-1885), for many of the details provided above.