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John G. Huggins                                  1836-
John was born about 1836, in the Carlton area of New York state, the son of John and Anna Huggins. About 1855, John moved with his parents to Hanover, Wisconsin. He married Arabella Chipman on 4 November 1861, and served in the Union Army during the Civil War. After Arabella's death in 1869, he married Sarah Durkee.
Arabella Chipman                               1847-1869
Arabella was born about 1847. She died 22 January 1869, at Janesville, Wisconsin.
Only one child found:
  John C. Born about 1864   Janesville, Wisconsin Married Annie Taylor

Birth of Parents
John G. Huggins b: abt 1836   Carlton area, New York
son of John and Anna Huggins

Arabella Chipman b: abt 1847

1860 Census 1 Jun 1860
Hanover, Plymouth Township, Rock County, Wisconsin
Image 20 of 31 Value of Estate
Real Personal
John Huggins
Martha Dunbar
Mary Dunbar
John G. Huggins
John S. Lampher
Age 65
Age 49
Age 14
Age 11
Age 24
Age 12
R. R. Agent

Day Laborer
50000 150 England
New York
New York
New York
3 Mar 1795
25 Aug 1810
abt 1846
abt 1849
abt 1836
abt 1848

4 Nov 186
John G. Huggins
Arabella Chipman

Janesville, Wisconsin
son of John Huggins

John C. Huggins b: abt 1864     Janesville, Wisconsin
son of John G. Huggins and Arabella Chipman

Arabella (Chipman) Huggins 22 Jan 1869    Janesville, Wisconsin

1870 Census 1 Jun 1870
Hanover, Plymouth Township, Rock County, Wisconsin
Image 25 of 35 Value of Estate
Of Foreign Birth
J. G. Huggins
J. C.
Age 34
Age 6
R. R. Clerk 200 200 New York
X abt 1836
abt 1864

Sarah Durkee                     (2nd Wife)
Sarah married John G. Huggins 28 January 1871, at Albion, Wisconsin.
No children have been found.

Birth of Wife
Sarah Durkee No Data

28 Jan 1871
John G. Huggins
Sarah Durkee

Albion, Wisconsin
son of John Huggins

1880 Census 1 June 1880 Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Birth Place  
Self Father Mother  
John Huggins Age 16 Prisoner Other Wisconsin --- --- abt 1864

John G. Huggins No Date   Hanover, Wisconsin
Buried at Plymouth Cemetery

Sarah (Durkee) Huggins No Data