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John Campbell                                      1772-1809               (1st Husband)
John Campbell, 4th of Islay and of Woodhall was the son of Walter Campbell, 9th of Skipness and 3rd of Shawfield and Eleanora Kerr. He married Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell, daughter of Field Marshal John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll and Elizabeth Gunning, Baroness Hamilton of Hameldon, on 21 June 1796. He died on 15 March 1809. He gained the rank of Colonel in the Argyllshire Militia. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Arygll and Ayr. He lived at Shawfield, Scotland.
Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell       1775-1861
  Born in London on January 28, 1775, the daughter of Elizabeth Gunning and John Campbell, 5th duke of Argyll, Charlotte Campbell's lineage assured her a home at Inverary Castle, the family seat in Scotland. Known for her beauty, she could have married suitors with more money or station, but she chose John Campbell, a poor cousin, moved with him to Edinburgh, and had nine children in thirteen years. Widowed in 1809 and soon destitute, she took a post as lady-in-waiting to Caroline of Brunswick , then princess of Wales, who was separated from Prince George (George IV) and the subject of slander. In 1815, Charlotte left royal service upon publication of her first novel.
  When she married the Reverend Edward John Bury, rector of Lichfield, in 1818, Charlotte's parents and children objected vehemently.
Like Charlotte's first husband, Bury was poor; his tastes, however, were expensive. Lady Charlotte had two more children during her second marriage and began to publish prolifically to support the family. When her husband died in 1832, leaving Charlotte once again indebted, she increased her literary output but did not improve her situation. But in 1838, she published Diary Illustrative of the Times of George IV, an account of her experiences in Caroline of Brunswick's court and had her first bestseller. Public criticism for having violated the queen's privacy, albeit sympathetically, forced Charlotte into seclusion, but the book temporarily warded off creditors. Though a handful of novels followed, Charlotte Bury never enjoyed a steady income. She outlived eight of her children and died impoverished at her London home at age 86.

I have identified the following children.
  Eliza Maria Born 16 Apr 1797   Married Sir Sir William Gordon-Cumming
Walter Frederick Born 10 Apr 1798   London Married Lady Eleanor Charteris,
Katherine Isabella Cole
Eleanora Born 21 May 1799   Lancashire Married Henry Paget, Lord Uxbridge
John George Born 11 Aug 1800   Edinburgh Married Ellen Barrington
Henry Born abt 1801   Edinburgh Died in Infancy
Harriet Charlotte Beaujolais Born 30 Nov 1802   Edinburgh Married Charles William Bury
Adelaide Constance Born 4 Jun 1804   London Married Lord Arthur Lennox
Emma Born abt 1805   Edinburgh Married William Russell
Julia Seymour Buccleuch Born abt 1806   Married Peter Langford Brooke
Stewart Ker

Birth of Parents
John Campbell b: abt 1772         Islay, Argyll, Scotland
son of Walter Campbell (1741-1816) and Henrietta Cunningham ( -1774)

Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell b: 28 Jan 1775         London
daughter of John Campbell, Duke of Argyll, and Elizabeth Gunning (1734-1790)

14 Jun 1796
John Campbell
Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell

Eliza Maria Campbell b: 16 Apr 1797              
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell           Died 1842
Walter Frederick Campbell b: 10 Apr 1798  c: 8 May 1798             Marylebone,London
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell           Died 1855
Eleanora Campbell b: 21 May 1799              
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell           Died 3 Jul 1828
John George Campbell b: 11 Aug 1800               Woodburn House, Edinburgh
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell           Died 6 Aug 1830
Edward Henry Carter Campbell b: abt 1801  c: 15 Oct 1801
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell             Died 9 Feb 1803
Harriet Charlotte Beaujolais Campbell b: 30 Nov 1802               Woodburn House, Edinburgh
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell           Died 1 Feb 1848 Naples
Adelaide Constance Campbell b: 4 Jun 1804               London
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell           Died 14 Aug 1888
Emma Campbell b: 29 Oct 1805           Argyle House Edinburgh, Scotland       Died 14 Jan 1886, Age 80
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell
Julia Seymour Buccleuch Campbell b: abt 1806  c: 26 Nov 1806             Hartwell House near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
daughter of John and Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell           Died 8 Sept 1858, Age 52

Col. John Campbell Died 15 Mar 1809, Age 36,

The Scots Magazine, March 1809                         Deaths
  15. At Edinburgh, John Campbell, Esq. younger of Shawfield, member of parliament for the Argyll and Ayr district of burghs, and Colonel of the Argyllshire regiment of North British Militia. He married Lady Charlotte Campbell, youngest daughter of the late Duke of Argyll, by whom he left a numerous family.

Rev. Edward John Bury                         1790-1832               (2nd Husband)
John was born about 1790, the only son of Edward Bury Esq. Taunton. He attended University College, Oxford, B.A. 1811, M.A. 1817. He was the Rector, of Litchfield, Hants., and was presented to Litchfield in 1814 by Sir. R. Kingsmill, Bart. He had been tutor to Lady Charlotte's elder son Walter Frederick during travels in Italy after leaving Eton. At the time of his decease, Mr. Bury was engaged in superintending the plates for Lady Charlotte's proposed work on the three Tuscan sanctuaries, taken from his own sketches.

They had two Children (daughters).

17 Mar 1818
Rev. Edward John Bury (28)
Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell (43)
      the British Minister's house, Florence, Italy

Rev. Edward John Bury Died May 1832, Age 42,         Ardenample Castle, Dumbartonshire

Charlotte Susan Maria (Campbell) Bury
Lady Charlotte died at 91 Sloane Street, Chelsea
Died 31 Mar 1861, Age 86,       1861 2Q Chelsea 1a 127 24