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James Quick                                       1784-1859
James was born about 1784, the son of John Quick and Joanna Paynter, at St Mawes Cornwall. He married Harriet Dunn.
He was a Merchant Captain, who was shipwrecked on the French Coast in 1810, and who was then made a prisoner of war. He was marched from Quimper on the Atlantic coast right across France to the Depot at Longwy on the border with Luxembourg. They had only been married for two months before he set sail on his fateful voyage.
In 1813 he escaped, going eastwards and joining up with the Allied Armies that were about to invade the mainland of France, and force Napoleon to abdicate. Then by a circuitous  route,  through  Germany  and  Sweden,  Captain
  James Quick made his way back to England, and to his beloved wife.
She must have conceived immediately. By April he was back at Bordeaux as Captain of a British Vessel carrying grain to France, and collecting wine and brandy for the return journey. There he hears in a letter from Harriet that their first child, a son, has been born prematurely. He tells her that he is already calling the child 'James'. He says that he is so happy he wants to cry but does not want his ship's crew to see him crying. He jokes about the premature birth, saying that it is only to be expected when their combined names are DUNN-QUICK.

Harriet Dunn                                        1789-1875
Harriet was born about 1789, the daughter of Richard Dunn and Dorothy Plomer, at St. Ives, Cornwall.
I have identified the following children.
  James Richard Born abt 1814   St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall Married Emma Baron Hichens
Alice Born abt 1816   St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall  
Harriet Born abt 1818   St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall  
Harriet Dunn Born abt 1823   St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall Married John Williams
John Born abt 1828   St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall  

Birth of Parents
James Quick b: abt 1784  c: 12 Jul 1784       St. Ives, Cornwall
son of John Quick and Joanna Paynter

Harriet Dunn b: abt 1790  c: 14 Mar 1790       St. Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall
daughter of Richard Dunn and Dorothy Plomer, St. Ives

abt 1810
James Quick
Harriet Dunn

James Richard Quick b: abt 1814  c: 30 Apr 1814             St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall
son of James Quick and Harriet Dunn
Alice Quick b: abt 1816  c: 9 Jun 1816             St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall
daughter of James Quick and Harriet Dunn
Harriet Quick b: abt 1818  c: 22 Feb 1818             St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall
daughter of James Quick and Harriet Dunn
Harriet Dunn Quick b: abt 1823  c: 23 Nov 1823             St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall
daughter of James Quick and Harriet Dunn
John Quick b: abt 1828  c: 21 Sep 1828             St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall
son of James Quick and Harriet Dunn

1841 Census HO107-147
7 June 1841 St Just (in Roseland), Cornwall
St. Mawes [An Inn]     Born in this County?    
Harriet Quick Age 50 Grocer Yes abt 1790

1851 Census HO107-1910 31 March 1851 Kenwyn, Cornwall
James Quick
Harriet (Wife)
Age 66
Age 61
Retired Master Mariner St Mawes
St Ives
abt 1784
abt 1789

James Quick Died 6 Nov 1859,         1859 4Q Truro 5c 120

LONDON   21 Jan 1860                         Probate
QUICK, James - The Will of James Quick, late of Ferris Town, in the Parish of Kenwyn Truro, in the County of Cornwall, deceased, who died on or about 6 November 1859, at Ferris Town aforesaid, was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of Harriet Quick, of Ferris Town, aforesaid, Widow, the Relict, James Richard Quick, of Penzance, in the said County, Surgeon, the Son, and Henry Williams of Alma, near Truro, aforesaid, copper agent, the Executors.
  Effects under £1,000

1861 Census RG9-1559 8 April 1861 Kenwyn, Cornwall
John Street
Harriet Quick (Widow) Age 71 Independent St Mawes Cornwall abt 1789

1871 Census RG10-2339 3 April 1871 Penzance, Cornwall
96 Market Street
James Rd. Quick
Emma (Wife)
Richard H.
Harriet (Mother)(W)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 56
Age 53
Age 27
Age 22
Age 16
Age 14
Age 11
Age 81
Genl Pract. M.R.C.S

Genl Pract. M.R.C.S

St Mawes
St Just-in-Roseland
St Just-in-Roseland
St Mawes
abt 1814
abt 1817
abt 1843
abt 1848
abt 1854
abt 1856
abt 1859
abt 1789

Harriet (Dunn) Quick Died 27 Apr 1875, Age 85,       1875 2Q Penzance 5c 218

BODMIN   3 Jun 1875                         Probate
QUICK, Harriet - Administration of the effects of Harriet Quick, late of Penzance, in the County of Cornwall, Widow, who died 27 April 1875 at Penzance, was granted at Bodmin, to James Richard Quick of Penzance, Surgeon, the Son, and one of the Next of Kin.   Effects under £100

SPECIAL THANKS  to Professor Peter Clark, who has transcribed a collection of letters that were written by James, which provided many of the details provided above.