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Harding Patrick Moore                        1856-1899
Harding was born about 1856, the son of Charles Moore and Haidee Sophia Ackland, in London. He married Julia Amor.
Julia Amor                                             1846-1935
Julia was born about 1846, the daughter of John Amor and Priscilla Milbank, in London.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of Parents
Harding Patrick Moore b: abt 1856         London       1856 2Q St Luke 1b 517
son of Charles Moore and Haidee Sophia Ackland.

Julia Amor b: abt 1846         London       1846 3Q St Geo Hanover Sq 1 3
daughter of John Amor and Priscilla Milbank

15 Mar 1881
Harding Patrick Moore (25)
Julia Amor (28)
Register Office, Strand, Middlesex       1881 1Q Strand 1b 700
Tobacconist, Father: Charles Moore, Gentleman
Father: John Amor (Deceased), Gentleman

1881 Census RG11-328 4 April 1881 St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London
7 Henning's Row
Harding Moore
Julia (Wife)
Plus 1 Servant
Age 25
Age 25
Tobacconist London
abt 1856
abt 1846

1891 Census RG12-730 6 April 1891 Ramsgate, Kent
Central Hotel, 30 High Street
Harding Moore (Boarder)(M) Age 35 Theatrical Manager Islington London abt 1856

U. S. Immigration, New York City, Tuesday, Sep 17, 1895
Arrival of SS EMS, North German Lloyd Line
From Breman Germany and Southampton, England
Mr. Harding Moore   Age 39
Mrs. Harding Moore  Age 30

U. S. Immigration, New York City, Monday, Feb 24, 1896
Arrival of SS Campania, Cunard Line
From Liverpool, England
Mr. Harding Moore   Age 39
Mrs. Flossie Moore  Age 24

The Times, Friday, Oct 29, 1897                         LAW
Probate, divorce, and Admiralty Division
  This was the petition of Julia Moore whose maiden name was Amor, for the dissolution of her marriage with Harding Moore by reason of his adultery with Lily Gilmore and a woman named Flossie.
  The HON. ARTHUR RUSSELL said that the parties were married at the Registry Office, Bow-street, Strand, on March 15, 1881, and there was no issue of the marriage.   The respondent, who was then the proprietor of the Alsation Club in London, had an artificial-flower business in Chicago as well.   They lived together until October 14, 1887, when the respondent suddenly left the petitioner for Mrs. Gilmore.   She consulted her solicitor, but the family advised her not to take proceedings, and in the hope that her husband would return to her she consented not to do so.   Early in 1897 she discovered that he had left Mrs. Gilmore (with whom he had lived nine years) and had gone to America with a woman named Flossie.   She then filed her petition.
  After hearing the evidence,
  The President inquired of the petitioner why there had been a delay of ten years.
  The petitioner. - I was always in hopes that he would return to me and leave Mrs. Gilmore.   It was only when I discovered that he had gone off with another woman that I gave up all hope.
  The President. - Very well.   The case is on the border line, and I will give the petitioner the benefit of the doubt.
  Decree nisi with costs.

Harding Patrick Moore Died 1 Feb 1899, Age 42,       1899 1Q Bradfield 2c 232

LONDON   26 Apr 1899                         Probate
MOORE, Harding Patrick, of 54 Berner's-street, Middlesex, died 1 February 1899 at "Lyndhurst", Goring, Oxfordshire, Probate London 26 April, to Daniel Thurston, surgeon, and Harry Wilson, solicitor.
  Effects £2,648 6s. 3d.

1901 Census RG13-85 1 April 1901 Belgrave, St George Hanover Square, London
193 Victoria Street
James B. Amor
Vesta (Wife)
Julia Moore (Cousin)(W)
Plus 1 Servant
Age 62
Age 52
Age 56
Retired Wine Merchant
Confectioner Baker
Living on own means
abt 1838
abt 1848
abt 1846
            James Barns Amor is Julia's Cousin, and brother-in-law, as Vesta is her sister.

Julia (Amor) Moore Died abt 1935, Age 89,       1935 4Q Wandsworth 1d 649